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Do you need to extract data from a website or ecommerce store? Find out ScrapingHub features, cost, pros and cons

About ScrapingHub

ScrapingHub is a web scraping tool that extracts structured information from online sources. There are four main tools; Scrapy cloud, Portia, Crawlera, and splash. Scrapy cloud helps the users to automate and visualize the web spiders activities.

  • Scrapy Cloud

This tool helps users to create, run and manage web crawlers easily. For heavy lifting scraping, scraping hub’s scrapy cloud automates and visualizes your scrapy web spiders activities. Scrapy cloud has some inbuilt tools that can utilize to extract information.

  • Portia

Involves coding and programming crawlers, hence if you are a non-coder individual then Portia can help you extract web contents easily. This tool allows you to us UI interface to annotate web content for its further scrape and store of it.

  • Crawlera

For this, it is a solution to the IP ban problem, whereby sometimes you find your spiders facing bans by some web servers during crawling. It has a good collection of IP addresses of more than 50 countries. Whenever a request gets banned from a specific IP, crawlera executes it from another IP that is performing persistently perfectly.


  • Splash

This is an open source javascript rendering service developed by scrapinghub. Using splash, you can; process HTML requests, write scripts using Lua programming language- for more customized browsing Take screenshots. Splash supports ad blocker rules to accelerate the rendering speed.

In this software, the term spider is used whereby it is a crawler for a particular website. The configuration of the spider is split into three sections:


In this section is used to set up the spider when it’s first launched. Here you can define the starts URLs and login credentials


Here, crawling is used to configure how the spider will behave when it encounters URLs. You can choose how links are followed and whether to respect no follow link. You can visualize the effects of the crawling rules using the Overlay blocked links option; this will highlight links that will be followed in green and links that won’t be followed in red.

They exist within the context of a spider and are made up of annotations which define the elements you wish to extract from a page. Within the template, you define the item you want to extract as well as mark any fields that are required for that item.

Crawlera has IP addresses of more than 50 counties gives a solution to IP ban. Splash, on the other hand, makes it possible for users to scrape pages that use JS using the Splash browser.


Scrapinghub is a powerful web scraping tool that offers different services to people with different needs.


Scrapy is only available for programmers while Portia is not easy to use and requires many add-ons when scraping complex websites.

Visit Scrapinghub has four tools – Scrapy cloud, Portia, crawlera, and splash. It is a developer-focused web scraping platform that helps in extracting structured information from the web. Scrapy cloud helps the users to automate and visualize the web spiders activities.

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