Web Scraping Software

Welcome to Mydataprovider where you can quickly turn website content into structured and usable data without any coding, programming or developer skills.

We are proud to say that the data extracted can be used for price monitoring, market research and lead generation and give positive results.

How does Mydataprovider Web Scraping Software work?

Step 1: Log in into Mydataprovider web scraping App

Setup environment.

Step 2: Identify and Collect Data

Use Mydataprovider Application to extract information from any website into a structured format.

Step3: Structure and Publish Data

You can export data in CSV, XML, Excel, SQLite, PostgreSQL formats or pull data using Mydataprovider API.

Step 4: Analyze, Report and Make Decisions

Send data extracted into your database for visualization and decision making.


What Mydataprovider Web Scraper can do for you

Deliver Timely and Useful Information

You can extract useful information from multiple websites and convert the data into useful information. Mydataprovider application enables you to extract data automatically.

Analyze Market Trends

Thanks to Mydataprovider application, you can scrape data from statistic websites and use the data to analyze market trends. This will help you make timely and better decisions for your business.

Real Time web Monitoring

Mydataprovider Application is the best when it comes to tracking and monitoring customer prices. With just a click, you can scrape real time data. Users develop good marketing strategies using the data extracted.

Gather Competitor information

In business, knowing your competitors’ strategies helps you to survive in the industry. Mydataprovider is the perfect tool for this. It can scrape your competitors’ data at an affordable price.

Having relevant information about your competitors helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses thus helping you make effective decisions.

Lead Generation

Understanding customers’ interests and taste is important in business. Mydataprovider Application can scrap your competitor’s websites where you can identify what products are first movers and slow movers. This will then help you know what products to stock in plenty and what products not to stock.

Features of Mydataprovider Web Scraping Tool

Automatic data extraction

Mydataprovider Application allows automatic data extraction by typing the URL of the data you want to be scraped.

Direct Export

Users can export data directly using Mydataprovider API

No coding

Users scrap data with only a point, click and save. Anybody can use Mydataprovider web scraping App with no prior training.

Extract data in Bulk

Users can extract data from hundreds of URL with just a click. Just use Mydataprovider URL generator to find URLs with common patterns, save then and then for data queries.