dx DropShip. dx API. dx Drop shipping integration for dx CSV & XML Import


dx API allows merchants to start dx DropShipping very quickly & to import update all products with actual stocks & prices from dx automatically. Do you want to extract all dx content through dx Web Scraper to CSV or XML file? It is possible, because we have created Application for your needs: even for dx price monitoring!

MyDataProvider Application for dx

Our company has developed Application for integration any supplier’s API or supplier’s web site web scraping. Application could extract categories & products info from any source & to import/update products to your online store.

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What can you do using dx API & DropShipping Integration?

The next functions are available inside our Application:
– import all products directly to your store;
– import new products to your store daily;
– export data to csv or xml files;
– update prices & stocks daily;
– setup custom margin & prices for all products;
– hide SKU or add prefixes for SKU;
– automatic orders processing;
– select only necessary for you categories;
– import all dx categories & hierarchy automatically.

dx Web Scraping. If you do not have API Keys for dx

In such case we could do dx web scraping and take products info directly from dx web site.
Some times it is very useful if you do not have access to dx API.

Our offer for dx API & dx DropShip & Benefits

MyDataProvider Application has connector for dx API & allows merchants to import & update products (with content,stock,prices) daily or weekly.

It is the best solution & timesaver application for dx drop shipping.
Start dx DropShipping using our Application.

dx Price Monitoring

Our Application could be used as Price Monitoring reports generator for dx. You could receive fresh reports with actual prices & stocks from dx. How dx Price Monitoring works? You define set of categories or products what you need to monitor and our app send you reports daily/weekly with actual data: you could access data via our API or download directly from App’s clients area: csv, excel ,xml formats.

dx B2B

It is possible to take actual data from dx B2B. There are 2 ways exit how to do it.
1) Take info via dx API
2) Take info via dx Web scraping of B2B area (with you login & password) + dx site.

dx API & DropShip Integrations with CMS

We support different integrations with different Content management system ( CMS ). The most popular integrations are:
– dx with WooCommerce
– dx with Prestashop
– dx with OpenCart
– dx with Shopify
– dx with Magento
– dx with Ecwid
– dx with BigCommerce

We could integrate dx with your “custom CMS” if it requires.

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dx Reviews & dx affiliate program

Fell free to leave in comments your private opinion about dx or ask here questions .

Our personal dx review is that dx is good for automation with online shops and you could try to work with dx.

If you know same special details about dx affiliate program write it in our comments, please.