Souq Web Scraper, Souq Price Tracking, Souq Data Extraction

We develop SaaS software for Souq web scraping, it runs at Amazon and Azure clouds.
You can order Souq data extraction project at our company.
It costs between $99 and $9999 / monthly. Contact sales to quote your project.

Souq price monitoring

Receive reports with actual Souq prices in real-time. 5 excel reports with different design + 1 xml report. API access.

Souq content extraction

Extract name, description, sku, id, images, features, options. Save to files: csv,xml,json,excel.

Souq drop shipping

Sync products from Souq directly with your online store directly to database or API

Souq API

API is available for web scraper

Souq price tracking

Analyse price changes at Souq site

Souq repricing

Reprice your products using our software.


We have own solution for web scraping and we extract data from any web site using in-house software for each client.

What we do

We provide managed Souq web scraping or Souq price monitoring services for business.

When you need that

When you need to scrape data
from Souq site
1 time or periodically.

Results you will get

Using our web scraping services you can extract Souq data and save to
csv, json, xml or excel files.

Common questions about Lazada web scraping:

Do you scrape data? Yes, we do that from website.
Do you save data to files? Yes. Json,xml,csv or json.
Can you extract data daily? Yes, we can.
Can I determine urls to extract? Yes, you can.
Can I extract all items from category? Yes, you can.

