Ecwid Api,Ecwid CSV Import, XML,Ecwid Products import

MyDataProvider application has Ecwid Api integration.
If you need Products Import for Products online store it is possible to do via our application:
– EcwidCSV Import
– Ecwid XML Import
– Ecwid Products Import

Module allows user to import & update products from Mydataprovider Application to online store. Application could import products from different sources: csv,xml,excel,api,web scraping.

Module specification

1. Categories management

If category does not exist (is new) it will be created in the other case creation will be skipped.

2. Products management

If product does not exist (will be checked by SKU) it will be created in the other case for product will be updated Price, STOCK / QTY, Availability.

3. Product creation specification

The following fields will be created for new product:
-	SKU,
-	name, 
-	qty,
-	availability,
-	price,
-	all images,
-	features,
-	options (variants) will all relations,
-	description short & full,
-	assignment to category ( 1 or many)

Export to csv,excel,xml files

We export to your custom csv, excel, xml files

Just send us example or ask if support your export format

We support more that 30+ industry standarts

Send us request for export file and we will send an sample

Power BI Data Connector

What you we do with a Data Connector

Data Connectors allow you to create new data sources, or customize and extend an existing source. Common use cases include:

  • Creating a business analyst friendly view for a REST API
  • Providing branding for a source supported by an existing connector (such as an OData service, or ODBC driver)
  • Implementing an OAuth v2 authentication flow for a SaaS offering
  • Exposing a limited/filtered view over your data source to improve usability
  • Supporting different authentication modes when creating a Power BI Content Pack
  • Enabling DirectQuery for a data source via an ODBC driver