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We do Web Scraping

If you need site specific web scraping it means that you need to extract data from 1 or more specific web sites. We help to extract e-commerce data.
– categories with subcategories & hierarchy
– products basic info: sku, price, name, description, images
– products features & options
– products relations
– products categories

FAQ. About Web Scraping

Q1. How do you export web scraping results?
Q2. I did not find in your full data sources (Wholesalers List) my data source site. Could you create web scraper for my site?
Q3. Is it possible to extract products from specific categories?
Q4. Is it possible to filter products by SKU or Brand?
Q5. What do you do when source web site blocks requests?
Q6. Is it possible to run web scraping automatically?
Q7. Is it possible to do extraction quickly (increase speed)?
Q8. How long does data extraction process take?
Q9. How many row fields is it possible to extract?
Q10. Is it possible to have access to extracted data via API?
Q11. Is it possible to merge several data sources into 1 data export file (database)?
Q12. Is it possible to have more than 1 campaign under 1 account?
Q13. Could you export data to custom csv, xml etc format?
Q14. Is it possible to setup custom margin for products for output export file or database & to have my prices for products?

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1. Try web scraping services!

Here at mydataprovider, we provide services that are convenient and rooted in excellence. Web scraping is supposed to make collecting information easier for you and that is what we want to deliver – a hassle free experience.

Our process of scraping information from different websites is pretty straightforward. The process is mostly automatic and bot reliant. It does not only raise the accuracy of the information that we can collect by minimizing human bias; it also makes the process easier and faster.


2. We provide web scraping services since 2009

using different approaches depending on what you need. Not sure if what you need is HTML parsing, DOM parsing or maybe text pattern matching? Do not worry; we can pick the perfect approach for your needs. Different operating systems and usage variants are not a problem.

The web scraping service that mydataprovider delivers is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac software including an option for SaaS online service. We can also handle different formats depending on what you need to be done. CSV, Excel, Xml, Web Api, SQLite, PostgreSQL and direct import to CMS are all the available formats for you to choose from.

Just send us a request through our website and let us talk about how we can help you.



3. What is web scraping?

Data or web scraping is a technological tool that emulates human online web surfing behavior to collect information about different websites. This tool is mostly automatic using effective bots specifically created to mine or to “scrape” for information that you need. Because it is automatic, such a procedure is efficient and can scan tons of websites at a faster rate than old-school human copy and paste operations out there.

Web scraping is often used to collect data for promotional and advertising use. Such practices are widespread within the web itself. This is because for an effective promotional campaign to work, data about different factors like the kind of viewers that a website attracts or the kinds of content that goes viral are essential. As long as advertisements are the key to maintaining a site, then web scraping is here to stay.

As the popular adage says, knowledge is power. The more analytics, the more data that you have about different competitors and about similar websites, then the more power you have. You have the power to adapt and to make your website or blog better.

The right tool is all you need to collect the right information for you to succeed. That is what web scraping services can offer you.