Download products list, categories list export samples

Filename / LinkSize
00000_AllInOne_json.zip17.54 Mb
00003_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Backpacks_excel.xlsx54.44 Kb
00004_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Duffle Bags_excel.xlsx51.97 Kb
00005_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Handbags_excel.xlsx54.54 Kb
00006_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Packing & Bags Accessories_153774011_excel.xlsx49.91 Kb
00007_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Specialty Bags & Carry Cases_-1573723190_excel.xlsx55.64 Kb
00008_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Trolley Suitcases & Bags_419844567_excel.xlsx59.75 Kb
00009_Apparel, Shoes & Accessories_Bags & Wallets_Wallets_excel.xlsx50.69 Kb
00011_Beauty_Beauty Gifts Sets_excel.xlsx55.65 Kb
00012_Beauty_Beauty Tools & Accessories_excel.xlsx58.58 Kb
00014_Beauty_Hair Care Center_Hair Care_excel.xlsx50.18 Kb
00015_Beauty_Hair Care Center_Hair Dyes_excel.xlsx58.39 Kb
00016_Beauty_Hair Care Center_Hair Tools & Accessories_excel.xlsx48.4 Kb
00017_Beauty_Hair Care Center_Hair Treatment_excel.xlsx58.94 Kb
00018_Beauty_Hair Care Center_Shampoos & Conditioners_excel.xlsx79.03 Kb
00019_Beauty_Hair Styling Electronics_excel.xlsx91.08 Kb
00020_Beauty_Hair Tools & Accessories_excel.xlsx48.03 Kb
00021_Beauty_Makeup_excel.xlsx63.79 Kb
00022_Beauty_Mirrors_excel.xlsx58.47 Kb
00023_Beauty_Wigs_excel.xlsx50.49 Kb
00025_Beauty_Skin Care Center_Body Creams_excel.xlsx73.3 Kb
00026_Beauty_Skin Care Center_Body Lotions_excel.xlsx59.18 Kb
00027_Beauty_Skin Care Center_Face Creams_excel.xlsx78.51 Kb
00028_Beauty_Skin Care Center_Skin Care_excel.xlsx91.43 Kb
00030_Cameras_Analogue Camera_excel.xlsx63.01 Kb
00031_Cameras_Batteries_excel.xlsx48.85 Kb
00032_Cameras_Cables_excel.xlsx77.07 Kb
00033_Cameras_Camcorders_excel.xlsx130.39 Kb
00034_Cameras_Camera Bags_excel.xlsx68.19 Kb
00035_Cameras_Camera & Camcorder Accessories_excel.xlsx73.5 Kb
00036_Cameras_Chargers_excel.xlsx94.24 Kb
00037_Cameras_Digital Cameras_excel.xlsx169.03 Kb
00038_Cameras_Digital Photo Frames_excel.xlsx51.82 Kb
00039_Cameras_Electronic Flashes_excel.xlsx101.08 Kb
00040_Cameras_Interchangeable Lenses_excel.xlsx87.96 Kb
00041_Cameras_Memory Cards_excel.xlsx74.87 Kb
00042_Cameras_Still Films_excel.xlsx42.33 Kb
00043_Cameras_Screen Protectors_excel.xlsx48.48 Kb
00044_Cameras_Skins & Decals_excel.xlsx39.95 Kb
00047_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_Audio Accessories_excel.xlsx50.03 Kb
00048_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_CD Players & Recorders_excel.xlsx14.91 Kb
00049_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_Headphones & Headsets_excel.xlsx117.64 Kb
00050_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_Microphones_excel.xlsx63.41 Kb
00051_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_MP3 & MP4 Player Accessories_-610294403_excel.xlsx43.29 Kb
00052_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_Portable Cassette & CD Players_1182596191_excel.xlsx24.26 Kb
00053_Electronics_Audio & Accessories_Portable Radios_excel.xlsx65.21 Kb
00054_Electronics_Batteries_excel.xlsx51.7 Kb
00055_Electronics_Binoculars & Telescopes_excel.xlsx76.18 Kb
00056_Electronics_Cables_excel.xlsx76.88 Kb
00057_Electronics_CD Recording Media_excel.xlsx20.82 Kb
00058_Electronics_Chargers_excel.xlsx94.2 Kb
00059_Electronics_Clock Radios_excel.xlsx53.64 Kb
00060_Electronics_E-Book Readers_excel.xlsx80.11 Kb
00062_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Dishwashers_excel.xlsx87.92 Kb
00063_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Dryers_excel.xlsx43.43 Kb
00064_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Refrigerators & Freezers_-1524152703_excel.xlsx86.67 Kb
00065_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Telephone Accessories_-1080326419_excel.xlsx15.68 Kb
00066_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Telephones_excel.xlsx74.06 Kb
00067_Electronics_Home & Office Electronics_Washing Machines_excel.xlsx85.82 Kb
00068_Electronics_Home Theater Systems_excel.xlsx72.64 Kb
00069_Electronics_Home Video Accessories_excel.xlsx21.85 Kb
00071_Electronics_MP3, MP4 Player & Accessories_MP3 & MP4 Players_-1461335707_excel.xlsx79.95 Kb
00072_Electronics_MP3, MP4 Player & Accessories_MP3, MP4 Players Accessories_974753388_excel.xlsx43.3 Kb
00073_Electronics_Power Banks_excel.xlsx94.44 Kb
00075_Electronics_Projectors & Accessories_Projector Accessories_excel.xlsx67.06 Kb
00076_Electronics_Projectors & Accessories_Projectors_excel.xlsx111.54 Kb
00077_Electronics_Recording & Studio Equipment_excel.xlsx63.39 Kb
00078_Electronics_Security & Surveillance Systems_excel.xlsx78.44 Kb
00079_Electronics_Smart Watches_excel.xlsx120.01 Kb
