Magento API, Magento Products Import, Magento CSV Import, XML for DropShipping


MyDataProvider Online Service has Magento API integration. It allows merchants to import 20K-100K products into Magento online shops daily. You could use our App for Magento dropshipping.

Using our application you could do the next tasks:
– Magento CSV Import
– Magento XML Import
– Magento Products Import
– Magento Web Scraping from any source: your supplier or competitor site
– Shedule Import & update daily tasks for Magento

MyDataProvider Application allows user to import & update products for Magento online store. Application could import products from different data sources: csv,xml,excel,api,web scraping.

CSV & Excel ImportXML ImportDropShippingSpecificationIntegration & Development

Magento CSV & Excel Import

Samples of CSV or Excel files for Magento Import:

You could send us your CSV file and we analyse if it possible to import your file to Magento using our service.

Magento XML Import

Sample XML file for Magento XML Import:

You could send us your XML file and we analyse if it possible to import your file to Magento using our service.
XML files have different schemes so it is necessary to analyse if it possible to import that file. Addionanny sometime necessary to do post pre-processing & post-processing of data from XML files for Magento.

Magento DropShipping

If you start your DropShipping business you need to import products into your store. Our Application will do it for you automatically: as many products as you need. Just send us information about your supplier and we will inform you how to do import to your Magento store the most effective way.

Magento Products Import Module specification

1. Categories management for Magento

If category does not exist (is new) it will be created in the other case creation will be skipped.

2. Products management for Magento

If product does not exist (will be checked by SKU) it will be created in the other case for product will be updated Price, STOCK / Quantity, Availability.

3. Bulk Magento products import specification

The following fields will be imported for new product:
– SKU,
– name,
– quantity,
– availability,
– price,
– all images,
– features,
– options (variants) with all relations,
– descriptions: short & full,
– assignment to category ( 1 or many)

Magento Integration & Development

Do you need integrate your Magento with Third-party application or service : contact us and we will help you!
Request our Magento development team for your business tasks.

Send us your task for Magento Import Service