Ikea API for Drop Shipping, Web Scraping. CSV, XML import for Ikea

Mydataprovider is an expert when it comes to drop shipping with Ikea API. We are professionals in providing web scrapping for Ikea. We can copy your items from Ikea supplier API where we can custom your margins and map them to cart.

What fields are copied?

Product’s name
Product’s prices
Product Description
Product images
Structured product categories
Product Features
Product variants


Ikea Prestashop

Mydataprovider can help you import products directly from Ikea to you Prestashop store. You can do this by requesting the service.
Ikea Shopify

Mydataprovider can import items from Ikea to your e-commerce store. You can do this by requesting the service or request for the service via the predefined scheduler.

Ikea API

With the help of mydataprovider, you can receive data from Ikea via API. When doing this, you are provided with a secret URL where it makes it possible to download the XML file that contains all the data. You can also use the categories to filter the data.

Ikea CSV & XML, Excel Files

Mydataprovider can export data from Ikea to CSV& XML, Excel Files. To do this, download the files directly from private area or get them directly from the API. Contact us if you need CSV, Excel, XML files.
What online Stores do we Support?
We are proud to say that we can import products directly from Ikea to many shopping carts. The shopping carts include;
• Ikea magneto
• Ikea PrestaShop
• Ikea woocommerce
• Ikea bigcommerce
• Ikea Amazon
• Ikea Ebay
• Ikea Zen Cart
• Ikea OpenCart
+ 40 others

Custom Development

If you need your data available in CSV, XML formats, we can help you with custom CMS. We can save and process data from Ikea API and save into your database in the format you need.

Web Scraping For Ikea

We provide web scraping services and drop shipping services for Ikea. Our services are online and available 24/7 for web, Saas services and open cart.

Export Formats

We support CSV, XML formats for imports and exports for Ikea. We can save the products information in any format that you want. We only require a file sample, and after development process, we will save the products in the format provided. If you are interested in our standard files, we will do for free.