Shopify CSV import, Xml import & Drop Shipping

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In this article we will describe how to import Shopify CSV,XML files.

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Video guide

Shopify CSV import

How to access Shopify CSV import/export module?

Shopify has built-in app to import and export CSV files. Open menu “PRODUCTS -> Products”. Now you can find button “Import” to import offers from CSV file and button “Export” to save offers into CSV. If site has no offers only button “Import” will be shown.

Why CSV is important?

When you need to import many products at once the easiest way to do it is using CSV import for it. Why? Because the alternative way for it is manual products adding to your store. CSV import allows user to import thousand items for 1 time and it will take about 1 minute. It sounds good.

Pros & Cons


  • CSV import saves time
  • You could manually edit/prepare CSV file
  • CSV files / feeds are most popular among suppliers


  • It is hard to fill long list of products right by hands
  • You have to adjust supplier’s CSV to Shopify format
  • Number of imported items depends on your hosting settings
  • Some extended fields can’t be filled through CSV
  • Every time when you need to import new or update old items you have to do it manually and to do all preparations itself.
  • If CSV is not valid and has errors inside it is hard to adjust it because log messages are useless.

What types of entries are available for import?

Depending on appointment distinguish the following records in CSV:

  • Product
  • Variant of product
  • Image for product

The main record is product and all additional records must be placed after it.

In preview you can see main fields and variants for first product in CSV

Click “change order of column headings” to reassign columns on sense or preview additional fields.

Here you can see two rows in header:

  • Checkbox with column name. Uncheck it to prevent loading column into Shopify
  • Dropdown for most appropriate heading matching

Only this two options present in preparations to import CSV file.

Shopify CSV format

The following fields are available for import via CSV for products:

Body (HTML)
Option1 Name
Option1 Value
Option2 Name
Option2 Value
Option3 Name
Option3 Value
Variant SKU
Variant Grams
Variant Inventory Tracker
Variant Inventory Qty
Variant Inventory Policy
Variant Fulfillment Service
Variant Price
Variant Compare At Price
Variant Requires Shipping
Variant Taxable
Variant Barcode
Image Src
Image Alt Text
Gift Card
Google Shopping / MPN
Google Shopping / Age Group
Google Shopping / Gender
Google Shopping / Google Product Category
SEO Title
SEO Description
Google Shopping / AdWords Grouping
Google Shopping / AdWords Labels
Google Shopping / Condition
Google Shopping / Custom Product
Google Shopping / Custom Label 0
Google Shopping / Custom Label 1
Google Shopping / Custom Label 2
Google Shopping / Custom Label 3
Google Shopping / Custom Label 4
Variant Image
Variant Weight Unit
Variant Tax Code

Templates & file samples

CSV file from video demonstration is available and you could download it here.

Shopify Drop Shipping

Do you need a help with Drop Shipping for Shopify?
We can help you.
The following tasks can be done by us:
- Data export from csv, xml, api.
- SEO optimizations (meta title, meta description), h1, name, features for Shopify.
- Product price management.
- Products filtering by category(ies) or price ranges etc.
- Prefix using.
- Data import into your Shopify cart.
- New product creation.
- Price and quantities updates.
- Copy all images, features, variants etc.

Use our Drop Shipping Service for daily updates of your store.
Shopify all versions supportYes
Data import & exportYes
Images,Features,Variants importYes
Custom CSV,XML,API,FTP supportYes

Shopify xml import

We could import custom XML file via our shopify xml import solution! Full data update! Contact us

Shopify product import

As you see product import for shopify is necessary when you starting drop shipping. There are several way how to solve it: using csv import, xml import & web scraping.