Amazon Scraper. Amazon Product Scraper.


If you need custom Amazon Scraper we can help you with it. We could configure our Amazon Scraper as you need: take input from any source and to save results & format it as you want: csv,xml,excel or json.

There are 3 modes of scraper

1. by category URL
2. by product URL
3. by keyword search: product name, ASIN etc

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1 Time License

Script or Desktop Application for extraction data from Amazon to CSV,XML,JSON files. For hosting at client’s server.


Python Script for Amazon API processing
Python Web Scraper for Amazon


PHP Script for Amazon API processing
PHP Web Scraper for Amazon


C#/.NET Windows App for Amazon API processing
C#/.NET Windows Desktop Web Scraper for Amazon


Data Package 1 : Amazon API processing

Data access up to 2000 items daily from Amazon API.
Access to csv, json or xml file with fresh data daily.

150$ / monthly

Data Package 2 : Amazon web scraping

Data access up to 2000 items daily from Amazon site.
Access to csv, json or xml file with fresh data daily.

200$ / monthly

Import Package 1

Data import to online store. Data from “Data package 1 or 2” will be imported into your online store automatically.

50$ / monthly

Specifications samples

Our software supports export for  Amazon CSV,Xml.Excel Feed. We could export products from Amazon to CSV,XMl,Excel. Of course we have our private products exports specifications. You could download it here for example (it is only part of our solutions here just for demo):



But if you need custom data data export from amazon to your custom data CSV, xml format we could do it for you. Just send us an example and our developers exports data to your format.

Sample of Technical specification for Amazon Scraping

Find on the next images screenshot from technical specification for Amazon Scraping (you may it download). Red blocs define texts what will be extracted by software.

As you see the main text which can be extracted form amazon are:
– name of amazon product
– description of amazon product
– images of amazon product
– price  of amazon product

But our Amazon Scraping software can do much more:
– extract bullet points (as features)
– extract options (or variants)

Find below, please, image from amazon product page with variants:

Things you Should Know Before Scraping Amazon Products

There are many reasons to why you may want to scrap data from Amazon. As an active retailer, you may want to have competitive prices for your products or even have a heads up of what your competitors are doing business wise through the Amazon marketplace. Getting reviews from customers from Amazon website may be another reason as to why you would be tempted to scrape Amazon website.

As much as using scraped data seems easy to use, caution should be observed when Amazon is concerned. Don’t just scrape product descriptions and use them directly as they appear on your site. You will only be killing your business as far as SEO is concerned.

There are many versions of software that can be used to scrape data from Amazon. Always exercise caution before using then since you might lose your cash on some useless software. Conduct adequate research before choosing an Amazon scraper tool and go to the extent of looking at its reviews online.
Scraping data from Amazon had been banned from Amazon until 2012, where they started enforcing it. So, extra caution should be exercised before you find out that IP has been banned from Amazon.

Before you even think of scraping Amazon website, here are things you should know that could keep you safe from IP bans and any legal action.

Amazon can Ban your IP

Before even thinking of harvesting data from Amazon, keep in mind that Amazon is liberal about IP bans. You should always take caution before scraping any data from Amazon. First and foremost, never scrape data when your Amazon account is logged on. This is just a smart move for you. The only way you could be banned is through your IP. The worst part with Amazon IP ban is that they are permanent.

Amazon Detects Bots Fast

If you want to scrape data from Amazon successfully, make sure to use scraping software that is well and properly configured. Amazon easily spoofs and detects bots from its traffic.

How does Amazon detect bots? Bots do not have human behaviors and keep on requesting a set of actions in the same timings thus displaying robotic characteristics.

Amazon distinguishes bots actions from human actions. To avoid your bots from being banned from Amazon, you need to use good scraping software that is well programmed, not repetitive and also do not display robotic characteristics.

Always follow the rules religiously and maintain a low profile

There are laws and regulations in Amazon that apply to bots of any kind and not forgetting about scrapers. Scraping an Amazon website does not violate any of the Amazon laws unless you are scraping private data or harvesting in the manner that disrupts the site. Amazon requires your scraper tool to visit the site just like a public visitor and cannot access any internal data at any cause.

Mainly, Amazon poses restrictions on the way you use extracted data rather than how you obtain it.

Never sell scraped data or use the data for Making profit

What I mean is that; do not use the scraped pricing data for the foundation of your business. Only use pricing data to know the deals that exist in the market and to compare to your prices and set them accordingly to the market price.

As mentioned above, copying product descriptions will only make your business worse. Google usually slaps copy cats by penalizing people with copied content. Google will penalize you if you copy descriptions directly from Amazon and you will not rank well.

