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How to do Shein dropshipping like a pro

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Before deciding what exactly you want, better if I can let you know which one or both of your system would help you with the question you asked me.

==== process files from suppliers

mydataprovider is web scraping service

so, these 2 apps are not intersected.

you can check our video and you will understand how it works.

>>>I need to import as many products as possible from shein ( currency to be MAD and >>>country to be France) to Shopify or to an excel sheet or csv sheet then export it to Shopify >>>and of course adding my commission .

for this case the best option is to use

Then how to start using it ? As I followed your video but was stuck in how to download the custom grab catalog .

I followed your video and created a new webscraper from this link :

But did nit get any list.

I want to export dresses and blouses from the link above.

Really need your help to set up this

Now I will use the other way that I was trying before with data scraped samples you sent me. And let you know.

Still dead end.

Maybe your system if not for me .
call me to or to skype please

I will help you to manage your questions.

I checked the downloaded csv to be used with Shopify and there was two issues :

Data exported do not match
Inventory is 0

Therefore would need to think another way to drop ship from shein.

The one I am using now is importify that is integrated into Shopify.

it is normal project issue / questions on start, and all points could be solved,

It is not that but was away and saw your email but needed to check again what you have asked and get back to you.

Based on the things I got from you as a csv , it is almost same format I get when I do things manually ( details are not well segmented).

Need to think again, also, the price is quite expensive based on importing which allow me to export one by one but with much lower price per month.

If price is high for Shein dropshipping.

I can adjust limits and to decrease pricing

+ if you pay for 3 months ahead I will adjust also pricing.
One other thing, will the web scraper do a scrap each one hour, each day ?

it depends on number of items you need to scrape

scraper speed is not fast

so you need to play with number to find frequency that ok for you.
Once scraper is done for one type of product ( dresses ) then all theirs details (sku and availability ) are in my csv file but the issue is that file is not compatible with Shopify, even when I do it through Importify to Shopify, details are being shown good in the Shopify website but the biggest issue is that when sporting the file from Shopify , the details are same as the ones in the one you have .

>>>csv file but the issue is that file is not compatible with Shopify,

I never got such issue messages.

all clients are happy with csv for shopify

so send me details what is wrong, please.
Are you talking about shein website ?
I am talking about our csv export file from our app
I think sheen is making sure the importing is not good as the csv I get from you and the one I get from Shopify after being imported by importing are almost same, difficult to use .

Pls find attached the one I received from you side and the one I exported from Shopify after choosing products and importing them from auto Shopify. .

They re the same and difficult to use and work on them.

>>> is not good as the csv Shein dropshipping

what exactly ?

could you tell me more technically ?

If you open both documents in excel , this is what give me in both csv, they are both not good In the second line like , for each being of one product, the line is divided into many rows.

excel is not good for openeing

use libreoffice for that
I checked the document in libreoffice and found out that the price is in euros though I set up the price in the website to be MAD and not euros during the process of scraping
it scrapes EUR …

if you be our client we will set an option to change it

Now , let me know the process of web scraping ? How does it work ? And will the availability follow the website ? How does everything work and pls be as patient as possible with me in regards to that ?
all info you can find at my videos at website.

check it , please.


Need to review your videos to understand very well the concept and see its feasibility with my project.

Get back to you once I understand everything.
You can check how it was implemented at for shein dropshipping.