Oberlo vs Doba

Doba is one of the leading drop shipping services and is the best for people who are looking for low priced dropshippers to resell on eBay or on a personal site- online retailer. Doba is easy to use and you can search for any product by Keyword or category.

You can find over 2 million products on Doba that includes clothing, electronics, toys, appliances etc. You can only Dropship with Doba but there is no option for bulk buying- buy only one item at a time. There is also an option of product exporting –names, descriptions, images etc to an e-commerce shop or major shopping like Amazo or eBay.

When you place an order, you can check the status of the order on Doba website, can never have any contact with the dropshipper handling the order.

How to Import Products through Doba

To successfully import products in Doba, you need to login into your merchant and Doba.com retailer account. The process of product import is fast and easy and you can import as many items as you need into your account to sell. The product details, names, and categories are filled after importing hence you can go ahead and sell right after the import process.

Here are the steps to take when doing the product import.

  1. Login into your account
  2. Click on the ‘products’ on the main menu
  3. Click on Get and update Doba products
  4. You will be directed on Doba import wizard that has 4 steps to go through.
  5. Check off your watch list and click next
  6. Go ahead and check off the the products you want to import and click next
  7. Configure the below sections and click finish once done;
  • Import options
  • Product status
  • Apply taxes
  • Product prices
  • Categories

Once you are done importing products, make sure to review all products imported, verify your prices and also to set the products as active to sell. Importing products in Doba is an easy and quick process that helps you increase your product catalog to offer to your customers.