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Kimono labs is a desktop web scraping software. It is a cloud-hosted product available for Mac OS X and integrates with the new version of chrome extension. It can perform all crawling job on your machine.

What can Kimono labs do for you?

  • Create Kimono API with the new chrome extension.
  • Run APIs and extract new data and crawl thousand web pages
  • Transfer all kimono APIs to your kimono desktop app
  • Integrate cloud hosted JSON data.
  • Save all crawled data to JSON, CSV and RSS formats.
  • Extract data from websites that use Java.

However, It is heartbreaking when you rely  100% on a third party company for a web scraping tool to later close down giving you two weeks’ notice only. Kimono Labs disappointed its customers. Those who had not at any time thought of alternatives lost so much upon its shut down. If the closure of kimono labs found you off guard, here is a compiled list of options that can be used.

The Kimono web service shut down on February 29th, 2016 and the cloud service has been discontinued.