00080_Electronics_Stereo Systems & Equalizers_excel.xlsx41.64 Kb
00082_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_3D Glasses_excel.xlsx72.08 Kb
00083_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_Satellite Receivers_941854787_excel.xlsx58.77 Kb
00084_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_Televisions_excel.xlsx141.89 Kb
00085_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_Tuners_excel.xlsx25.33 Kb
00086_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_TV Mounts & Panel_-904071506_excel.xlsx57.64 Kb
00087_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_TV & Satellite Accessories_-1313637120_excel.xlsx76.57 Kb
00088_Electronics_TVs, Satellites & Accessories_Universal Remote Controls_1518357249_excel.xlsx54.23 Kb
00090_Electronics_Video, Home Theater & Accessories_Amplifiers & Receivers_679794630_excel.xlsx77.01 Kb
00091_Electronics_Video, Home Theater & Accessories_DVD & Blu-Ray Players_1229418981_excel.xlsx68.23 Kb
00092_Electronics_Video, Home Theater & Accessories_Speakers_excel.xlsx102.99 Kb
00094_Electronics_Webcams_excel.xlsx74 Kb
00096_Gaming_Game Consoles_excel.xlsx76.91 Kb
00097_Gaming_Game Gadgets & Accessories_excel.xlsx77.33 Kb
00098_Gaming_Screen Protectors_excel.xlsx48.42 Kb
00099_Gaming_Skins & Decals_excel.xlsx40.32 Kb
00100_Gaming_Video Games_excel.xlsx95.65 Kb
00101_Gaming_VR Gadgets_excel.xlsx94.03 Kb
00104_Health & Personal Care_Bath & Body Center_Bath & Body_excel.xlsx54.93 Kb
00105_Health & Personal Care_Bath & Body Center_Scrubs_excel.xlsx48.93 Kb
00106_Health & Personal Care_Bath & Body Center_Soap & Shower Gel_1161530780_excel.xlsx74.29 Kb
00107_Health & Personal Care_Body Massagers_excel.xlsx69.83 Kb
00109_Health & Personal Care_Dental Care Center_Dental Care_excel.xlsx69.13 Kb
00110_Health & Personal Care_Dental Care Center_Electric Toothbrushes_165693677_excel.xlsx84.82 Kb
00111_Health & Personal Care_Dental Care Center_Mouth Wash_excel.xlsx54.88 Kb
00112_Health & Personal Care_Dental Care Center_Toothbrushes_excel.xlsx67.52 Kb
00113_Health & Personal Care_Dental Care Center_Toothpaste_excel.xlsx60.7 Kb
00114_Health & Personal Care_Dietary Supplements_excel.xlsx69.12 Kb
00115_Health & Personal Care_Digital Fever Thermometers_excel.xlsx53.36 Kb
00116_Health & Personal Care_Electric Shavers & Removal_excel.xlsx100.7 Kb
00117_Health & Personal Care_Electrical Personal Care_excel.xlsx63.59 Kb
00118_Health & Personal Care_Men's Grooming_excel.xlsx60.58 Kb
00120_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Bandages_excel.xlsx40.07 Kb
00121_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Condoms_excel.xlsx47.93 Kb
00122_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Deodorants & Antiperspirants_-1786328506_excel.xlsx67.47 Kb
00123_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Health & Personal Care_679248734_excel.xlsx62.88 Kb
00124_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Tissue_excel.xlsx21.18 Kb
00125_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Wet Wipes_excel.xlsx54.12 Kb
00126_Health & Personal Care_Personal Care Center_Wrinkles & Anti Aging_-87220307_excel.xlsx75.59 Kb
00128_Health & Personal Care_Personal Hygiene_Dental Care_excel.xlsx69.13 Kb
00129_Health & Personal Care_Personal Hygiene_Feminine Hygiene_excel.xlsx23.28 Kb
00130_Health & Personal Care_Personal Hygiene_Shower Gels_excel.xlsx23.06 Kb
00131_Health & Personal Care_Personal Hygiene_Soaps_excel.xlsx23.05 Kb
00132_Health & Personal Care_Personal Scales_excel.xlsx70.24 Kb
00133_Health & Personal Care_Small Medical Equipment_excel.xlsx59.45 Kb
00134_Health & Personal Care_Sports Nutrition_excel.xlsx85.43 Kb
00135_Health & Personal Care_Vitamins & Minerals_excel.xlsx66.97 Kb
00137_Jewelry & Accessories_Bracelets_excel.xlsx56.11 Kb
00138_Jewelry & Accessories_Earrings_excel.xlsx48.61 Kb
00139_Jewelry & Accessories_Fine Jewellery_excel.xlsx45.09 Kb
00140_Jewelry & Accessories_Jewelry Accessories_excel.xlsx56.34 Kb
00141_Jewelry & Accessories_Jewelry Sets_excel.xlsx52.25 Kb
00142_Jewelry & Accessories_Loose Gemstones & Diamonds_excel.xlsx36.94 Kb
00143_Jewelry & Accessories_Men's Jewelry_excel.xlsx43.88 Kb
00144_Jewelry & Accessories_Necklaces_excel.xlsx47.53 Kb
00145_Jewelry & Accessories_Pendants & Charms_excel.xlsx48.46 Kb
00146_Jewelry & Accessories_Rings_excel.xlsx48.62 Kb
00149_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Cables_excel.xlsx77.9 Kb
00150_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Chargers_excel.xlsx96.07 Kb
00151_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Headsets_excel.xlsx118.11 Kb
00152_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Memory Cards_296352675_excel.xlsx75.81 Kb
00153_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Mobile Phone Accessories_415652616_excel.xlsx63.72 Kb
