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OpenCart Web Scraper

We develop OpenCart web scrapers. You can order OpenCart web scraper for your site: we support custom tasks where we cover all your requirements. OpenCart web scraper allows you to do OpenCart data extraction from source site. You can order OpenCart web scraper here and we will develop a OpenCart for your case.

OpenCart products web scraper

It allows you to export the next OpenCart products fields:
- Categories,
- Name,
- Price, SalePrice, OldPrice, Discount,
- Quantity/Stocks/Availability,
- Dimensions: L x W x H, and Weight,
- Description,
- Images ,
- Url.

You can get list of categories from OpenCart source site, so you will not need to copy categories, it will be done automatically.
Export file formats: CSV / EXCEL / JSON / XML
Direct import to shop database: get more info...
OpenCart Features extraction
OpenCart products features will be scraped and save to file or OpenCart database.
You do not need to copy/fill OpenCart features manually, OpenCart web scraper will do that work for you automatically and will save a lot of hours of work.
OpenCart products variants scraping
Allows you to get products Colors/ Sizes and all related options for scraped OpenCart product. Our OpenCart web scraper can export OpenCart products variants correctly.
OpenCart product variants will be save in a structured file or database for the future processing by our OpenCart web scraper.

There are 2 meaning for OpenCart web scraping.

1. OpenCart web scraping is a process of products export from external site powered by OpenCart CMS engine.
2. OpenCart web scraping is a process when site powered by OpenCart CMS engine scrapes data from any external site and save data into local database.

Web Scraping service

Our company provides web scraping service via My{Data}Provider online service. is our online web scraping service. You can order OpenCart web scraping for your site or for any other website (we call it source site).

Send us the site URL you want to scrape and details about how you are going to export data, and we will estimate your task.
or contact with your custom task.

Categories scraping for OpenCart

Categories hierarchy can be scraped if you need. Categories name & URLs data can be saved into file.

Products basic info for OpenCart

Name, ID, SKU, Price, Description, Images scraping for OpenCart

Features extraction for OpenCart

Table of features will be scraped for OpenCart

Variants / Options export for OpenCart

Product variants scraping for OpenCart

Estimated Delivery Time

OpenCart web scraping is a custom job, and it requires custom setup by our developers.
Standard delivery time for 1 OpenCart web scraper is 4-7 days (it depends on number of fields you need to scrape).
If your supplier gives you API access to data – better to take API access because API is more stable if compare with OpenCart web scraping.