Python, JS, PHP, C#/.NET Web Scraping Service

Do you want to develop a python web scraper or maybe javascript web scraper? Are you looking for a web scraping service? You found! We provide Web scraping service since 2009. We can scrape any website for you. Our core expertise is a web scraping and we can scrape any type of site. Max web scraping speed we got is 17000 web requests/minute from 1 server with a 100MB/s network.

Python and C# Web Scraper samples

eCommerce CMS web scrapers

Shopify Prestashop WooCommerce OpenCart Magento NopCommerce

eCommerce sites for web scraping

If you do not know where to take data for your ecommerce project. Find TOP ecommerce sites for web scraping eCommerce sites for web scraping.
If you want to find global TOP ecommerce sites for scraping in your region use Similarweb ranking for ecommerce.

If ecommerce web scraping is new for you – read our article about that here.

Our clients work with us for years. If you are looking for such a web scraping service contact us

Meet the team

Nikolai, CEO

Alexandr, Project Manager

Alexandr, Developer

Yliana, Developer

Olga, Developer

What we do not do with web scraping?

1) We do not sell web scraping software or tools.
2) We do not sell classic web scraping SaaS or online tools/extensions (where you need to setup all itself).
3) We do not give DLL or Framework for developers.

What we do at our web scraping service?

1) We provide “full web scraping service”: you as a client tell us your needs and we configure all itself – you just receive data (files), API access, or sync with your database!
2) We use our own web scraping tool (we call it RUNNER) that will be configured with all your requirements by our team for your case.

scheme of work of mydataprovider web scraping service

Who we are?
We are Web scraping service for business
You define requirements
We develop / implement / manage technical part of web scraping project
setup for your case/requirements.

Here is our online panel/dashboard for web scraping service end-user

web scraping service online panel  dashboard
You can here run web scraping task, check task status, and download data when ready!

Define export format for scraper

define export for mat for web scraper
Export format is not hardcoded, you can change export file format from your account when you need.

Select your file format

export format for web scraper data export
There are many options are available: shopify, csv, excel,XML, json etc.

Export from web scraper to your database directly.

We can import to your database: create new products, update old products, prices, stocks.
– Shopify
– WooCommerce
– Prestashop
– CcvShop
– Cs-Cart
– OpenCart
– Magento? hoh, it is really hard to import right. always…
– or take our data from API and import to your database itself!

Any web scraping task can be scheduled by you.

schedule start time for web scraping service
You can define when to start web scraping tasks: hourly, daily, weekly, etc.
It is flexible and any use case is supported here. We use for schedule cron format to define the start time for tasks.

Our web scraping service has a support team. You can create tickets for the support!

Support for web scraping issues
If any issue happens with scraping create a ticket for the support team and the team will help you with your web scraping task.

You can download data from our API

API for web scraping service
You can get results from tasks that our web scraping server creates for your account
or you can initiate new web scraping tasks via API calls.
When any web scraping task finishes scraping you can receive an API notification about this event to your endpoint.

Web scraping service campaigns

Web scraping service campaigns
Your account dashboard could have multiple campaigns. By default you have 1 web scraper and 1 campaign.
But if you need to scrape 2 or more web scrapers, you will have appropriate campaigns for each web scraper.
Each campaign is an independent dataset that generates data by web scraper.

If you want to order a web scraper: contact us and we will prepare an estimation for your request.

Welcome from our CEO, Nikolai Kekish!

mydataprovider CEO NIKOLAI KEKISH
Nice to meet you, hope my team will help you with your web scraping tasks!
We are ready to support you with any standard or custom tasks.
We develop our own tool for web scraping service, we call it “Runner”.

We are proud to share info about our service – Products Importer
PSQQQ allows users to import, update, aggregate, manage, adjust e-commerce data from any type of source (from web scraper or from excel/csv/xml/json files or API).