00154_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Power Banks_1700477431_excel.xlsx95.94 Kb
00155_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Screen Protectors_414707782_excel.xlsx47.46 Kb
00156_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Tablet Accessories_-1003858293_excel.xlsx52.37 Kb
00157_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Accessories_Watch Accessories_-276256008_excel.xlsx46.9 Kb
00158_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Lines & Numbers_excel.xlsx16.84 Kb
00159_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Mobile Phones_excel.xlsx198.21 Kb
00160_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Phablets_excel.xlsx32.47 Kb
00161_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Skins & Decals_excel.xlsx40.36 Kb
00162_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Smart Watches_excel.xlsx120.1 Kb
00163_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_Tablets_excel.xlsx169.01 Kb
00164_Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories_VR Gadgets_excel.xlsx93.99 Kb
00166_Perfumes & Fragrances_Perfumes & Fragrances_excel.xlsx99.99 Kb
00167_Perfumes & Fragrances_Fragrance Gift Sets_excel.xlsx53.33 Kb
00169_Tools & Home Improvements_Drills_excel.xlsx77.34 Kb
00170_Tools & Home Improvements_Electrical & Electronic Accessories_1281464644_excel.xlsx62.97 Kb
00171_Tools & Home Improvements_Hand Tools_excel.xlsx44.72 Kb
00172_Tools & Home Improvements_Measuring & Layout Tools_excel.xlsx64.75 Kb
00173_Tools & Home Improvements_Nails, Screws & Fixings_excel.xlsx34.71 Kb
00174_Tools & Home Improvements_Paint & Supplies_excel.xlsx52.34 Kb
00175_Tools & Home Improvements_Power & Hand Tools Accessories_excel.xlsx50.08 Kb
00176_Tools & Home Improvements_Power Tools_excel.xlsx66.21 Kb
00177_Tools & Home Improvements_Safety & Work Wear Products_excel.xlsx41.39 Kb
00179_Vouchers & Tickets_Vouchers_excel.xlsx25.53 Kb
00181_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Antiques_excel.xlsx29.1 Kb
00182_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Drawings & Paintings_excel.xlsx56.64 Kb
00183_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Handcrafts, Sculpture & Carvings_751555577_excel.xlsx40.13 Kb
00184_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Islamic_excel.xlsx40.25 Kb
00185_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Maps, Atlases & Globes_excel.xlsx49.12 Kb
00186_Art, Crafts & Collectibles_Prints & Posters_excel.xlsx45.68 Kb
00188_Bed & Bath_Bathroom Equipment_excel.xlsx52.92 Kb
00189_Bed & Bath_Bathroom Mirrors_excel.xlsx44.44 Kb
00190_Bed & Bath_Bedding_excel.xlsx54.39 Kb
00191_Bed & Bath_Blankets & Throws_excel.xlsx48.86 Kb
00192_Bed & Bath_Pillows_excel.xlsx53.57 Kb
00193_Bed & Bath_Curtains_excel.xlsx43.14 Kb
00194_Bed & Bath_Mattresses_excel.xlsx59.69 Kb
00195_Bed & Bath_Showers & Showerheads_excel.xlsx66.29 Kb
00196_Bed & Bath_Storage & Organization_excel.xlsx60.74 Kb
00197_Bed & Bath_Towels_excel.xlsx47.4 Kb
00199_Coins, Stamps & Paper money_Coins_excel.xlsx29.83 Kb
00200_Coins, Stamps & Paper money_Coins, Paper Money & Stamps Accessories_2042599656_excel.xlsx22 Kb
00201_Coins, Stamps & Paper money_Paper Money_excel.xlsx29.64 Kb
00202_Coins, Stamps & Paper money_Stamps_excel.xlsx26.57 Kb
00204_Eyewear & Optics_Contact Lenses_excel.xlsx49.92 Kb
00205_Eyewear & Optics_Eyewear_excel.xlsx58.05 Kb
00206_Eyewear & Optics_Eyewear Accessories_excel.xlsx52.5 Kb
00207_Eyewear & Optics_Glasses Frames_excel.xlsx52.59 Kb
00210_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Air Fresheners Center_Air Fresheners_-1171395284_excel.xlsx62.84 Kb
00212_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Bath_-841851480_excel.xlsx57.14 Kb
00213_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Bath & Skin Care_2132571665_excel.xlsx60.47 Kb
00214_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Lotion_1788360056_excel.xlsx53.68 Kb
00215_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Powder_122185811_excel.xlsx45.48 Kb
00216_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Diapers_1244880092_excel.xlsx63.43 Kb
00218_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Food Center_Baby Beverages_excel.xlsx15.17 Kb
00219_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Food Center_Baby Biscuit_excel.xlsx17.51 Kb
00220_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Food Center_Baby Cereals_excel.xlsx27.87 Kb
00221_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Food Center_Baby Food_excel.xlsx74.09 Kb
00222_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Baby Food Center_Baby Formulas_excel.xlsx73.22 Kb
00224_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Bakery Center_Bakery_excel.xlsx61.35 Kb
00226_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Beverage_excel.xlsx57.47 Kb
