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We published here list the best web scraping tools on the market. It is internal set of tools you can find on the market collected by our CEO Nikolai Kekish. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. What is the best tool for your case depends on many factors: your goal, knowledge.

Nikolai’s opinion about web scraping tools is the next: for big / reliably projects there is no reason in a tool, and if you need “service more that a tool” you as a client has to choose a company that has in-house tool for web scraping service. So it is the main reason my all developers of web scraping tools offer and service also.

If client needs web scraping service, in such case situation is simple, scraper data will be delivered via online portal or exported to file (emailed for example).

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  • Content Grabber

    Visit Content Grabber Site The content grabber is a multi-featured visual content web data extraction tool from the web. The tool automatically collects complete content structures like catalogs or web search results. The web scraping tool is user-friendly and sophisticated enough to extract data from AJAX websites Read more
  • Mozenda

    Visit mozenda.com Mozenda is a web scraping service (SaaS). It has useful features for data extraction. The Mozenda web scraping service has two parts- Mozenda console and Agent builder. Read more
  • Octoparse

    Visit octoparse.com Easy Web Scraping for Anyone. Quickly scrape web data without coding. Turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks.Read more
  • Parsehub

    visit Parsehub Parsehub is a visual web scraping tool that can scrape interactive maps, calendars, forums, nested comments, dropdowns, forms, JavaScript and Ajax with ease. Read more
  • UIPath

    Visit UiPath.com UIPath tells that they are best RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform for enterprise. From my POV it is web scraper & it allow to record specific user actions in browser. Read more
  • WebHarvy

    Visit WebHarvy.com Webharvy is a visual and point to click web scraping tool. With this tool, you can extract texts, URLs, and images from different websites. Extracted data are then saved in different formats like CSV, Txt, XML, and SQL. Read more