Do a Background Check before Using any Scraping Tool

Before making a decision on using an Amazon scraper tool, do a thorough research. There are many tools available, and you may want to choose the one that is pocket-friendly and with the best reviews. Also, consider choosing a tool that is not complicated to use and do not require any developer or programming skills. Don’t forget about customer service. In case you are stuck in using the tool, you need a tool that has a good customer service back up.

A good web scraping tool is always protected by a password that you have the rights to confirm. Always remember to scan for viruses that might be available on the web scraping App that might end up corrupting your system.

There you go, with the above information, you can confidently scrap Amazon website for useful data. All the best!

Amazon Scraping (definitions)

Amazon Product scraper

We develop amazon product scraper software for merchants who are interested in receiving actual information from amazon. We provide development of amazon data extraction. Our amazon scraper software works on our servers. Customers receive access to private area on our website. We started development of amazon web scraping since 2009.  Our first implementation of amazon data scraper was very simple and primitive. If compare with current version of  amazon web scraping solution we improved speed & quality of application dramatically.

Amazon Data Extractor

Main part of software is amazon data extractor. amazon data extractor plays giant part at software. It extract products features & combinations for web. Web scraper takes parts of web html and compares & extracts parts where features placed. It is not so easy to do scraping data from amazon because you have to think about privacy & transparency of when you scrape amazon data.  We discovered that the most safest way to scrape product is to run code in the separate thread per every url request. It could be strange but it is the most right way for us because in the other case application hangs up when it is necessary to process big set of data.

Amazon Crawler

Amazon Crawler is the second part of our “Amazon Scraper Software”. it selects urls of products form Amazon web site. It extract categories one by one. When all categories are finished it begins to search places at categories page where HTML parts of urls ro products exist. Algorithm has to detects products pages right. It is very important part of software because it is necessary to filter products by duplicates & it is necessary to get all products urls. Also when we do Amazon Crawling we have to think about pagination & products combinations because it could contains many interesting information about products urls.

Our amazon product crawler works in an independent thread in application and extracts data. When thread will be finished amazon data extractor will be started. Amazon web crawler also could be used in two modes: 1 mode when you need featch products from 1 category. 2 mode: when you need to extract all products urls from all categories.

How to scrape amazon products?

When we started to develop our Amazon Scraper  we agreed that there are two main parts of software have to be implemented. So I will say how to scrape amazon products . Part 1 – Amazon crawler. Part 2 – amazon data extractor. When we finished our software we decided that it is necessary to app AMAZON products model into our software to support features & combination. So if you want to know how to scrape data from amazon – the answer is very easy – implement 3 parts and it will be enough.

Web scraping amazon site is not so trivial task.

Why? Because Amazon size has different template for different categories.
And it is hard to test software for each. So when we develop scraper in technical specification we always define category or number of categories  what will be processed by our software. Anyway all what you need will be processed by software.

We provide Amazon Product Scraper as a Web Service. Client receives private login & password from our service. It allows them to have access to Amazon data from any place. It is possible to send data to email or access data via API. More over client has possibility to schedule tasks for data extraction.

Amazon data feed service

You could use our XML,CSV feeds from service as “Amazon data feed service” because it could be configured for daily of by scheduler to run products extractor and to send FRESH data feeds to you by API or to FTP etc.

Amazon Product Scraper is an unique for us and very popular among our clients software. We developed it because a lot of merchants want to use actual data from amazon. It is very effective way to use scrapers for eCommerce automation.

Amazon API, Amazon Product Scraper Api

We developed Web APi where developers could access data from amazon. Our Amazon API could send the next information:

– name of product
– description of product
– images of product
– price of amazon product
– extract bullet points (as features)
– extract options (or variants)

Amazon Product Scraper Api

When you need to search products at Amazon via API we could provide help here: send us via Amazon Product Scraper Api part of text and we will search product at amazon by your criteria.

General Requirements for Amazon Scraping

General Requirements for Amazon Scraping

Extracts Product Listings Yes
Extracts Product Category Yes
Extracts Product SKU Yes if exists
Export to Database Yes
Export to CSV Yes
Export to Excel Yes
Export to XML Yes
Features extraction Yes
Combinations extraction Yes
Images extractions Yes
Web Scraper Scheduler Yes

We develop Software by the next scheme (for custom projects).

1. Analyzing customers needs.
2. Technical Specification (TS) preparation.
3. Delivery.

During analyzing needs we want to understand the reals needs what customer want to solve using our software.
Amazon site is real big site and there is no one way to process it. We find special way for the customer because every one has private goals always.