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FAQ – Runner


Do you extract ecommerce data?

We can extract e-commerce data:
– categories with subcategories & hierarchy
– products basic info: sku, price, name, description, images etc
– products features & options
– products categories

How do you export web scraping results?

We save results to csv, excel, xml, json files or to client’s database (we call it products import and support a lot of CMS.

I did not find in your data sources (Wholesalers List) my data source site.

Do not worry about it. We can create web scraper for any web site and we can create new web scraper for your specific data source. Data from any web site could be extracted.

Could you create web scraper for my specific site?

Yes. We could create new web scraper for your specific data source.

Is it possible to extract products from specific categories?

Yes. You could setup categories filter for web scraper.

Is it possible to filter products by SKU or Brand?

Yes. it is possible.

What do you do when source web site blocks requests?

We have private proxies (more then 20000 unique IP Addresses) so we could you it to do requests from different IP addresses.

Is it possible to run web scraping automatically?

Yes. You could setup scheduler in the App.

Is it possible to do data extraction quickly (increase speed)?

Yes. Inside the App exists special algorithm to parallel data extraction from sites.

How long does data extraction process take?

It depends on many factors: number of items what you need to process, number of requests what you need do to for 1 item, speed of Http response, time what you need to do data post processing. So the real time of web scraping for your specific web site we could know only after the real tests.

How many row fields is it possible to extract?

In theory it is possible to extract unlimited number of fields for each row. But in a real life we have to check that it is possible because sometimes it is impossible as required.

Is it possible to have access to extracted data via API?

Yes. Application has API and user can generate “SecretURL” to access fresh data from ANY programming language: php, python, java, golang, ruby, c# etc.

Is it possible to merge several data sources into 1 data export file (database)?

Yes. It is possible.

Is it possible to have more than 1 campaign under 1 account?

Yes. It is possible.

Could you export data to custom csv, xml etc format?

Yes. It is possible.

Custom Margin?

Sure. It is possible to setup custom margin for products for output export file or database & to have “your” specific prices for products.

Does your App work only with Prestashop & Banggood

No. App could work with any supplier and any CMS. For demo we showed Prestashop 1.6 & Banggood.

How does Web Scraping work

App runs tasks. Each task contains 2 steps.
Step1 – data extraction & Step2 – data import.
Data import is process of importing & updating products to your store via database or API.

I want to export only to CSV or XML or Excel etc without exporting to my database

It is possible: in export section you could define export format: CSV or XML or Excel etc.

What types of integrations do you support for suppliers

There are 3 ways how it could be integrated:
Way 1: Products info export to csv,xml,excel files.
Way 2: Products import & update via API (it works automatically & daily, without any file, by scheduler)
Way 3: Way 2 + orders processing in real time.

I want to get more info about how your App import products

Find more info about products import here

What types of repricing do you support?

A1. There are three types.
Type1: You have 1 supplier and you need just add to WholesalePrice your % (simple formula)
Type2: Type1 + you have more that 2 supplier & 1 real product could be sold by more than 2 suppliers (so you need to use the best WholesalePrice for you)
Type3: Type2 + you want to use competitors prices when you do repricing.

What types of formulas do you support for repricing?

The next formula is supported: NewPrice = WholesalePrice*X + Y
Y – you could use it as a fixed price for shipping.
X – you could use it as a margin % or Currency Converter & margin %.

Is it possible to setup different formulas for different categories?


Do you support ‘Pretty’ Prices?

Yes. You could do any “Pretty” Prices: like 0.99, 4.95 etc.

Is it possible to setup custom price formula which will be depends on Wholesale price range?

Yes. It is possible. If for example WholesalePrice is in range 0..5 $ use X1 & Y1 for formula, If WholesalePrice is in Range 5.20$ use X2,Y2.

Could I setup custom formulas for custom data sources?

Yes. it is possible.