Price monitoring

We do price monitoring for our clients. You can receive actual price monitoring reports daily or by requests. You can ask us to setup scheduler to receive such reports even each hour.

What is Price Monitoring?

Price Monitoring
1. It is a process of extraction prices & real stocks from web sites.
2. Info will be saved at reports: excel,csv,xml,json.
3. You can access data via API.
4. Reports can be generated daily or with necessary for you frequency.
5. If there is no real stock in public we can extract real Availability.
6. We can do price monitoring for ANY site!

Prices extraction from any web site: competitors or suppliers or any others.

Stocks or items availability extraction.

Shipping cost extraction.

Real-time prices & availability extraction.

Export to easy for understanding files: excel, csv etc.

Price & Inventory monitoring
Price & inventory monitoring via web scraping and data extraction services
If you need to extract real prices & stocks from your competitor’s or supplier’s website, you could use our Price & Inventory monitoring scripts. You will then get fresh info about MRP (Maximum retail price) or RRP (Recommended retail price).

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