Mydataprovider Software: The Best web scraping Tool for Online Retail Stores

Most people get mixed up when they come across web scraping, web harvesting, and data extraction phases. Please don’t get confused; they mean the same thing. For any online business to do well, the wholly depend on this processes. This is one of the easiest yet reliable processes of getting information automatically from the web.

Do you understand what a web scraper is? This is a computer software program that helps users to explore the web. Web scrapers are used in market research and are also known as crawlers, web spiders, ants, bots or web robots. The web scrapers crawl the web in an automated and orderly manner. Most search engines use the help of web scraping tools to provide useful and up to date information to their users.

Web scraping simply means web automation. The web scraping software adopts human browsing techniques to collect information from the web. Web scrapers in e-commerce are used for;

  • Research
  • Price comparison and price tracking
  • Web data integration
  • Content integration
  • Data or information change
  • Analysis purposes

Web scraping is also vital for competition analysis for any e-commerce business since;

  • It enables you to copy data from many websites that is that can benefit your business positively.
  •  It enables you to scrap data from any website and export the data in any format that you need such as Excel, CSV, Json, Mysql .
  • Web scraping can software can be used to convert content that is not well structured to structured and usable content. It can, therefore, be used to extract product descriptions, email addresses, and other online details.

Mydataprovider software is an automated web scraping tool that will help you with your web scraping needs and works in the shortest time possible to give you accurate results.

Why Most People Choose Mydataprovider Software for web Scraping



Mydataprovider web scraping software remains to be the best in the market. Here are reasons to why it has become the choice o many especially those in the e-commerce sector.

  •  It is easy to use where no programming and developer skill are needed to use the too. If you are new to web scraping could comfortably use the tool.
  • The software is automated thus giving the users accurate results in the shortest time possible
  • Mydataprovider provides tutorials and 24/7 customer service support to its users.
  • Mydataprovider provides a Saas service that is best for any person who doesn’t want to use the software.
  • After web scraping, data is available in many formats including CSV, Excel, XML, Web API and PostgreSQL

I hope this information is an eye opener on how our web scraping tool work. Feel free to contact us any time for more information

Four Things to Consider Before Buying a web Scraping Software

Should I go for a paid tool or a free tool? This is the question that lingers nearly in everyone’s minds who when looking for web scraping tool. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if the tool is paid or free. The tool should be automated in nature to look for new data on the web at specific intervals.

Today, web scraping is not a labor intensive job. Most of the businesses run on the web, and the number of daily users of these businesses are everywhere on the social networks. New data is posted on the web every minute, and hence lots of data is available to be scraped.

Business owners who are ready to take out the challenge and use the data posted online for their benefit can invest in a good web scraping software that can help them collect all the relevant data for their businesses.

So, what should you look for when you are looking for a web scraping tool? There are many web scraping software in the market. The right web scraping tool should scrap data from the websites with good performance in the least time possible.

Here are four factors you should consider when choosing the right web scraping software for your business.

1. Easy to use

A good web scraping tool should be easy to use and give accurate and usable. It should be automated to give accurate results within the shortest time possible. The tool should be easy to use even to those who are new to web scraping and data extraction. It should also not be limited to any format when giving results. A good tool should give you results in any format like CSV, Excel, and XML or even direct important.

2. Rich in Learning Materials

You don’t want to invest in a tool that does not offer directions of use in the form of tutorials. Learning materials are vital for new users who do not have the knowledge of using the software. These materials should be readily available on the website for the users to learn how to use the software.
A blog is also key on the website of the tool provider. It equips the users with knowledge on web scraping and its importance.

3. Cloud Service

Cloud services are important for customers who extract data day and night nonstop. It works fast to extract data from several websites than using a single computer to do the same job. This service assists you to save money and time of data extraction.

