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Elko Web Scraper, Elko Data Extraction

Elko web scraper

We develop web scraping software more than 10 years. Elko is popular source for web scraping. If you need to order Elko web scraping service and to receive actual and real-time Elko data contact us.

Elko web scraper exports (daily) all data from Elko site and saves to Shopify/WooCommerce or files: csv,excel,xml,json. Elko web scraper allows you to export data to online stores: Shopify,WooCommerce,Prestashop automatically.

Elko web scraper is based on Web scraping tool “Runner”. “Runner” is an universal tool for scraping and it could be configured for Elko site with your custom requirements. “Runner” allows users to scrape data from Elko site and to export to csv, excel, json or xml files even sync with online stores.
So if you need to use Elko scraper you can use this web scraping tool: you will have access to your private area at our site where you can run your scraper tasks for Elko, define links for scraping and run tasks itself.
Contact us and we will configure our Web scraping tool “Runner” for your case.

Get demo / samples data from the old projects for the last 4-6 years here Remind that these files are just a samples! For your case it will adjusted with your requirements.

Elko price monitoring

Export Elko real-time prices and stocks daily or with required frequency

Here on MyDataProvider, we provide price monitoring services, Check our solution for real-time price monitoring : real-time web scraping allows our clients to get actual prices and stocks levels from Elko site: our Web scraping tool “Runner” can be configured for scraping prices from Elko site.

Elko content extraction

Do not copy-paste content – allow Elko web scraper to do that for you!

Extract name, description, sku, id, images, features, options. Save to files: csv,xml,json,excel. Get solution to extract content from Elko website.
Extract the next Elko fields:

Fields Comment
name, sku, price, description
quantity or availability If quantity is accessible we extract as is , if no we determine availability and if item is available set quantity = 5 if no = 0
all images all images will be scraped and we will save them as urls.
features each feature will extracted separately and will saved to appropriate columns or tags
options (size, color etc) each combination with specific set of size or color will be saved correctly and all related images will be saved for such combination
categories with structure you can extract full category path for each items and to get full hierarchy for source catalog

Sync Elko products with Shopify

You can import / update all products from Elko to your Shopify store

Our solutions support direct import via Shopify API to your Shopify store. It allows you to skip using csv file, you do not need them. All products from Elko will be created at your Shopify store automatically. Get more info about shopify product variant api .

Sync Elko products with WooCommerce

You can import / update all products from Elko to your WooCommerce store

Our solutions support direct import via WooCommerce API v2 to your WooCommerce store. All products from Elko will be created at your Shopify store automatically. Get more info about WooCommerce REST API.

Translate Elko to your language

You can translate all content for all Elko items

Our solution supports products translation via google translation services. You need to have your own Google translation API key and our solution will translation all text automatically. Use Google translation API for automatic translation of all content from Elko site to your target language. Get more info about google translation api setup.

Elko drop shipping

Sync products from Elko directly with your online store!

You can use our solution for Elko dropshipping. It allows you to start your Elko dropshipping and resell Elko products. If you just start drop shipping we recommend to use Shopify platform and to read about what is drop shipping exactly at The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping by Corey Ferreira. Here on MyDataProvider, we have software for direct data import / update into online stores from Elko site.

How does it work?

It is really simple.

  • 1. You select or insert category or product URL you want to sync with your store into our web scraper.
  • 2. Press run and wait till Elko scraping task will be finished.
  • 3. At project settings you can define how to change prices by formulas (automatically!). sample: +80% for T-shirts and +20% for TV
  • 4. Once set up it. It will work for you daily!
You can import products directly to your store

  • From Elko to Shopify
  • From Elko to WooCommerce
  • From Elko to Prestashop
  • From Elko to Magento
  • From Elko to OpenCart
and sync Elko items 24/7 automatically You can use Elko Web Scraper for Elko Drop Shipping and export data from Elko site into your store.
Elko Web Scraper exports data to file (csv,xml, json or excel) and you can import Elko data directly into your online store: shopify,woocommerce, opencart,prestashop,ccvshop.

Elko API

Get Elko data via Web API

We can provide access for Elko data via API for you. Elko API allows you to receive structured data. Our web scraper extracts data from HTML page source and converts data to ready for use formats. You can integrate Elko data into your project or application easily. Save your time just try to use Elko API for your software.


  • Formats: JSON,XML,CSV;
  • API access to the latest dataset (updated daily or with required frequency);
  • API access to real-time Elko data. Use case: you request a Elko product url or keyword – and receive a response with data;
  • Callback to your handler on event when new data is ready.
If you want to know more about Rest API read this article from Redhat about Rest API

Elko Proxy

Get Elko proxy list. Get validated proxy list for Elko site. Validation each 5-15 minutes for each proxy server.

If you want to extract data from Elko site directly via your own Elko web scraping software or script (python,js,php,java.c#,go). You need to use proxy for Elko. Our company provides Elko proxy list that we verify via our internal tools and check if it is OK now for web scraping. It will help you to save a lot of time on building similar software on your side.

We have own solution for web scraping and we can extract data from any web site.

What we do

We provide managed Elko web scraping or Elko price monitoring services for retailers.

When you need that

When you need to scrape data
from Elko site
1 time or periodically.

Results you will get

Using our web scraping services you can extract Elko data and save to
csv, json, xml or excel files.

Elko web scraping FAQ

How do you get Elko data? We scrape Elko data via web scraping directly from Elko website.
Can I save Elko scraped data to files? Yes, you can: excel,json,xml,csv.
Can I scrape Elko data daily or periodically ? Yes, we you can do that : Elko scraper has scheduler where you can setup it.
Can I determine urls to extract? Yes, you can do that via web interface in browser at Elko web scraper.
Can I extract all items from 1 Elko category? Yes, you can do that easily because Elko web scraper supports that.


Plan1 99 USD / monthly for 1000 Elko products daily (real-time extraction). order
Plan2 150 USD / monthly for 3000 Elko products daily (real-time extraction). order

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