Oberlo alternatives: import data from any shopping platform

Oberlo for Prestashop

Prestashop is an e-commerce store that has a free and has an open source system. It is known to have over 300,000 users worldwide.

Oberlo for PrestaShop only limits you to import products from Aliexpress. Thanks to Mydataprovider; users can import products from all platforms to their Prestashop stores. All they need is to download Mydataprovider Application to help them with the job. The best thing about this software is that you can get data in any format you need.

Mydataprovider Application can copy;
• Product names
• Product Description
• Product combinations
• Product images
• Product Reviews

We are ready to help in case of any difficulties in using the software. There are also free tutorials to demonstrate how the software is used. Contact us for more information.


Oberlo for WordPress

If you have build your website and need a WordPress plugin that will help you import products from different platforms, Mydataprovider is the way to go.

Oberlo for WordPress is not yet available for use.Mydataprovider will enable you import products to your WordPress where you only need to download the plugin for your Word press then you ready to go.

Be sure that Mydataprovider WordPress plugin will help you copy products’ image, description, SKU’s, product reviews, combinations from any shopping platforms.

In case of any challenges, we are ready and will to help you set up your WordPress plugin on your website. Contact us for more details.

Oberlo for Shopify

Do you need to import products to your Shopify store? Unfortunately, if you are not importing from Aliexpress, Oberlo for Shopify will not help you.
Mydataprovider is here to assist you import from any shopping platform that you want. You only need to download the App and start the importing to your Shopify store.

You do not need any programming skills to do it. You only need to copy the product URL to the Mydataprovider App, where it will import product details ( name, description, SKUs, combination, image) automatically in your Shopify store.

Oberlo for Magento

Mydataprovider is an expert when it comes to importing goods from any shopping platform to Magento e-commerce shop. Unlike Oberlo application that only supports importation only from AliExpress; hence Oberlo for Magneto from other shopping platforms is not supported.

Mydataprovider has been tested to be fast, efficient and reliable. It copies relevant fields (product name, description, combination, images, SKUs to your Magento.

It is easy to get and operate Mydataprovider Application. It is downloadable through a link and there no special skills needed to operate the Application.


Oberlo for Woocommerce

Mydataprovider is the best tool to use when you want to import products from any shopping platform to your Woocommerce store.

Oberlo for Woocommerce is not effective especially if your shopping platform is not AliExpress. In short, it does not support other shopping platforms.

Download Mydataprovider Application today to get a fast, reliable and efficient service. Don’t worry about how to do it; it does not require ant developer skills.

Just copy paste the products URL to Mydataprovider Application and be sure that the products name, images, combinations, description, price will be successfully copied within a click of a button.

Oberlo for Amazon

It is unfortunate that Oberlo does not support importation of products from Amazon; in short Oberlo for Amazon is impossible.

Feel free to use Mydataprovider Application to import products from Amazon to your e-commerce shop. Download the application where you will use it comfortably to import any product you want.

With Mydataprovider Application, just copy the URL of the product on the App, and within seconds you will have the products you need in your e-commerce shop.

You will successfully copy product name, price, description, SKUs, product combination.

Oberlo for Wix

Wix is not compatible to Oberlo; this is the reason to why Oberlo for Wix is impossible Mydataprovider Application will help in any product importation.

With Mydataprovider App you will successfully import products to Wix. No developer or programming skills require it is a do it myself task.
In case if any difficulties, Mydataprovider team is ready and will to help you through.


Oberlo for Bigcommerce

When you are to import products to Bigcommerce store, Mydataprovider will do an awesome job for you. It is not limited to any shopping platforms and can import products from wherever you want.

Oberlo for Bigcommerce is only limited to AliExpress product import. Mydataprovider guarantees you to copy product images, name description, prices, SKUs from the shopping platform to your Bigcommerce store. ‘

It easy and fast to get Mydataprovider application, it is downloadable through a link, and you don’t have to have extra skills to do it.

Oberlo for eBay

Oberlo for eBay is a reliable service but only limited if you want to export products from AliExpress.

Mydataprovider, on the other hand, can help you to import products from eBay to your e-commerce shop.

It is easy to use since you only need to copy products URL into Mydataprovider App and it automatically imports the products.
You don’t need to have trained skills to operate the application; anyone can do it comfortably.
Contact us for more information about the application and web scraping service.