00227_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Coffee_excel.xlsx68.55 Kb
00228_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Energy Drinks_excel.xlsx52.1 Kb
00229_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Iced Coffee_excel.xlsx11.61 Kb
00230_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Juices_excel.xlsx53.51 Kb
00231_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Non Alcoholic Beer_2121241302_excel.xlsx19.95 Kb
00232_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Non Alcoholic Champagne_1408181842_excel.xlsx22.29 Kb
00233_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Non Alcoholic Wine_-1141087509_excel.xlsx22.29 Kb
00234_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Powdered Drink_excel.xlsx32.8 Kb
00235_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Soft Drinks_excel.xlsx22.28 Kb
00236_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Tea_excel.xlsx49.52 Kb
00237_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Beverage Center_Water_excel.xlsx53.9 Kb
00239_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Bakery_excel.xlsx61.38 Kb
00240_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Cheese_excel.xlsx41.14 Kb
00241_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Coffee_excel.xlsx68.05 Kb
00243_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Jams, Spreads & Honey_excel.xlsx51.63 Kb
00244_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Tea_excel.xlsx49.48 Kb
00245_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Breakfast_Milk_excel.xlsx62.16 Kb
00247_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cereals & Grains Center_Breakfast Cereal_1608516259_excel.xlsx57.91 Kb
00248_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cereals & Grains Center_Cereals & Grains_819646248_excel.xlsx63.57 Kb
00249_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cereals & Grains Center_Granola_excel.xlsx20.71 Kb
00250_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cereals & Grains Center_Rice_excel.xlsx49.77 Kb
00252_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cleaning Products Center_Cleaning Products_-1231186574_excel.xlsx68.45 Kb
00253_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cleaning Products Center_Detergent_-815530325_excel.xlsx81.13 Kb
00254_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cleaning Products Center_Fabric Softener_1742321318_excel.xlsx58.12 Kb
00255_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Cleaning Products Center_Laundry_excel.xlsx83.06 Kb
00257_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Confectionery Center_Confectionery_-230050198_excel.xlsx58.93 Kb
00259_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dairy Product Center_Cheese_excel.xlsx41.15 Kb
00260_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dairy Product Center_Condensed Milk_347266347_excel.xlsx22.34 Kb
00261_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dairy Product Center_Dairy Product_-2003901131_excel.xlsx63.68 Kb
00264_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers_1534915128_excel.xlsx64.98 Kb
00265_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Bread_excel.xlsx35.07 Kb
00266_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Chips & Crisps_excel.xlsx55.37 Kb
00267_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Chocolate & Candy_excel.xlsx24.1 Kb
00268_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Dates_excel.xlsx37.58 Kb
00269_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Jams, Spreads & Honey_excel.xlsx51.25 Kb
00270_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Nuts & Seeds_excel.xlsx52.22 Kb
00271_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Oil_excel.xlsx49.13 Kb
00272_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Packaged Meals_excel.xlsx50.96 Kb
00273_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Pasta & Noodles_excel.xlsx50.3 Kb
00274_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Rice_excel.xlsx49.78 Kb
00275_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Snacks_excel.xlsx62.88 Kb
00276_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Soup_excel.xlsx56.49 Kb
00277_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Dry Food_Sweet & Salt Bakery Products_65933473_excel.xlsx24.1 Kb
00279_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Fruits & Vegetables Center_Fruits & Vegetables_1657610207_excel.xlsx37.81 Kb
00281_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Hair Care Center_Hair Care_excel.xlsx50.64 Kb
00282_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Hair Care Center_Hair Dyes_excel.xlsx57.59 Kb
00283_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Hair Care Center_Hair Tools & Accessories_1412421664_excel.xlsx47.77 Kb
