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What is data scraping?

How often do you need some information from different web sources to be extracted and stored while keeping it easy to use and share? The answer is obvious. We are always in need of some specific data. The most efficient way to obtain the information you need is to use web scraping services. Web scraping, also referred to as data scraping, is the process that includes the extraction of specific data from various websites and their storage in the local databases or spreadsheets.
However, it may be a challenge to arrange the data collection process in a timely manner. In addition, major web scraping tools lack proper functionality when it comes to the extraction of a high volume of data. Scattered data and dynamic websites may cause difficulty for users as well. In this case, it pays to rely on a trusted provider of data scraping services.
MyDataProvider is a dedicated team of professionals able to offer customized solutions that would better suit your particular business needs.



With our proprietary web scraping tool, we provide customized data that enables our clients to achieve their business goals quicker and easier. To manage the tool, our clients don’t need any specific knowledge. The processes of data scraping are flawless and easy to adjust.

Create web scraper for any website

Be confident that your committed MyDataProvider Team is doing its best to meet your particular business needs

Obtain daily or weekly updated data

Access data through API calls

Export to CSV, JSON, XML or directly to your online store

Manage the process of data extraction via planners

Get information of exceptional quality thanks to the automatic quality checker

Have access to the Services via web browser

How we work

See the operation procedure below

Step 1

Our customer defines the fields for extraction from website or API, chooses the format of the export file, and selects categories/URLs for scrapping.

Step 2

According to the customer requirements, we create a technical specification (TS). The customer receives it for approval in PDF format.

Step 3

The client submits signed copy of TS. Then, we sign it and send it back.

Step 4

The payment is made.

Step 5

We create an account for our customer and launch the development. As a rule, it takes 4-5 business days after the payment has been made.

Step 6

As soon as the development and scrapping processes are accomplished, we send a notifying email to our customer. Our customer feels free to contact our manager on any issue related.

Web scraping services

Since 2009, MyDataProvider has offered services in web scrapping, price monitoring, and repricing. With the company’s ten-year expertise in parsing, monitoring, and product information management (PIM), MyDataProvider delivers customized solutions that meet and exceed expectations of our customers. MyDataProvider’s highly professional team allows its customers to focus on their core competencies while avoiding any risks, and saving time and money.
MyDataProvider considers it as its mission to assist e-commerce companies in managing their information. Delivering valuable data in efficient and timely manner, MyDataProvider contributes to their increased agility, enhanced flexibility, and improved insights.

Get Any Data

We harvest data from any website and deliver them in your preferable format.

Get High Quality Data

Our automatic quality checker ensures data accuracy.

Get Data Quickly

It takes only 2-3 days to develop a new scraper.


Find here recent testimonials.

Alex Kravchenko, Head of Web Project

“A great web scraper, an outstanding technical support! It took only three days to implement the technical specification. Specifically for us, MyDataProvider developed an individual web scraper. Their continuous positive attitude when solving all challenges and problems allow me to stay sure that our cooperation will continue in the future. MyDataProvider certainly deserves a recommendation.”

Sergey Viktorovich, Director of Online Store

“I’ve been using this excellent service for four years. It pays off very quickly. Responding to any question immediately, the technical support is really fantastic.”

Varlik Brownewell, Head of Company

We are a company with 7 webshops. We dropshipping from 1 supplier. We would like to work together to make the import of the products easy for us.
We are working with CCV Shop, so mydataprovider created importer for direct products import into my stores. Mydataprovider service takes daily fresh products info from supplier’s API and updates items, stocks, prices at our 7 webshops. Additionally they did automatic translation of product name, description, seo fields into my native language from English.


Frequently asked questions.

What data export formats are available?

Our clients receive the data in the most popular formats, including MS Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML. We can also share the data via an API and export them directly to your online store, if needed.

Can you scrape non-English websites?

Yes, we can. We have a profound experience in scraping websites in languages other than English, including Estonian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Is it possible to scrape data behind a login page?

Yes, it is possible. Having an active account on the required website allows for the data scraping behind the login page. After the login, the crawling is no different than crawling in a standard way. However, it is well to bear in mind that some data might be available only to the registered users and additional terms of use may apply.

Do you collect data from various locations?

Yes, we do. Possessing a technique to collect the data from multiple locations, we make multi- regionality our competitive advantage.

Is it possible to calculate the delivery of goods from one country to another?

Yes, we can include the calculations of product delivery into the service we provide.

For some service providers, it may seem challenging to extract product pages properly. How about that at MyDataProvider?

With our 10-year expertise, we are able to do it properly. We at MyDataProvider have developed a special procedure so our customers could receive the accurate data.

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