Algorithm – Product Import / Export / Sync Module for eCommerce CMS

Categories automatic creation

If category does not exist (is new) it will be created in the other case creation will be skipped.

Products automatic creation

If product does not exist (will be checked by SKU) it will be created in the other case for product will be updated Price, STOCK / Quantity, Availability.
Category for such product will be assigned automatically.

The following fields will be imported for new product:
– SKU,
– name,
– quantity,
– availability,
– price,
– all images,
– features,
– options (variants) with all relations,
– descriptions: short & full,
– assignment to category ( 1 or many).

Products automatic update

If product exists before products sync task for such product will be updated only the next 2 fields:
– quantity,
– price.
It means that content that was created or adjusted by user in store will now be changed by module.
If product has options (or variants / combination) quantity &price will be updates for each variant.

Missed Products

If products are missed in current export data-set they will be disabled in the target store. User can turn off this behavior and do not allow module to touch such products (It is actual if it is necessary just to import only NEW products into client’s store).