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The automatic price list processing with PriceMatrix provides a simple managing of the product range information on your website and updating data for you, your employees and your customers.
Move with the times and use high-quality functional software to make your business skyrocket!

What is Price Matrix?

PriceMatrix is an advanced online service (SaaS) that helps to scrap all the prices of suppliers and competitors in one place, process and upload them to the consolidated price list or other formats, or directly to the online store. Supplier price download is configured once, and the settings are saved.

PriceMatrix can upload products to Excel files, CSV, XML, and directly to a store. Also, it enables to upload goods directly to the number of CMS such as, OkayCMS, AdvantShop, Webasyst (ShopScript), Bitrix, OpenCart, Samopisi or to the files generated for them. Moreover, there can be full integration with some of the CMS. It means no additional customization or manual file download are needed, as the PriceMatrix allows uploading data directly to the site. This option is available for PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and InSales.


How can you use it?

PriceMatrix allows you to:
1. Download price lists of different structures and any complexity;
2. Process price lists with several tabs;
3. Download the Main Price to PriceMatrix;
4. Upload data to Excel, CSV, XML, YML, JSON;
5. Create a custom price list (Main Price) if necessary;
6. Update the products from suppliers’ price lists;
7. Create a consolidated price list, which includes information on the availability and minimum prices of goods throughout the suppliers’ base;
8. Update balances;
9. Build connections automatically or manually;
10. Detect duplicates of the same products of different suppliers (extraction of duplicates);
11. Create a list of new products*;
12. Find the best price for the products;
13. Make a margin on the lowest price, for example;
14. Generate price lists in different currencies (conversion);
15. Download the relevant data and content directly to the site;
16. If there are no pictures, specifications, descriptions in the price lists provided by the suppliers, it allows configuring the automatic addition of product descriptions via our content parser;
17. Upload the data to the series of “engines” and CMS. If your “engine” is not in the list, then you can use any upload to a file for processing in your online store;
18. Synchronize prices and balances with the MySklad service (integration);
19. Operate with PriceMatrix through API.

* PriceMatrix identifies new products and arranges them in a list. It happens that the seller offers the item that is already in your database but has a different name and SKU. PriceMatrix detects and analyzes the specification of each position and, based on the data obtained, adds to the list exceptionally new products. The manual processing does not enable such functionality. The only possible option here is to carefully read carefully the information on each item that is time-consuming.


Find here the most important features.

This tool is easy to manage even for an inexperienced user. Thus, if you need a simple price list, you can make all the settings needed and start using this tool within a few hours. After all the initial settings are made, you need 5-15 minutes daily to update prices and balances. In some cases when the functionality of the standard version is insufficient, you can discuss the possibility of free or paid customization.

PriceMatrix works without installation on your computer. Moreover, you do not need to buy a license. All that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, having only access to the Internet.

You do not need to copy the database with prices from one computer to another, and it will always be kept safely. The consolidated price list is created directly on your computer.

We do not ask you for any confidential information and passwords.

Updating of the prices and the balances is scheduled and automated.

Support and updates

With PriceMatrix in use, you will be able to work with price lists from two or more suppliers, including from 250 to 250,000 positions.

PriceMatrix allows uploading goods to various files (this is Excel, CSV, XML) or immediately to the online store.

Affordable price

How it works?

Find here workflow how to work with us.

Step 1

Our client registers in the PriceMatrix online price list processing service and receives an email with login, password, and instruction. Then, the client enters a personal account and starts working.

Step 2

After that, the client creates the Main Price List or imports it from an online store or downloads from the computer if it’s already created.

Step 3

The next step is to download the price lists of suppliers.

Step 4

Then, the client can create margins on the goods, add the needed currencies, build connections between the products to avoid duplicates and add the correct margins, update prices and balances, copy the price list of the supplier to the Main price list.

Step 5

Then, the goods are uploaded to the consolidated price list, or the Main price data is uploaded to a file or online store database.

Step 6

Our customer is charged.

Why PriceMartrix?

Because you will get all things done.

We have launched PriceMatrix for processing price lists in 2015. These days, it is an up-to-date product that combines both software and service. We are proud of creating such a powerful product!


PriceMatrix is simple to use and provides multiple opportunities for customization.


The service allows processing price lists provided by 2+ suppliers with uploading data in a great number of formats including Excel, CSV, XML, YML, JSON.


The prices and balances are automatically updated following the schedule.


Find here recent testimonials.

Jasson Smith

I found Mydataprovider web scraping service on Google. Really like it. I had a special need to create a large e-commerce database that I can test a new search product against which I am developing. I would like to capture all the aliexpress categories and only 10 products per category. So not capturing all products, but capturing all the categories. Mydataprovider team did it well. Many thanks!

Yuri Shamrei

I’m interested in price monitoring data for e-commerce domains. From website I discovered like this is something can help me. And mydataprovider team delivered for me nice product for price monitoring.

Varlik Brownewell

We are a company with 7 webshops. We dropshipping from 1 supplier. We would like to work together to make the import of the products easy for us.
We are working with CCV Shop, so mydataprovider created importer for direct products import into my stores. Mydataprovider service takes daily fresh products info from supplier’s API and updates items, stocks, prices at our 7 webshops. Additionally they did automatic translation of product name, description, seo fields into my native language from English.


Frequently asked questions.

Is it allowed downloading price lists of different formats in PriceMatrix?

The price lists with any structure and Excel, CSV, XML, YML, JSON formats can be downloaded into the PriceMatrix service. When integrating an online store with CMS, the data from the Main Price List (the document created in PriceMatrix service) will reliably be synchronized accordingly to the structure created in a particular CMS.

Do I need to configure the download of suppliers’ price lists every time?

You need to configure it once. After, all the settings are saved, and then everything is downloaded automatically according to the saved settings. If you make a mistake when downloading e.g. you haven’t considered some characteristic of the product (column), you can delete goods items within a specific price list and reload the file, defining the data missed.

How long does price processing take?

Price processing includes two stages: initial setup and following update.
The initial setup depends on the complexity and discrepancy of the data in the columns and the number of prices and can take both thirty minutes or even several hours/days. After all the settings are made, you need five-fifteen minutes to update prices and balances. More to that, if all prices are downloaded via links or from the mail, everything can work automatically according to a schedule.

Is it possible to charge for goods automatically?

Yes, you can do pricing within each price list in the user’s personal account in the PriceMatrix service. You need to create margin rules with assigning the name for each rule, choosing a price range, and specifying the necessary coefficients. The service operates following the margin rules you created.

Can I buy a program or do I have to pay monthly?

We do not sell any program. We have created an online service (SaaS) and provided paid access. You can pay for a month or for six months, a year, two years … There is free 14-day access. No program installation on your computer is needed.

What kind of equipment is required for PriceMatrix?

All that you need is computer /laptop/tablet and Internet access. No additional equipment or installation and deployment are necessary. You simply register in the service and start using PriceMatrix immediately.