Oberlo versus Wix

Wix is free, customizable and perfect for beginners. If you are just starting up your online store, this is the application for you. It is a perfect alternative to Oberlo. It offers an affordable solution for your business.

1. It offers more than 510 stunning templates. These include dozens of specialist online store templates in more categories than you can count. These range from electronics and fashion and clothing to sports and outdoors and food and drinks – whatever business you are involved in, Wix will provide a template to suit your needs.

2.The Wix Stores App. This one-of-a-kind add-on comes with all the Online Store templates. It also combines a variety of sales and marketing features. All this is geared towards improving your site and helping you to sell.

3.A mobile editor. For those who are shopping on their phone, this feature automatically optimizes your online store on their tablets and phones. With the growing trend of mobile purchases, this feature ensures that in years to come, the bulk of your sales will be conducted through this powerful medium.

4.Outstanding Wix Help Centre. Here you have hundreds of videos and articles that will help you to build and run your store. Phone support is also available.

Wix does not allow you to sell online. However, it lets you build your online store. This means you can take all the time you require to customize your store. Later on, you can upgrade and start selling. Once your store grows, there is the inevitability of looking for a more dedicated e-commerce service such as Shopify.

Wix’s main selling points are how easy it is to use. Its drag-and-drop editor lets you put websites together even without having a tech background. This allows you to focus on achieving a vision and not the technical nitty-gritty’s.