00284_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Hair Care Center_Hair Treatment_excel.xlsx60.52 Kb
00285_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Hair Care Center_Shampoos & Conditioners_497925268_excel.xlsx79.33 Kb
00287_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Makeup Center_Makeup_excel.xlsx65.15 Kb
00289_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Meats & Chicken Center_Meats & Chicken_1190499877_excel.xlsx16.03 Kb
00291_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Personal Care_Anti Aging_excel.xlsx23.59 Kb
00292_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Personal Care_Anti Wrinkles_excel.xlsx24.95 Kb
00293_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Personal Care_Bath & Body_excel.xlsx54.34 Kb
00294_Grocery, Food & Beverages_Personal Care_Condoms_excel.xlsx47.83 Kb
00297_Home Appliances_Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Center_Air Conditioners & Coolers_-853525574_excel.xlsx73.14 Kb
00298_Home Appliances_Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Center_Air Treatment_2096202543_excel.xlsx80.1 Kb
00299_Home Appliances_Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Center_Fans_excel.xlsx68.65 Kb
00300_Home Appliances_Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Center_Heaters_-1088022035_excel.xlsx51.71 Kb
00301_Home Appliances_Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Center_Water Heaters_-2104941405_excel.xlsx27.96 Kb
00303_Home Appliances_Irons, Steamers & Sewing_Ironing Accessories_-1141422483_excel.xlsx47.01 Kb
00304_Home Appliances_Irons, Steamers & Sewing_Irons_excel.xlsx89.48 Kb
00305_Home Appliances_Irons, Steamers & Sewing_Sewing & Accessories_-484578820_excel.xlsx48.01 Kb
00306_Home Appliances_Irons, Steamers & Sewing_Steam Cleaners_excel.xlsx76.27 Kb
00308_Home Appliances_Large Appliances Center_Dryers_excel.xlsx40.82 Kb
00309_Home Appliances_Large Appliances Center_Washers Dryers 2 in 1_1390331023_excel.xlsx48.7 Kb
00310_Home Appliances_Large Appliances Center_Washing Machines_excel.xlsx85.44 Kb
00311_Home Appliances_Large Appliances Center_Water Heaters_excel.xlsx27.95 Kb
00313_Home Appliances_Parts & Accessories_Vacuum Floor Care Accessories_-1764163778_excel.xlsx48.09 Kb
00314_Home Appliances_Parts & Accessories_Appliances Parts & Accessories_1190533939_excel.xlsx48.38 Kb
00316_Home Appliances_Small Appliances Center_Vacuum Cleaners_excel.xlsx105.18 Kb
00317_Home Appliances_Televisions_excel.xlsx138.45 Kb
00319_Kitchen Appliances_Appliances Parts & Accessories_excel.xlsx48.01 Kb
00320_Kitchen Appliances_Blenders & Mixers_excel.xlsx86.9 Kb
00321_Kitchen Appliances_Coffee & Espresso Makers_excel.xlsx71.85 Kb
00322_Kitchen Appliances_Dishwashers_excel.xlsx87.96 Kb
00323_Kitchen Appliances_Electric Meat Grinders_excel.xlsx56.79 Kb
00324_Kitchen Appliances_Electric Slicers_excel.xlsx19.93 Kb
00325_Kitchen Appliances_Food Preparation_excel.xlsx77.67 Kb
00326_Kitchen Appliances_Food Processors_excel.xlsx86 Kb
00327_Kitchen Appliances_Fryers_excel.xlsx94.42 Kb
00328_Kitchen Appliances_Ice Cream Makers_excel.xlsx56.37 Kb
00329_Kitchen Appliances_Juicers & Presses_excel.xlsx86.76 Kb
00330_Kitchen Appliances_Kettles_excel.xlsx74.46 Kb
00331_Kitchen Appliances_Kitchen Scales_excel.xlsx65.45 Kb
00332_Kitchen Appliances_Microwaves_excel.xlsx85 Kb
00333_Kitchen Appliances_Ovens, Ranges & Stoves_excel.xlsx74.75 Kb
00334_Kitchen Appliances_Range Hoods_excel.xlsx58.59 Kb
00335_Kitchen Appliances_Refrigerators & Freezers_excel.xlsx86.38 Kb
00336_Kitchen Appliances_Rice Cooker_excel.xlsx76.49 Kb
00337_Kitchen Appliances_Sandwich & Waffle Makers_excel.xlsx78.76 Kb
00338_Kitchen Appliances_Slow Cookers_excel.xlsx22.51 Kb
00339_Kitchen Appliances_Specialty Kitchen Appliances_excel.xlsx65.13 Kb
00340_Kitchen Appliances_Steamers_excel.xlsx35.92 Kb
00341_Kitchen Appliances_Toasters_excel.xlsx68.04 Kb
00342_Kitchen Appliances_Water Coolers & Dispensers_excel.xlsx71.89 Kb
00344_Music & Movies_Guitars_excel.xlsx49.63 Kb
00345_Music & Movies_Movies, Plays & Series_excel.xlsx61.25 Kb
00346_Music & Movies_Music CDs_excel.xlsx41.24 Kb
00347_Music & Movies_Music Keyboards_excel.xlsx90.78 Kb
00348_Music & Movies_Musical Instruments_excel.xlsx57.69 Kb
00349_Music & Movies_Musical Instruments Parts & Accessories_excel.xlsx54.61 Kb
00350_Music & Movies_Tuners_excel.xlsx24.3 Kb
00352_Pet Food & Supplies_Pet & Animal Food_excel.xlsx68.11 Kb
00353_Pet Food & Supplies_Pet & Animal Supplies_excel.xlsx62.23 Kb
00355_Toys_Batteries_excel.xlsx50.42 Kb
00356_Toys_Costumes_excel.xlsx52.5 Kb
00357_Toys_Scooters & Ride-Ons_excel.xlsx70.67 Kb
00358_Toys_Toys_excel.xlsx60.7 Kb
00360_Wearable Technology Devices_Fitness Technology_excel.xlsx104.25 Kb
00361_Wearable Technology Devices_Smart Watches_excel.xlsx121.24 Kb
