Cs-Cart Products Import Module

Cs-Cart Import module is a part of Mydataprovider Аpplication.
Module allows user to import & update products from Mydataprovider Application to online store. Application could import products from different sources: csv,xml,excel,api,web scraping.

Module specification

1. Categories management

If category does not exist (is new) it will be created in the other case creation will be skipped.

2. Products management

If product does not exist (will be checked by SKU) it will be created in the other case for product will be updated Price, STOCK / QTY, Availability.

3. Product creation specification

The following fields will be created for new product:
-	SKU,
-	name, 
-	qty,
-	availability,
-	price,
-	all images,
-	features,
-	options (variants) will all relations,
-	description short & full,
-	assignment to category ( 1 or many)