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You are looking to get fresh data from All products on the site.
Find more info about this scraper here
You need manufacturer/model number/description/price/category(the entire hierarchy of categories) and the image (or link to the image).  
Would that be possible?

Google cache shows 2MLN items at Grainger.
1) I think that you need less items,
if it is true – how many ? 
2) can you send me product url and make a screenshot and mark fields you need for extraction?

Wow, that’s a lot. Ok, Could I get all the equipment under the following 2 categories:
Here’s an example of the data I need for each piece of equipment.”
Is this possible? Having the category listed like this is good btw – I believe it’s the native way it’s stored on the page :  ~Test Instruments~Pressure and Vacuum Measuring~Dial Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

these 2 categories have in total about 50K items.
You ordered 1 montha access to the service , thanks for the payment!
I started to develop settings.
Delivery in 5-8 working days from today.
Wait for my email, if I will not email you (if my reminder will be broken)
– check status by email.
If any questions – ask me.

Yes you guys are currently working a targeted web scrape for me.

I checked and it only seemed to export 4 pieces of equipment. Am I missing something?

I just run a demo export.
You can select necessary for you categories and to run data extraciton.
You ordered an access to a scraper not data.
data you need to generate inself. 
manual is here”

I opened in chrome 
and got the next

Sorry for the delay – I was in training all week and just getting back to it. Will confirm things look good today.

Yes, I will be continuing our service. I just bought another month. Due to covid I had to change some priorities, but am finally circling back around to this data mining product. I will be in touch soon.