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About MyDataProvider Service for Zara

Our online services allow clients to receive fresh data from Zara : We can do it because we do Zara web scraping & Zara price monitoring for our clients. Each project is unique for us and for our clients because we develop custom software for each our client.
Our company works in the sphere of web scraping for eCommerce.  This means that we develop custom web crawlers for Zara.
It will allow you to extract products, data, prices & availability in real-time. Our company has developed a Zara Web Scraping Tool.
The Application (Runner) could extract categories & products info from any category from Zara site & to import/update products to your online store/ database like shopify, prestashop, woocommerce etc.
It is the best solution & time-saver application for Zara drop shipping or competitors analysis / Zara price monitoring.

Zara Web Scraper is the core of our service. We develop an service for data extraction from Zara: – It is an online service that extracts data from Zara site or Zara API, so you can use it for Zara DropShipping or Zara Price Monitoring. We do data extraction (Zara web scraping of products info from Zara website directly. After that, we export real-time data to files or export Zara products & Zara inventory into the client’s database.

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Zara Price Monitoring

Our Application could be used as Price Monitoring tool for Zara. You could receive fresh reports with actual prices & stocks from Zara.
How Zara Price Monitoring works? You define a set of categories or products what you need to monitor and our app sends you reports daily/weekly with actual data: you could access data via our our API or download directly from Runner’s clients area: csv, excel,xml or json files with data.

Zara Price Monitoring

Zara Scraper – common fields for extraction

Our app allows customers to copy items from Zara (site directly) to any file or to an online store directly. We support custom margins & mappings for categories.

The following fields can be extracted by default:
– SKU,ID,Price, Availability.
– All images.
– Categories with structure.
– Product name, reference, price, description.
– Features.
– Variants (combinations or modifications).

Extra services
– Filters by price, zipcode, warehouse, shipment method, availability etc.
– Real Zara stock extraction.
– Automatic import Zara products into your online store database (daily, hourly, weekly).
– Add custom markup / margin.

How to order it?
What we do: web scraping & price monitoring

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Zara API

If you need API access to Zara data, you could do it via our online service.
Our App will extract data from Zara daily or weekly and you will get access to extracted data (will be saved as XML or CSV file).
The next API functions are supported for Zara:
– DataSourcesList
– ProductsSearch
– Categories
– ProductsList
– Product
– ProductInventory

Read more about our API here :


What do you do? We extract products info from Zara site and give you access to cleared data via our API or our online service Runner
Do you do Zara price & availability/inventory monitoring? Yes, we do it. It is possible to extract prices, availability etc.
Do you extract features/options for Zara? Yes, we do it. It is possible to extract features/options for Zara.
How does it work? It is online service. Each client has personal account where our team defines filters/configuration for data extraction or our API access for your software.
Could you extract data not only from Zara? Yes, we can do it. It is possible to connect to our service any retail/eCommerce site and to extract data (not only from Zara).

How can you use web scraping for Zara DropShipping?

The next functions are available inside our Application (Runner):
Import all products directly to your store;
– Import new products daily to your store;
– Export data to csv or xml files;
– Update prices & stocks daily;
– Setup custom margin & prices for all products;
– Hide SKU or add prefixes for SKU;
– Automatic orders processing;
– Select only necessary for your categories;
– Import all Zara categories & hierarchy automatically.
Even if you do not need web scraping and have CSV or XML file with Zara data you could use our App as import & update module for your store.
Start Zara DropShipping using our Application.

Zara Web Scraping

We could do Zara web scraping and take products info directly from Zara web site.
Sometimes, it is very useful because you could receive real-time data from Zara.

Zara Scraper : how to use

You can use our Zara scraper for different cases:
case 1: Zara data extraction
case 2: Zara price extraction
case 3: Zara inventory checker

Zara Inventory Scraper

Zara Inventory

We developed Zara Inventory Scraper and you can use it for your business. it is a reliable tool that allows you to extract Zara inventory several times per day.
Are you looking for a tool for Zara Inventory? Our Zara Inventory Scraper will help you. It is developed specifically for this task.

Zara Inventory Tracker

Zara Inventory Tracker is a part or our service that allows you to track Zara inventory in history. You can access historical data about Zara inventory. Contact us to show you Zara inventory tracker.

Zara Inventory System

If you need access to Zara inventory through our API you could use our Zara Inventory System that allows you to do it.
Access actual Zara inventory data via API calls.

1. Open “Zara Inventory Scraper” campaign.
2. Upload your products urls (Zara urls via text file) to the Application.
3. Run data extraction from Zara & wait for results.