00363_Baby_Baby Accessories_excel.xlsx57.34 Kb
00364_Baby_Baby Bags_excel.xlsx61.14 Kb
00365_Baby_Baby Bath & Skin Care_excel.xlsx60.74 Kb
00366_Baby_Baby Clothing & Shoes_excel.xlsx52.51 Kb
00367_Baby_Baby Gear_excel.xlsx59.76 Kb
00368_Baby_Baby Gift Sets_excel.xlsx50.28 Kb
00369_Baby_Baby Safety & Health_excel.xlsx64.73 Kb
00370_Baby_Baby Toys & Accessories_excel.xlsx57.18 Kb
00371_Baby_Batteries_excel.xlsx50.4 Kb
00372_Baby_Diapers_excel.xlsx63.64 Kb
00373_Baby_Feeding_excel.xlsx56.3 Kb
00374_Baby_Nursery Furniture_excel.xlsx64.99 Kb
00376_Baby_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Bath & Skin Care_excel.xlsx60.05 Kb
00377_Baby_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Diapers_excel.xlsx64.06 Kb
00378_Baby_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Lotion_excel.xlsx53.82 Kb
00379_Baby_Baby Bath & Skin Care Center_Baby Bath_excel.xlsx57.02 Kb
00381_Baby_Baby Food Center_Baby Food_excel.xlsx73.67 Kb
00382_Baby_Baby Food Center_Baby Cereals_excel.xlsx27.84 Kb
00383_Baby_Baby Food Center_Baby Biscuit_excel.xlsx17.49 Kb
00384_Baby_Baby Food Center_Baby Beverages_excel.xlsx15.57 Kb
00385_Baby_Baby Food Center_Baby Formulas_excel.xlsx72.86 Kb
00387_Books_Business & Trade Books_excel.xlsx66.66 Kb
00388_Books_Children's Books_excel.xlsx55.42 Kb
00389_Books_Comics & Graphic Novels_excel.xlsx46.07 Kb
00390_Books_Education, Learning & Self Help Books_excel.xlsx57.59 Kb
00391_Books_Lifestyle Books_excel.xlsx66.22 Kb
00392_Books_Literature & Fiction_excel.xlsx53.6 Kb
00395_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Bags & Carry Cases_1534813210_excel.xlsx55.13 Kb
00396_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Barcode Readers_1105259211_excel.xlsx65.38 Kb
00397_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Chargers_1497186118_excel.xlsx96.13 Kb
00398_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Computer Casing_463722021_excel.xlsx60.85 Kb
00399_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Computer Fans_-424779422_excel.xlsx54.73 Kb
00400_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Computer & Laptop Accessories_-26720429_excel.xlsx42.05 Kb
00401_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Electrical & Electronic Accessories_157671028_excel.xlsx63.71 Kb
00402_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Hard Drives_1102907356_excel.xlsx82 Kb
00403_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Headphones & Headsets_1983532009_excel.xlsx116.6 Kb
00404_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Keyboards_81729202_excel.xlsx80.22 Kb
00405_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Memory Cards_639282525_excel.xlsx75.69 Kb
00406_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Microphones_-1736374030_excel.xlsx63 Kb
00407_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Motherboards_971186596_excel.xlsx77.14 Kb
00408_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Mouse_1152496837_excel.xlsx91.66 Kb
00409_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Power Banks_-152208978_excel.xlsx94.81 Kb
00410_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Screen Protectors_1013205224_excel.xlsx48.42 Kb
00411_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Skins & Decals_141414890_excel.xlsx40.52 Kb
00412_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_Speakers_-147981822_excel.xlsx102.68 Kb
00413_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_USB Drives_-1384006696_excel.xlsx58.65 Kb
00414_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer & Laptop Accessories_USB Hubs_1553332758_excel.xlsx106.29 Kb
00416_Computers, IT & Networking_Computers & Servers_Desktop PCs_excel.xlsx84.14 Kb
00417_Computers, IT & Networking_Computers & Servers_Servers_excel.xlsx24.63 Kb
00419_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Card Readers & Writers_-1108173177_excel.xlsx78.08 Kb
00420_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Computer Monitors_301830584_excel.xlsx94.76 Kb
00421_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Cooling Pads_94550599_excel.xlsx68.11 Kb
00422_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_CPUs_84340363_excel.xlsx64.69 Kb
00423_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Memory Modules_-1242946321_excel.xlsx55.04 Kb
00424_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Optical Drives_-939806936_excel.xlsx54.64 Kb
00425_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Hard Drives_1620107590_excel.xlsx81.03 Kb
00426_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Power Supplies_1060292166_excel.xlsx45.44 Kb
00427_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Sound Cards_-1788567822_excel.xlsx47.55 Kb
00428_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Video Cards_315739047_excel.xlsx66.35 Kb
