Shopify Scraping & Data Extraction

About Shopify Scraper

MyDataProvider develop software what allows users to run Shopify Scraper: we extract data from different ecommerce web sites.

Our Shopify web scraper can be integrated with your shopify store. It allows you to sync products from scraper with your shopify account via API automatically 24/7. Once configured account for your business need will work always and will save time and money, read information about our web scraping service! supports shopify CMS data model:


– sku, price, name, description full & short etc
– variants
– images
– tags


So you could import data from your supplier’s web site or from suppliers’s api, xml etc to your Shopify online store using Shopify Scraper.


Video demonstration for web scraper for Shopify

Find more info about Shein web scraper & product importer for Shopify here.

Video demonstration for Aliexpress scraper for Shopify

Find more info about Aliexpress web scraper & product importer for Shopify here.


Service possibilities

Service allows user to export data from any web site to:

  • csv file format for Shopify.
  • direct import into Shopify store via API.


Shopify CSV format

Service will generate csv file in shopify csv format, it means that you could download generated file and import it via Shopify Admin area (standard shopify function). This method is preferred when you are going to import data manually or 1 time only.


Shopify direct import via API

Shipify has API for direct data import and direct method uses this scenario. If you need to use this way it is necessary to generate + specify API Key from you Shopify store and data from service will be uploaded to your store database. This way is preferred in you need to update data frequently.


When Shopify Scraper is actual for you?

  1. It is actual to use Shopify scraper when you need to import big set of products into Shopify from external web resources like web site or b2b web site of your supplier (with you login & password) or supplier’s API or csv, xml (our service allows to do such tasks too).
  2. When you have to update data frequently inside your store. Update prices & quantity + add new items with all content for them.
  3. When you want to automate processes in your store and to save time for daily boring tasks is such case we recommend to use Shopify Scraper in SaaS mode.

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