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Facebook Web Scraping

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How Facebook web Scraping can Help you get your Business to the Next Level

Today, Facebook is the most popular and largest social media platform. By most popular, it means that it has the highest number of active users as compare to other social media platforms. Facebook is one of the remarkable sites with over 1 billion active users and more than 1.2 billion mobile users.
Do you know that you can scrape data from Facebook? Yes, it is possible to get the data you want from Facebook with the right web scraping tool.

Why Use a Facebook Scraper

It can be a waste of time to search for people using their names on Facebook. This is something that requires patience. But, when you use a Facebook scraper you can get what you want from Facebook within seconds. You will save time and get the results you need.
Facebook Scraper is the best tool to help you find information about your competitors and people you want. The information extracted will help you know about their marketing strategies and sales information without struggling to get the information manually.
The data that is extracted by the scraper is structured and organized, and you can use it business activities. This will help you make major decisions with the picture of what your competitors are doing.

Information that can be Scraped from Facebook

You can scrape the following information from Facebook.
• Addresses
• Names –First name, last names
• Email addresses
• Post comments
• Total Likes
• Fun page URLs
• Profile information
• Photos
• Information about businesses
• Business pages
• Website URLs
• Phone numbers

Benefits of Using Facebook Scraper

When you choose to use a web scraping tool to gather the information you will be amazed on the benefits of using the tool. Below are some of the benefits of using a Facebook scraper.
• You will save money, efforts and time used for gathering the information you need.
• You will get the data or information you want fast.
• Customizing the scraper to your needs is possible.
• There are no manual operations when using a Facebook scraper.
• You can get the data you want in a format that you want. For example Excel, JSON, XML, or CSV formats.

Facebook web scraping can be beneficial for your business. It can help in lead generation. When using the tool, you can edit the features to suit your needs. Even better, you can select your desired filters or filters you want when searching.