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We develop Web Scraping Services for our clients. Why? Because the internet generates billions of new web pages daily and we want to analyse it via our Web Scraping Services.
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According to a trend study, 90% of the online data worldwide was generated only in the last two years. The volume of data floating in the web has immense implication for businesses. Business executives know the value of data as evidenced by the growing demand of companies for data acquisition. Big data is crucial to the success of a business, especially in today’s competitive world. But, data acquisition presents problems and challenges for business executives.
Web scraping meets this challenge. And, it is this demand for data acquisition that led to the unprecedented growth of the web scraping service companies.
Since the web scraping services were introduced, its market share has grown, capturing 48% of Ecommerce, 20% of recruitment, 17% of travel, and 6% of real estate. With the increase in real estate business, the 6% is seen to grow in the coming years. If you run your own business, but you’re new to web scraping, it pays to learn more of this data acquisition mechanism. The effort you pour into it pays off when you see the positive effects of data acquisition on your business.

Featured Web Scrapers for Ecommerce

Leveraging Your Business With a Web Scraping Services

create web scraper
1. Did you know that you can create Web Scraper for any website!
Currently, we have 3 private custom solutions for web scraping. We provide web scraping services based on our software & services. These include     

– No-API access.
– API access.
– Order Processing (Automatic).
– Bot development.
– Data access with your login & password.

* In special cases, we develop web scraping software for clients with SLA & NDA.

team with big experience at web scraping
2. You will work with developers who are mainly specialized in:
– Web scraping & bot development
– Price monitoring
– eCommerce
– Data sync
– Products import & update

import and sync data after web scraping
3. Import & sync data at your database. You can use our custom products import modules to different databases.
– It allows user to create entries automatically.
– It is optimized for network.
– Import modules update only changed data.
– You can use them for sync uninstructed data between any database.
– Full compatibility with eCommerce data.

custom software and development of web scraping & web scraping services
4. You can implement any project. This is because we have private software that can be adopted your task.
– We are developers of web scraping services, tools and bots
– We can estimate & analyse your request
– We use different popular technologies
– We use python, php, javascript, .net, java, nodejs

How Web Scraping services work

Extracting big data from the internet use either manual or automated web scraping. Web scraping is also known by other terms, such as data mining, web harvesting, data extraction, and screen scraping.

Whatever the terminology used, the meaning remains the same, and that is the extraction of a large amount of information or unstructured data from the internet that is then transformed into structured data and filed in a data storage.
Web scraping services are the automated mechanisms that replace manual extraction, making the data analysis easy.

To understand web scraping, imagine yourself using a browser to search for information. You view a list of information from the browser, click on a webpage and extract your information. Web scraping simulates this viewer’s browsing.

The web scraping converts the unstructured data extracted into a structured data. The conversion process is tedious. Technology, however, created web scraping tools to make extraction readable. Most of these tools provide an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows sharing of two or more applications. API not only give access to data extracted but is programmable to modify the final scraping results.

Web scraping makes use of programming language which relies on the properties and structures the websites use, which may either be HTTP or HTML.

Rather than go into the intricacies of programming language, a web scraping services does the service for you.

Kinds of web scraping tools

Web scraping tools divide into two general segments:

  • Partial tools
  • Complete tools

Partial tools. Partial tools are software for third-party plug-ins. This tool does not provide an API and usually focus on a specific scraping technique, like HTML tables.
A partial tool software may open PDF files, extract eight part or all of its content, and converts pdf to word, excel, and power point.
An example of a partial tool is the Google spreadsheets.
Complete tools. A complete tools are a web scraping services that has the following features for it to be considered as a good alternative:

  • A friendly and powerful graphical user interface
  • An API which is easy to use and can link and integrate data
  • Visual access to websites for data extraction
  • Has data caching and storage
  • Rational organization and query management for data extraction

A complete tool or a web scraping software provides the following advantages for users:

  • Data extraction automation saving time and cost
  • Retrieves static and dynamic web pages
  • Transforms page contents of various websites
  • Formulates vertical aggregation platforms that allows extraction of complicated data from different websites
  • Programs that can recognize semantic annotations
  • Retrieves all required data
  • Accurate and reliable extraction capacity

What web scraping services can do for you

Lead Generation
lead generation via web scraping and data extraction services
We will extract info about your potential customers from any source, filter & sort them and finally delivery of cleared data for your sales managers.

Price & Inventory monitoring
Price & inventory monitoring via web scraping and data extraction services
If you need to extract real prices & stocks from your competitor’s or supplier’s website, you could use our Price & Inventory monitoring scripts. You will then get fresh info about MRP (Maximum retail price) or RRP (Recommended retail price).

Financial & Market Data
market data via web scraping and data extraction services
You can get any market data into any useful format for your use.

Distribution Chain Monitoring
Distribution Chain Monitoring via web scraping and data extraction services
You will get info about products and places offered by online stores + info about prices or inventory changes and new products.

Content for Ecommerce
ecommerce data extraction via web scraping and data extraction services
If you need to get content from any vendor or marketplace, then this is the place. We can help you with it. Data will be saved to csv,xml,excel or json file. The next fields will be extracted:  all images, features, options, categories etc

Real Estate
Get real estate info via web scraping and data extraction services
Real estate web scraping could be used by you for the next cases:

– Scrap property listing,
– Scrap agents information,
– Download property picture,
– Extract rent information.

