Scraper for e-commerce

Welcome to Mydataprovider where we provide excellent and reliable web scraping services for e-commerce needs. Today, doing business online has become common, and that’s the reason we are here to offer the best e-commerce solutions for you.

Why Mydataprovider is the Best for e-commerce

Point and Click System

To use Mydataprovider, you only need to point and click the data you want to be scraped. You do not need to have any programming or developer skills to do it.

All Sorts of Data Format

Mydataprovider can scrape data in any format that you want. You can get your data in Excel, CSV, XML or Json or direct export into your e-commerce store.

Just say what format you need your data in, we will do it for you.

Full customer support

Mydataprovider is proud to say that it provides full support to its users. There are ready tutorials on our website just for you!

In case of any troubleshooting, contact us and we will be more than ready to help you.


What Mydataprovider can do for you

Scrape Product Categories

All e-commerce websites display their products in categories. The categories can be arranged either by brand, types of products, prices, etc. With Mydataprovider, you can scrap all this information successfully.

Margin Setup

Improve your sales by setting up the best sales margins. With Mydataprovider, you can use the data scraped from different e-commerce platforms to set up the perfect price for your products.

Product Filter by SKU

Ecommerce websites are the best sources of product data. If you are building your website, it is necessary to outdo your competitors with perfect pricing intelligence or doing a thorough market research. All this information is available from e-commerce sites.

If you want to scrape some SKUs from e-commerce sites, Mydataprovider is the perfect tool for the job. Our dedicated e-commerce tool can help you extract product details for your SKUs.

Different Sources Merge

You can scrap data from different websites and merge the information extracted as one. All this is possible with Mydataprovider.

Export Data in any Format

When you choose to export data using Mydataprovider, you are not restricted to any format. You can export data in CVS, XML, Excel formats.

Direct Export

Mydataprovider users can export products to Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Opencart stores. Users only need to copy the product URLs into Mydataprovider App. They use our API to access data from their Mydataprovider application.


Benefits for using Mydataprovider for Ecommerce Solutions

  • Users can export data in their store formats.
  • You can scrap only categories that you find relevant
  • Mydataprovider provides adequate and timely support by Email and telephone.
  • We have tutorials for our users on Mydataprovider website to help them understand how to use the App.