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Web Scraping Services

If you need site specific web scraping it means that you need to extract data from 1 or more specific web sites.

Need data or site analytics from external website or niche? Our web scraping service revolves around fulfilling your needs accurately and in a convenient manner. Unlike other websites, our process relies largely on automation and bots to give you precise results within a short amount of time.

Even if you’re quite new to web scraping and data extraction, no worries. We are here to help you find the best solution, depending on the needs of your business, whether it be parsing, text pattern matching, or the like. Our web scraper product allows you to create a web scraper to fit your requirements and export it to different formats.

The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and is inclusive of an option for SaaS service. We are quite flexible with our clients and can cater to the following formats: CSV, Excel, Xml, Web Api, PostgreSQL, and Direct import to CMS.

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Video Demo : Banggood Web Scraping & prestashop
Video Demo : SammyDress Web Scraping & WooCommerce
Video Demo : Aliexpress Web Scraping & Shopify
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Web Scraping Demo FAQ

Does your App work only with Prestashop & Banggood?
How does Web Scraping work?
I want to export only to CSV or XML or Excel etc without exporting to my database.
What types of integrations do you support for suppliers?
I want to get more info about how your App import products ?

FAQ Web Scraping

Q. Do you extract ecommerce data?
Q1. How do you export web scraping results?
Q2.1 I did not find in your data sources (Wholesalers List) my data source site.
Q2.2 Could you create web scraper for my specific site?
Q3. Is it possible to extract products from specific categories?
Q4. Is it possible to filter products by SKU or Brand?
Q5. What do you do when source web site blocks requests?
Q6. Is it possible to run web scraping automatically?
Q7. Is it possible to do data extraction quickly (increase speed)?
Q8. How long does data extraction process take?
Q9. How many row fields is it possible to extract?
Q10. Is it possible to have access to extracted data via API?
Q11. Is it possible to merge several data sources into 1 data export file (database)?
Q12. Is it possible to have more than 1 campaign under 1 account?
Q13. Could you export data to custom csv, xml etc format?
Q14. Is it possible to setup custom margin for products for output export file or database & to have my prices for products?
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