4. Price

Price options are not a major factor to put into consideration when selecting a web scraping tool, but you need to factor it in too. It is not a good idea to choose a web scraping tool that has features that do not apply to the nature of your business. This will make you waste money and not use the purchased tool to is optimum levels. Choose a tool that works best for your enterprise and matches well with the nature of your business.

Mydataprovider software will serve you with the above features and help you extract data that is relevant to the shortest time possible. Its automated web extraction abilities will contribute to making data extraction easier, fast and relevant.

The top Tips for e-commerce Success


Business wise, the word has changed so much. Most people have chosen to do business online. To sell your products online, you must have a website. Many different types of customers buy goods from shops physically, but, today, most of the customers prefer shopping online due to limited time.

So if you are thinking of moving our business online, here are factors you should consider so as to be successful.

Price Your products Fairly

Customers are attracted by small price differences. They can and will compare your prices with those of your competitors. If you are not in a position to offer competitive prices or a better deal as compared to your competitors, trust me you will lose in business. It is, therefore, advisable to make regular price comparisons with those of your competitors so as to come up with good pricing strategies that will help you survive in the industry by attracting more customers.

You can compare the price of your competitors manually or use the help of a web scraping tool to crawl to your competitors’ websites.

Consider implementing secure transactions

Hackers have become common in today’s age and time. They can easily access your personal and also financial details. Customers usually go for e-commerce websites that have SSL certificates. SSL certificates make a website to be secure and are affordable. You will see the benefits of having the certificates to your website in the long run.

Practice Honesty

So as to succeed in any online business, you need to practice transparency in all your activities. The operations of your business from where your goods are sourced to how the goods are delivered to the customers should be clean and transparent.

No one likes to be lied to, if a customer feels by any chance they have been betrayed, the chance of doing with them business with them again is minimal. The customers could also damage your business with bad reviews.

Consider the customer’s user experience

A good website is one that customers can navigate easily and get the information they want as fast as possible.

Have a platform where customers can leave their review that can encourage other customers to buy your products. It is also necessary for your website to be mobile friendly to increase the number of visitors who do not have the time to use a computer.

With proper marketing and advertising strategies, you can be sure that your business will thrive. Also, it is important to monitor and upgrade your business regularly so that your business stays current for your customers and also your target customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need services for importing products to your e-commerce shop.

Things you Should Know Before Scraping Amazon Products


There are many reasons to why you may want to scrap data from Amazon. As an active retailer, you may want to have competitive prices for your products or even have a heads up of what your competitors are doing business wise through the Amazon marketplace. Getting reviews from customers from Amazon website may be another reason as to why you would be tempted to scrape Amazon website.

As much as using scraped data seems easy to use, caution should be observed when Amazon is concerned. Don’t just scrape product descriptions and use them directly as they appear on your site. You will only be killing your business as far as SEO is concerned.

There are many versions of software that can be used to scrape data from Amazon. Always exercise caution before using then since you might lose your cash on some useless software. Conduct adequate research before choosing an Amazon scraper tool and go to the extent of looking at its reviews online.
Scraping data from Amazon had been banned from Amazon until 2012, where they started enforcing it. So, extra caution should be exercised before you find out that IP has been banned from Amazon.

Before you even think of scraping Amazon website, here are things you should know that could keep you safe from IP bans and any legal action.

Amazon can Ban your IP


Before even thinking of harvesting data from Amazon, keep in mind that Amazon is liberal about IP bans. You should always take caution before scraping any data from Amazon. First and foremost, never scrape data when your Amazon account is logged on. This is just a smart move for you. The only way you could be banned is through your IP. The worst part with Amazon IP ban is that they are permanent.

Amazon Detects Bots Fast

If you want to scrape data from Amazon successfully, make sure to use scraping software that is well and properly configured. Amazon easily spoofs and detects bots from its traffic.

How does Amazon detect bots? Bots do not have human behaviors and keep on requesting a set of actions in the same timings thus displaying robotic characteristics.

