Fill in the gap: Kimono Labs Alternatives


It can be heartbreaking when you rely  100% on a third party company for a web scraping tool to later close down giving you two weeks’ notice only. Kimono Labs disappointed its customers. Those who had not at any time thought of alternatives lost so much upon its shut down. If the closure of kimono labs found you off guard, here is a compiled list of options that can be used.
We collected KimonoLabs Alternatives in one list, so for you will be easy to understand the best choice.

Visual web Ripper

Visual web ripper is known to be the best tool for automated we scraping. It is very easy and simple to learn and highly recommended for inexperienced users. It can easily extract data from web pages that are JavaScript or AJAX rich. It remains the best since it is compatible with many databases.
Visual web ripper has amazing features including proxy support, submitting forms and scheduling. It is a simple to use and straight forward, hence a good alternative to kimono labs.
Visual web Ripper as KimonoLabs Alternative is not so good because it is Desktop software for Windows and remind you that KimonoLabs is Online Based SaaS.

MyDataProvider Web Scraping Service

Find more about it here MyDataProvider Web Scraping for Business
There are two MyDataProvider Applications could be useful for you.
The first application is “Web Scraping for Business”. It allows business to access data from any web site.
The second application is “Online Web Scraping Service for Developers” it allows developers with understanding web scraping Technics to create data extraction algorithm using online service.
If look at MyDataProvider as KimonoLabs Alternative we could find that KimonoLabs benefits are the next : many AI helpers.


Octoparse is significantly known for modern visual data extraction. It designed to fetch data from the website by only using a point and click interface. Also, it is intended to solve captures and filling in forms.  Using Octoparse is very easy. You scrape data from the web just a click. This tool is highly recommended for both experienced and inexperienced users. Most people find the tool to be friendly for extraction of bulk data since no coding is needed for most scraping tasks.
The situation with Octoparse as KimonoLabs Alternative is the same as with Visual Web Ripper because it is Windows Desktop Software with all proc & cons of such solution. You have to decide itself it is good KimonoLabs Alternative for you.

Data Scraping Studio

Data scraping studio is an excellent alternative to kimono labs. Not only is it easy to use but also can support anonymous proxy servers meaning it can scrape the web anonymously. The tool comes in two parts; the desktop app and the Chrome extension that has the ‘the point and click’ layer.
The output data has the format of CVS, TSB and JSON that are downloadable via Chrome extension after the scraping process is done.
“Data Scraping Studio” as KimonoLabs Alternative is really good because it has several variats : Desktop & SaaS, so you can select the preffered way for you, but it compare available function we can find that Data Scraping Studio does not have AI function as KimonoLabs has.


Feedity is an application found on the web best known to create and fetch RSS feed from any website. The tool is the best if your web scraping is only limited to grabbing new web changes.
Feedity does not have any advanced web scraping ability. Not only can it generate feeds but also refine the feed by determining where a post starts and ends. With the premium features, you can get more features like RSS feed merging and also data integration. Specifically, the tool is used when you want to extract data that includes news, products, articles or even events.
Above are good alternatives to Kimono Labs and work more or the same way. Always be prepared for anything and have alternative options just in case something happens to your web scraping tool provider. Kimono Labs closure should be an eye opener to many businesses that they should always be prepared.
Feedity is very simple Web Scraping Application so I do not recommend to use it as KimonoLabs Alternative, only 1 case could be covered by Feedity is RSS data extraction.

The other KimonoLabs Alternative