Сustom Web Scraping Service

Does your business depend on real-time data in a quickly changing environment?
Do you have special requirements when automating your data extraction and delivery? Do the standard web-scrapers not reach your specific business goals?

Where Is Customized Web Scraping Used?


Custom web scraping service is the most cost-efficient way to extract data from millions of websites providing high-quality data that is compatible with your specific business needs.
Customized web scrapping is widely used for:
• Real estate listings gathering: real estate agents and MLS companies;
• Email address collecting: a great number of companies use it for lead generation in marketing;
• Product review scrapping: this is how many wholesalers and trading companies keep an eye on their competitors and do the price check;
• Developing new sites: as a rule, they collect similar data from various web resources and then combine it;
• Data retrieval from social media websites: it is widely used by social media companies;
• Scraping to obtain an immense amount of data: it’s frequently used for further analysis by the research companies;
• One-time scrapping: every company needs to collect a great deal of data for a very specific purpose.



Find here the most important features.

With our proprietary web scraping tool, we can provide our clients with customized data perfectly meeting their specific business needs. Our service doesn’t’ require any special efforts and skills. The processes of extraction and customization are seamless and transparent.

Extract data from all categories or a specific category/ product URLs

Receive the well-structured data that is easy to customize

Take any fields, images, options, variants, features for items

Export data to different formats and databases.
– csv,json,xml,excel.
– mysql, postgree, mssql.
– import into online stores.

Use the Scheduler to extract Any Website data at specific time intervals

Receive extracted reports to your email

Search items by keywords, sku, brand, id, and url.

Keep promptly informed on any issues by your personal manager is always ready to assist.

How it works?

Find here workflow how to work with us.

Step 1

Our customer picks the fields for extraction from the website or API, specifies the export file format, and defines categories/urls for extraction.

Step 2

We create a technical specification (TS) based on the customer’s task. As soon as the document is ready, we send it to our customer for approval in PDF format.

Step 3

When TS is approved, our customer signs it and provide us with the signed copy. Then, we sign it and send it back to the customer.

Step 4

We take the payment from our customer.

Step 5

We start the development and set up an account for our customer. On average, it takes 4-5 working days after the payment.

Step 6

Our customer receives an email notifying that task is completed and the customer can take the data. In case of any issue, the customer is welcomed to contact our manager.

Why MyDataProvider?

Because you will get all the things completed.

Since 2009, Mydataprovider has provided custom software development services. With a focus on web scraping, price monitoring, and repricing services, we deliver solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
The reputation of our company is strengthened by loyalty and trust of numerous satisfied customers and throughout various industries.

Cost savings

Mydataprovider supports more than 100 TOP websites + our pricing is startups friendly.

1000x more data

Using our tools you could extract tons of data.

Get faster

2 times faster to market. Average time for 1 new scraper development take 2-3 days!


Find here recent testimonials.

Vasilisa Strelnikova, Director, VipDesignPro

With their advanced level of responsiveness, the team of MyDataProvider showed great interpersonal skills.
Thank you so much, it seems that nothing is impossible for you! You are the only team to get our forthcoming projects.

Varlik Brownewell, Head of Company

We are a company with 7 webshops. We dropshipping from 1 supplier. We would like to work together to make the import of the products easy for us.
We are working with CCV Shop, so mydataprovider created importer for direct products import into my stores. Mydataprovider service takes daily fresh products info from supplier’s API and updates items, stocks, prices at our 7 webshops. Additionally they did automatic translation of product name, description, seo fields into my native language from English.

Natalya Sokolova, Head of Retail Sales, Mampassia

We were looking for a company to assist us in competitive pricing analysis. We have made the right choice when we decided in favor of MyDataProvider.
We are completely satisfied. We get a comprehensive answer to every question that arises. We receive a very quick reply to every email.
And plese accept a special thanks for your patience. It is a real pleasure to work with MyDataProvider. Highly appreciated and recommended.


Frequently asked questions.

Are you focused on custom web scraping or deliver standardized solutions?

Our primary task is to make data extracted fully customized. Indeed, we have some scrapers are assigned only for tests and demo. However, our practice shows that each client requires unique scraper as each business has its own needs.

What support do you offer?

The support depends on the plan. If it is one-time extraction, we extract the data that clients want to receive and in the format and volume they need.

Do you provide your clients with data samples before purchasing?

We provide samples of a particular number of sites if we have data samples. If there are no samples, we just show export file format generated by our software. Additionally, before running any project we create a technical specification to be sure that we understand all project requirements and our clients know what they receive at the end of the development process.

Can your platform perform multi-lingual scraping too?

Yes, it can. There are two options of the extraction. The first one allows you to scrape data in different languages. The second one is used when it will be done in one data set.

Do you crawl sites that require login?

Yes, we do it but it requires some special preparations from the client side and it certainly increases project development time.

Do you provide a one-time data extraction?

Sometimes we have clients who need just to receive the contacts or the data for brief analyses. As we always do our best to meet the requirements of our customers, we provide such type of service certainly.

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