Amazon distinguishes bots actions from human actions. To avoid your bots from being banned from Amazon, you need to use good scraping software that is well programmed, not repetitive and also do not display robotic characteristics.

Always follow the rules religiously and maintain a low profile

There are laws and regulations in Amazon that apply to bots of any kind and not forgetting about scrapers. Scraping an Amazon website does not violate any of the Amazon laws unless you are scraping private data or harvesting in the manner that disrupts the site. Amazon requires your scraper tool to visit the site just like a public visitor and cannot access any internal data at any cause.

Mainly, Amazon poses restrictions on the way you use extracted data rather than how you obtain it.

Never sell scraped data or use the data for Making profit

What I mean is that; do not use the scraped pricing data for the foundation of your business. Only use pricing data to know the deals that exist in the market and to compare t your prices and set them accordingly to the market price.

As mentioned above, copying product descriptions will only make your business worse. Google usually slaps copy cats by penalizing people with copied content. Google will penalize you if you copy descriptions directly from Amazon and you will not rank well.

Do a Background Check before Using any Scraping Tool

Before making a decision on using an Amazon scraper tool, do a thorough research. There are many tools available, and you may want to choose the one that is pocket-friendly and with the best reviews. Also, consider choosing a tool that is not complicated to use and do not require any developer or programming skills. Don’t forget about customer service. In case you are stuck in using the tool, you need a tool that has a good customer service back up.

A good web scraping tool is always protected by a password that you have the rights to confirm. Always remember to scan for viruses that might be available on the web scraping App that might end up corrupting your system.

There you go, with the above information, you can confidently scrap Amazon website for useful data. All the best!

Web Scraping – The Answer to Ecommerce businesses


How can you survive in the online business without knowing how your close competitors are doing and performing? You need a good web scraping App that will help you crawl the competitor’s prices, images, and also product descriptions. Mydataprovider App will help you explore shopping sites to your advantage.

There are many challenges of running an e-commerce store, with the main challenge being the availability of a wide variety of SKUs. There are also a million of products online with different images, pricing information, descriptions, and reviews. Most sellers use their data to fill out their products images and description while others use data that is obtained by web crawling tools.

If you have your online store or you are planning to have one, here are reasons why web scraping is useful in e-commerce

Acquire Competitive Prices

In any business, the price of your products dictates the movement of your products. You need to have competitive prices that will attract more customers. Most e-commerce sellers crawl their competitors’ websites to make sure their prices match or are slightly lower.

Studies reveal that most e-commerce businesses increase their profit margin by 10% when they use price optimizing techniques.

Customer Loyalty

In e-commerce business, there is nothing like customer loyalty. Customers buy from platforms that are cheap and economical. Even if the product price is lower by 1%, customers will prefer buying from a seller who has the lowest price. So as to stay in business, online businesses have made I a habit of crawling into their competitor’s websites to get the latest price changes

Know the well being of the business


To properly know the well-being of your business, you need to crawl your competitors’ websites and get first-hand information about how they are doing.  After doing this, you will know how your products are performing in the market if your promotional efforts are effective and contributing to a positive impact on the sales.

With a web scraping tool, you can crawl into your competitors’ website and extract the customer reviews on their website. Traditionally, the process of collecting reviews was cumbersome since it was done manually, which involved requesting for reviews from customers face to face through organized surveys. With the current technology, we can collect feedback from customers in form of reviews or ratings.

Other than collecting customer reviews of competitors, web scraping can also be used to collect your reviews that that are published on other sites.

E-commerce marketplace has thousands and thousands of products. Relevant information about the product – product name, images, description, categories, pricing should be extracted from the suppliers’ website. Web scraping for e-commerce platforms fills the gap by crawling into the supplier’s website and extracting the products URL and SKUs and any relevant field that is relevant to your product listing.

There are many types of e-commerce web crawling apps that you can use for extracting information from a competitor’s site. Don’t be left behind, maximize the use of these apps for the betterment of your online business.