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Oberlo Versus  Amazon

Amazon is one of the most famous drop shipping site. The site sells a number of items that are listed by third party merchants via the Amazon website. How do sellers sell on the site? First, the buyer will visit your website and place an order. You get the cash paid by the buyer in your bank account. Later, the seller will go to Amazon and buy the item at a lesser price where the difference is sellers’ profit.

How Amazon Drop shipping works

  • The buyer orders goods from your site
  • The seller buys the item at a cheaper price on Amazon
  • Amazon ships the product to the buyer
  • The seller keeps the difference as profit.

How do you import products into your E-commerce shop from Amazon?

Importing product from Amazon is quite easy thanks to many available tools that help in product import. With these tools, you are sure you will get accurate and reliable data in a fast and easy way.

With this tools, you can import product image, description, category, price and all the necessary product details. Even better the data imported in a structured manner. It doesn’t matter what tool you decide to use, the main goal import products and update products successfully into our e-commerce shop.

Can you import products in Bulk from Amazon?

When you open a new e-commerce store, you will need to imports products in bulk into your store to save time. Adding one item one by one can be tedious and a time-consuming process. Instead of doing this, sellers with Pro merchant subscriptions can add products to their store in bulk from Amazon.

There is no difference when drop shipping with Amazon or Oberlo. Both work the same way in the way in terms of product ordering, selling and profit making. They can both become an alternative to the other.