Web Scraping solutions: any volume, any website

We can extract data from any web source, including online stores and marketplaces, financial portals, and betting & job search websites and in any format, including CSV, Excel, TXT, HTML, and databases.

What is Web Scraping

Web scraping is an essential part of big data creation. Advanced technologies like Business analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are based on the data collection.

Web scraping (web harvesting, or extracting web data) is a technique of extracting a large volume of information from multiple websites automatically and transforming it into the structured data that is convenient to view.

Sometimes web scraping is confused with data mining. However, there is a difference. For web scraping, web scrapers/ web scraping bots are used, while data mining is based on machine learning technologies and requires a data scientist to interpret the mined data. Certainly, web scraping can serve as the first stage of data mining.

Thus, correct setup of scrapers is vital for collecting relevant data, ensuring the proper training of machine learning models, and the success of large-scale business intelligence projects.

How can you use Web Scraping?


Products Content extraction

Get a solution to extract the content of any website. For each product, it is possible to extract the following:

– name, sku, price, description,

– all images,

– features,

– options (size, color, etc),

– categories with structure.

Price Monitoring & Price History

Receive real-time reports with current prices & stocks.

Now it is easy to analyze the price history.


Access the extracted data via API calls. Receive the data in a structured CSV, XML or JSON file.


Use Web Scraper for dropshipping and export the data from a website into your store.

We will generate a file with the data (csv, xml, json or excel) and you will import the data directly into your online store, including shopify, woocommerce, opencart, prestashop, and ccvshop.

Price Drops

Analyze prices changes. Get real-time reports on price drops by email.


Find here the most important features.

WebScrapers Runner is an online service for data extraction from the Internet. In 2009, MyDataProvider created the service based on the company’s proprietary web scraping tool. Today, we are ready to provide any type of data extraction configuration and customize it to flawlessly meet the needs of our clients. For our customers, managing data extraction via web browser is easy and does not require any special skills.

Bulk extraction. Extract data from all categories or just a specific category / product URLs.

The data are well-structured and easy to process.

Take any fields, images, options, variants, features for items.

Export data to different formats and databases.
– CSV, JSON, XML, MS Excel.
– MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.
– import into online stores.

Scheduler allows for the data extraction at stated intervals.

Your personal manager is happy to assist if you have any questions.

Get the extracted reports to your email.

Search items by keywords, SKU, brand, ID, and URL.

Popular Web Scrapers

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Costco Web Scraper

Homedepot Web Scraper

Banggood Web Scraper

Lazada Web Scraper

Aliexpress Web Scraper

Walmart Web Scraper

Newegg Web Scraper

How we work

See the operation procedure below

Step 1

Our customer defines the fields for extraction from website or API, chooses the format of the export file, and selects categories/URLs for scrapping.

Step 2

According to the customer requirements, we create a technical specification (TS). The customer receives it for approval in the PDF format.

Step 3

The client submits a signed copy of TS. We sign it and send it back.

Step 4

The payment is made.

Step 5

We create an account for our customer and launch the development. As a rule, it takes 4-5 business days after the payment has been made.

Step 6

As soon as the development and scraping processes are completed, we send a notifying email to our customer. Our customer feels free to contact our manager on any question.

Why MyDataProvider?

Because you will get all things done.

Since 2009, MyDataProvider has offered professional custom software development services with a focus on web scraping, price monitoring, and repricing. Today, we are happy to have productive and long–term client relationships that result in enduring loyalty to MyDataProvider.

Cost savings

Mydataprovider supports more than 100 top websites. Our services are moderately priced and are affordable even for startups.

1000x more data

Using our tools you can extract tons of data.

Get faster

2 times faster to market. The average development time for a new scraper is 2-3 days.


Find here recent testimonials.

Alex Kravchenko, Head of Web Project

“A great web scraper, an outstanding technical support! It took only three days to implement the technical specification. Specifically for us, MyDataProvider developed an individual web scraper. Their continuous positive attitude when solving all challenges and problems allow me to stay sure that our cooperation will continue in the future. MyDataProvider certainly deserves a recommendation.”

Vasilisa Strelnikova, Director, VipDesignPro

With their advanced level of responsiveness, the team of MyDataProvider showed great interpersonal skills.
Thank you so much, it seems that nothing is impossible for you! You are the only team to get our forthcoming projects.

Vyacheslav Bubnov, Director, BelITService

“An excellent service and a dynamic response of technical support. One of the best parsers we have ever dealt with! Thank you!”


Frequently asked questions.

What data export formats are available?

Our clients receive the data in the most popular formats, including MS Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML. We can also share the data via an API and export them directly to your online store, if needed.

Can you scrape non-English websites?

Yes, we can. We have a profound experience in scraping websites in languages other than English, including Estonian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Is it possible to scrape data behind a login page?

Yes, it is possible. Having an active account on the required website allows for the data scraping behind the login page. After the login, the crawling is no different than crawling in a standard way. However, it is well to bear in mind that some data might be available only to the registered users and additional terms of use may apply.

Do you collect data from various locations?

Yes, we do. Possessing a technique to collect the data from multiple locations, we make multi- regionality our competitive advantage.

Is it possible to calculate the delivery of goods from one country to another?

Yes, we can include the calculations of product delivery into the service we provide.

For some service providers, it may seem challenging to extract product pages properly. How about that at MyDataProvider?

With our 10-year expertise, we are able to do it properly. We at MyDataProvider have developed a special procedure so our customers could receive the accurate data.