  • lead generation. .Lead are crucial to business. Leads are your potential buyers and finding these clients is what is referred to as lead generation.
    Before you can source out your leads, you need to identify your target customers first. Unless you identify your customers, you will be sourcing leads in a random fashion, which will only cost you time and money.
    Once you identify your clients, you can write the code, use a scraping software, or avail of a web scraping service. Of the three, a web scraping service can customize your data to align with your business needs, and provide leads that are more detailed and specific.
  • Price monitoring. Establishing a competitive price online is difficult. You are confronted with hundreds of online merchants who, like you, are offering competitive prices for their products.
    You can monitor the prices of your competitors. Unfortunately, online prices change so fast that it is difficult to keep track of all of them. A web scraping service automates the price monitoring for you, thereby helping you arrive at an informed decision on your pricing system.
    Financial and market data. Using web scraping services can help you in making financial investments. This software can give you the company’s health and financial status that can prove valuable in making financial and marketing decisions.
  • Distribution chain monitoring. Product distribution chain monitoring is an indispensable part of the supply chain management. Product distribution chain monitoring is the process of tracking all your available data points in the distribution of products when it is ready for sale to the public. The information extracted from this field is crucial to management’s strategic or tactical decision-making.
  • Content for Ecommerce. Conversion is the lifeblood of business. But, a recent statistics report says that only 22% of online businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

    The low conversion rate could be due to the failure of misreading competition A web scraper helps correct this weakness by providing data on product pricing, list building, product reviews, and real-time effectiveness indicators of products sold

  • Real estate. Web scraping is useful for those in the real estate business in providing real estate listings, plts and building details, seller and buyer profiles, and information on real estate agents. Having these date in your storage gives you the advantage to enhance your business performance and provide quality service to your clients.

How to decide when to use a web scraping service

When deciding whether to gather the data yourself or avail of the expert services of a web scraper, consider the pros and cons of web scraping tools and applications.
Web scraping tools pros and cons

  • The most prominent pro is that it is easy to use
  • Some options that come with scraping tools are free, and others offer a free trial
  • You can extract data using several languages and save the information in several formats (like XML, RSS, and JSON), mine anonymous data, acquire data in real-time, and use other features, as well. However, the features you use would depend on the scraping tool you choose and the tariff plan.


  • It takes time to learn the scraping tool mechanics.
  • The major drawback is in the quality of data extracted. You may be able to extract 80% of the data. But, the remaining 20% which you were unable to reach without the assistance of a professional could be valuable for your purposes.
  • Sudden changes In code or page layout affects your scraping solutions.

Web scraping services pros and cons

  • Data extraction done by a professional is time-efficient and cost-saving
  • Results collected are fast and accurate. This pro gives you the edge of timely decisions where necessary.
  • Can deliver results in many formats (such as JSON and CSV) via API
  • Changing codes or layout is not much of a problem as service companies have experts who can track the changes and modify the scraper accordingly.


  • Unless you have done your research, it is best to be cautious in using web scraping services. You will be left hanging when a service company stops the services due to bankruptcy.
  • The volume of web scraping may cause damage to the pages
  • The mismatch between the scales of web scraper and the units of measure of the source may make difficult to interpret the data

Choosing between doing data extraction yourself through web scraping tools or hiring the services of a web scraping has pros and cons. The use of scraping tools may sound attractive to you. But, you may not have sufficient know-how to pass through the anti-scraping mechanisms of some websites.
On the other hand, web scraping service does cost money. But the time you save may be valuable, especially if analysis and monitoring of data is not your field.
Before making your decision, go over the pros and the cons carefully. You can also do more research to arrive at an informed decision.

Considerations when choosing a web scraping service company

When you have studied the options and settled on outsourcing your data acquisition needs, you may want to consider the following SLAs before making the finagling the agreement.

  • Crawlability. You need to get the assurance of crawlability. And, the expert should be able to go around roadblocks put I place on some websites.
  • Scalability. The capability to manage, distribute, monitor, collate, and aggregate the multiple data clusters. Regardless of your current low scale arrangement, anticipating scalability, you will have a well-thought-out solution ready when needed.
  • Data structuring capabilities. Every web page has different features, so does the requirement for each project. Therefore, the web scraping service should be detailed in data extraction. You can then validate the data extracted. This attribute is critical when a generic crawler is used in contrast to a written custom rules per site. A note of caution, add quality checks to prevent compromises which happens when surprises crop up.
  • Data accuracy. This attribute means having access to uncontaminated and untouched web information. The reason for ensuring accurate data is that any modification done to the data will affect the purpose for which they were extracted. When modifications do occur you may need to have these data cleaned by the expert.
  • Data coverage. It is inevitable at times to miss pages during data extraction. This happens when:
    – Page does not exist
    – Fast loading of data
    – Page time out
    – Data extraction never reached the page
    Such lapses can be avoided by keeping a log, being alert to what data crept in, and arriving at a tolerance level so the expert can configure the program accordingly.
  • Adaptability. The dynamic market accounts for changes in the process you choose. Inform the expert of your changes to gain a more competitive edge. Check how your expert adapts to the changes you do.
  • Availability. This attribute refers to the availability of the right data at the right time. Inform your expert when you need and expect the data. Most reputable web scraping service companies guarantee 99% deliverables in their delivery channels.
  • Maintainability. Like data extraction and structuring of information, monitoring is equally important for regular feeds. Know what is included in the project and other details you may need to know. Web data change in an accelerated fashion. Your expert should be knowledgeable of the changes and quick to do fixing where necessary. By being alert to changes removes the irritants in data management.

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A vast opportunity looms ahead for online businesses. Challenges also face the present and the future of web scraping services. Fortunately, technology continues to advance and create tools to address the gap experienced in web scraping. These innovations in web scraping go to the benefit of businesses.
The choice of a reputable web scraping services may be just the solution for online business new to web scraping. Ecommerce is growing and signs lead to continued growth in years to come. In the midst of this growth, big data is the key influence.
The trend in big data shows that the application of these data translates to business success. If you beginning in the web scraping industry, you canot ignore what data acquisition can do for you. So jump in and take action.