PriceMatrix – Master Data Management for eCommerce


Easy management of your product and price information.
Automated processing of product feeds, product data upload, and inventory synchronization.

What is Price Matrix?


PriceMatrix is an advanced online service (SaaS) that enables our customers to gather the data on products and prices from their suppliers and competitors in a single location.
The tool allows for automated information processing and upload to a consolidated product feed of any format, including Excel, CSV, and XML.
It is also possible to automate the data upload and synchronization with any online store, marketplace, and ecommerce platform.
Using PriceMatrix, you can streamline the following processes
• information update
• inventory management
• supplier network integration
• dropshipping.



How can you use it?

PriceMatrix is designed to automate the following business processes:
1. Create, reshape, customize, and update product feeds of various formats
  • Process product feeds with multiple tabs
  • Upload the data in Excel, CSV, XML, YML, and JSON
  • Assign automatic and manual connections
  • Use API
2. Import product feeds of any structure and complexity to your preferred ecommerce platform
  • Update the data directly from the product feeds of suppliers
  • Detect new items and create new product lists
  • Generate product feeds in various currencies
3. Integrate PriceMatrix with your inventory control system
  • Generate a consolidated product feed that accumulates up-to-date information throughout the supplier base
  • Detect and extract duplicates from different suppliers
  • Select the best price from multiple suppliers and add your profit margin
  • Sync your prices and stock balance using the MyWarehouse service

Additional Benefits
Flexible rules of profit margin setting
Repricing with due consideration of
• currency exchange rates
• competitor pricing policies
• margin assignment rules, including category, brand, currency, and supplier.
Best reasonable prices.

More options
Automate your product description update using our proprietary software.


PriceMatrix is an easy-to-use tool even for a beginning user. For a simple product feed, it will take a few hours to make all the settings and start using PriceMatrix. You will need from 5 to 15 minutes daily to update prices and stock balance.
In case you need more functions than the standard version can offer, we are ready to customize the solution to meet your requirements.

Does not require installation. No need to buy a license.
Work with PriceMatrix from any part of the world connected to the Internet.

Your price database is always safe.
No need to copy database. The consolidated product feed is created on your PC.

Does not require any confidential information and passwords.

Update of prices and stock balance is scheduled and automated.

Product feeds from multiple suppliers. Work with product feeds containing up to 250,000 positions from a number of suppliers.

Various formats and ecommerce platforms.
Upload product data to a file ( Excel, CSV, XML) or directly to an online store.

Free support and version updates.

Affordable price

How we work

See the operation procedure below

Step 1

Register in the PriceMatrix online service. Check your email inbox. You will receive a login, password, and instructions. Log into your personal account and start working.

Step 2

Create your Main Product Feed. Import it from an online store or upload it from your PC.

Step 3

Upload the product feeds of selected suppliers

Step 4

Create profit margins for the products, add currencies, build connections between the products to avoid duplicates, update prices and stock balance, and copy the supplier’s feed to your Main Product Feed.

Step 5

Upload the data to the consolidated product feed. Upload the data from your Main Product Feed to a file or to an online store database.

Step 6

Pay for using the PriceMatrix online service.

Why PriceMartrix?

Because you will get all things done.

In 2015, MyDataProvider launched PriceMatrix for processing product feeds.
Today, PriceMatrix is a cutting-edge SaaS product that combines software and service.


PriceMatrix is simple to use and easy to customize.


Processing of product feeds from multiple suppliers and data upload in various formats, including Excel, CSV, XML, YML, and JSON.


Update of prices and stock balance is scheduled and automated.


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Frequently asked questions.

What formats are possible for product feeds in PriceMatrix?

Product feeds of any structure in Excel, CSV, XML, YML, and JSON can be uploaded into the PriceMatrix service. Price Matrix is integrated with the content management system (CMS) of your online store. The data from the Main Product Feed, а document created in PriceMatrix, is synchronized and aligned with the structure created in your particular CMS.

Do I need to configure the upload of supplier product feed every time?

You need to configure it only once. The settings are saved, the subsequent uploads are done automatically. If you have done a mistake while uploading, it is easy to correct it. For example, in case you haven’t considered some product feature (a column), just delete the items within this specific feed and reload the file, specifying the data missed.

How long does it take to process a product feed?

The processing of product feed includes two stages: an initial setup and the subsequent updates.
The first-time setup may take from thirty minutes to several days. It depends on the data complexity and consistency in the columns, as well as and the number of feeds. As soon as all the settings are made, you need from five to fifteen minutes daily to update prices and stock balance. If the feeds are uploaded via the links or an email, it will work automatically and according to the schedule.

Is it possible to add profit margins automatically?

Yes, you can manage the pricing within each product feed from your personal account in the PriceMatrix service. For that, you need to create the profit margin rules, assign a name to each rule, select a price range, and specify the necessary coefficients. The service operates according to the profit margin rules you create.

Can I buy the PriceMatrix program or do I have to pay monthly?

We do not sell any programs. We have created an online service (SaaS) and provide a paid access to it. We offer different billing plans: you can pay for a month or for six months, a year, two years …
We also provide a free 14-day access. You don’t need to install any programs on your PC.

What kind of equipment is required for PriceMatrix?

You should have a computer /laptop/tablet and an Internet access. That’s it. No additional equipment, installation, and deployment are needed. You simply register in the service and start using PriceMatrix immediately.