Oberlo versus Ebay

Oberlo, an app for Shopify stores, allows you to set up your new store and almost immediately fill it with the products you wish to sell from drop shippers.  You can then use it to automate the tracking and fulfillment of the orders you receive for your store.

Five key things Oberlo does are;

  1. It Imports products directly from AliExpress.com to your store
  2. It Manages products, prices, images, description, title, variations, fulfillment, etc.
  3. It Updates–if the wholesale price changes, you can set Oberlo to update the price in your store, update stock levels, etc.
  4. It Automates and tracks fulfillment from your drop shippers to your customers
  5. Oberlo Supply– this curated list of products are shipped fast from a list of the most reliable suppliers on Ali Express.

In comparison, there is a multitude of activities related to selling on eBay. Listing is what gets you on the map and is essentially how your E-business gets to be seen by potential buyers.

There are many ways you can create eBay listings:

To be able to create something unique and professional, you must know HTML or better yet, pay a web designer. These are both quite costly solutions.

This Drag-and-Drop editor gives you full freedom to make your listing exactly as you would like it to be.