Price monitoring & Repricing


Q1. What types of repricing do you support?
Q2. What types of formulas do you support for repricing?
Q3. Is it possible to setup different formulas for different categories ?
Q4. Do you support 'Pretty' Prices?
Q5. Is it possible to setup custom price formula which will be depends on Wholesale price range?
Q6. Could I setup custom formulas for custom data sources?

Customers buy if the price is right. Businesses thrive if their pricing is right.
Price remains an important part of the marketing mix, whether you subscribe to the traditional 4Ps or the modern 7Ps or 12Ps. Even sources citing 44Ps acknowledge the importance of pricing.
Price monitoring is an essential component of a good pricing strategy. It is vital for a brand to monitor its prices versus its competitors across different platforms and channels. This ensures that the brand is up-to-date with market changes. This enables them to adjust prices based on market-based information.
With the rise of eCommerce, retail has now become digital, massive, and real-time. Do not get left behind. Stay attuned to your market. Compare, monitor, and analyse prices. You do not have to do it on your own or manually. We automate price monitoring. We are your data provider.


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We prepare reports on price comparison. You can see your prices together with the prices of your competitors. You can also compare your prices across different online retail shops.
Some brands do it manually or just check retail websites from time to time. Imagine having detailed price comparisons ready for your use. It makes it easier for you to decide whether to increase, retain, or decrease your prices, and by how much.



When prices change on the websites of your competitors or on other retail websites you are tracking, you can instantly know about it, since we provide price change alerts.
Prices change real-time in the world of e-Commerce. Customers can see it real-time. Thus, you should know price movements instantly, too. You do not have to constantly refresh websites. You do not have to wait days, weeks, or months to detect price changes. We can do that for you — right here, right now.




Sometimes, it is only when we look back that we get to see patterns and trends. For this, you need historical data.
We provide data for price analytics. You can have access to price movements over the years. With this, you can easily analyze historical data of price changes to look for patterns and trends. This knowledge can arm you on how to effectively price your products, or when and where it is fit to offer promos.




Sometimes, it is not possible to extract data from some websites using general data extracting systems. This is because some websites block crawlers that eat up their bandwidth.
We can help you here. We offer customized solutions such as smart IP rotation.