00429_Computers, IT & Networking_Computer Parts & Components_Webcams_-519295666_excel.xlsx71.61 Kb
00431_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Blank CDs_1412050235_excel.xlsx8.26 Kb
00432_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Blank DVDs_-598399736_excel.xlsx13.06 Kb
00433_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Cables_excel.xlsx78.79 Kb
00434_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Data Storage Devices_-2044806711_excel.xlsx63.6 Kb
00435_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Docking Stations_-706695289_excel.xlsx75.94 Kb
00436_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Media Gateways_1625328323_excel.xlsx6.1 Kb
00437_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Network Cards & Adapters_-441696980_excel.xlsx85.12 Kb
00438_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Network Switches_-1346730236_excel.xlsx81.3 Kb
00439_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Networking Tools & Accessories_636866128_excel.xlsx69.46 Kb
00440_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Routers_506232214_excel.xlsx106.04 Kb
00441_Computers, IT & Networking_Networking & Accessories_Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS_170785759_excel.xlsx53.54 Kb
00443_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_3D Printers_57130847_excel.xlsx59.97 Kb
00444_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_Ink & Toner Cartridges_-1994474619_excel.xlsx48.96 Kb
00445_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_Label Printers_-851867381_excel.xlsx48.52 Kb
00446_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_Printers_1603472299_excel.xlsx82.52 Kb
00447_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_Printer & Scanner Accessories_346554612_excel.xlsx50.17 Kb
00448_Computers, IT & Networking_Printers, Scanners, Hardware & Accessories_Scanners_-533706882_excel.xlsx88.59 Kb
00449_Computers, IT & Networking_Laptops & Netbooks_excel.xlsx159.1 Kb
00450_Computers, IT & Networking_Software_excel.xlsx74.48 Kb
00451_Computers, IT & Networking_VR Gadgets_excel.xlsx93.67 Kb
00453_Furniture_Bedroom Sets_excel.xlsx33.09 Kb
00454_Furniture_Beds & Bed Frames_excel.xlsx52.41 Kb
00455_Furniture_Chairs & Benches_excel.xlsx51.54 Kb
00456_Furniture_Garden Furniture_excel.xlsx55.75 Kb
00457_Furniture_Kitchen & Dining Rooms Sets_excel.xlsx56.99 Kb
00458_Furniture_Living Room Sets_excel.xlsx59.14 Kb
00459_Furniture_Office Furniture_excel.xlsx52.6 Kb
00460_Furniture_Sofas, Bean Bags & Ottomans_excel.xlsx53.8 Kb
00461_Furniture_Storage & Organization_excel.xlsx60.77 Kb
00462_Furniture_Tables_excel.xlsx53.62 Kb
00464_Garden & Outdoor_Barbecue Tools & Grill Accessories_excel.xlsx47.15 Kb
00465_Garden & Outdoor_Flowers_excel.xlsx45.29 Kb
00466_Garden & Outdoor_Garden Decoration_excel.xlsx43.41 Kb
00467_Garden & Outdoor_Garden Furniture_excel.xlsx55.76 Kb
00468_Garden & Outdoor_Gardening & Watering Supplies_excel.xlsx53.91 Kb
00469_Garden & Outdoor_Grills & Smokers_excel.xlsx58.08 Kb
00470_Garden & Outdoor_Pest Control_excel.xlsx63.86 Kb
00471_Garden & Outdoor_Smoking Accessories_excel.xlsx45.14 Kb
00474_Home Decor & Furniture_Home Decor Center_Artificial Flower & Plants_-970087748_excel.xlsx32.74 Kb
00475_Home Decor & Furniture_Home Decor Center_Candles_excel.xlsx47.69 Kb
00476_Home Decor & Furniture_Home Decor Center_Candles & Holders_excel.xlsx39.35 Kb
00477_Home Decor & Furniture_Home Decor Center_Clocks_excel.xlsx63.14 Kb
00478_Home Decor & Furniture_Home Decor Center_Curtains_excel.xlsx43.35 Kb

How can you use it?

Souq Web Scraping / Content extraction

Get solution to extract content from Souq website.
Extract the next Souq fields:

Fields Comment
name, sku, price, description
quantity or availability If quantity is accessible we extract as is , if no we determine availability and if item is available set quantity = 5 if no = 0
all images all images will be scraped and we will save them as urls.
features each feature will extracted separately and will saved to appropriate columns or tags
options (size, color etc) each combination with specific set of size or color will be saved correctly and all related images will be saved for such combination
categories with structure you can extract full category path for each items and to get full hierarchy for source catalog

Souq Price Monitoring & Price History

Receive real-time reports with actual Souq prices & stocks.

Analyse price changes, use it for your repricing software.

Souq Drop Shipping

You can use Souq Web Scraper for Souq Drop Shipping and export data from Souq web site into your store.
We will generate file with data (csv,xml, json or excel) and you will import Souq data directly into your online store: shopify,woocommerce, opencart,prestashop,ccvshop.