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Web Scraping Tool is core product of our company. But we do more than only web scraping – you can find a big set of additional modules for price monitoring, products matching, repricing. The main industries where you can use our tools are eCommerce, Logistics, Drop Shipping etc. Web scraping tools are the most important for us and our client’s software. We do our web scraping tools really friendly & useful. Our clients handle hundreds of millions of web requests via our software monthly. Each web scraping project is unique & useful for us & our clients. Each Price Monitoring Tool / Web Scraper that we build is a custom project that we build on top of our software so we guarantee that it will work as you expect.

1. You can create Web Scraper for any web site!
2. Our team at MyDataProvider is ready to meet all your web scraping needs so you could try our web scraping services.
3. You can get daily or weekly updated data.
4. Access data through API calls.
5. Export to CSV, JSON, XML or directly to your online store.
6. Run data extraction tasks via schedulers.
7. Automatic data extraction quality checker.
8. Access to the Services via web browser.

Why work with us?

Web Scraping Services

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We have developed 3 own tools for Web Scraping! What you have to use for your task depends on many factors: number of fields extraction, way of extraction data, blocks detection, number of extracted items etc.

We have cost-effective solutions for SMB & for Enterprise clients.

When work with us?

1. If you need site specific web scraping.
2. If you need to use anti-blocking algorithms + proxy servers for web scraping.
3. If you need eCommerce data.
4. If you need import extracted data to your online store.- Need data or site analytics from external website or niche? Our web scraping services revolve around fulfilling your needs accurately and in a convenient manner. Our process relies largely on automation and bots to give you precise results within a short amount of time.- Even if you’re quite new to web scraping and data extraction, no worries. We are here to help you find the best solution, depending on the needs of your business, whether it be parsing, text pattern matching, or the like. Our web scraper product allows you to create a web scraper to fit your requirements and export it to different formats.


According to a trend study, 90% of the online data worldwide was generated only in the last two years. The volume of data floating in the web has immense implication for businesses. Business executives know the value of data as evidenced by the growing demand of companies for data acquisition. Big data is crucial to the success of a business, especially in today’s competitive world. But, data acquisition presents problems and challenges for business executives.
Web scraping meets this challenge. And, it is this demand for data acquisition that led to the unprecedented growth of the web scraping service companies.
Since the web scraping services were introduced, its market share has grown, capturing 48% of Ecommerce, 20% of recruitment, 17% of travel, and 6% of real estate. With the increase in real estate business, the 6% is seen to grow in the coming years. If you run your own business, but you’re new to web scraping, it pays to learn more of this data acquisition mechanism. The effort you pour into it pays off when you see the positive effects of data acquisition on your business.