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Inventory Management Modules For Magento

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Inventory management for Magento is very essential for the success of your web store. Keeping up-to-date information on the quantity of your inventory is very important. It has a great impact on customer loyalty and retention and the efficient running of your business. Below are some

Warehouses Store View Inventory by EA Designs

This extension is 100% open source, easy to install, has a very clean readable code and has a very simple and usable interface.

With this extension, you are able to set your stock quantity, status and stock settings at store view level. You can also change store settings easily without reverting to the admin area using the Ajax grid. In addition, stock values can be edited faster using filters on the stock items. Multi-store owners can set the stock status of each warehouse or store using a zone/item system in this extension.


  • You can order the items grid by multiple columns
  • It is possible to manage stock at a store view level
  • You can filter the items grid by quantity, stock status, and many other features
  • It allows you to manage the inventory items using a different grid system

 Advanced Inventory by Wyomind


With this extension, you can manage the stock for different POS’s or warehouses through the Magento 2 back office. Every order placed through your E-store can be automatically or manually directed to a single or multiple POS’s or warehouses. By following stock levels in real time, advanced inventory module can help anticipate the need for stocktaking. This module is easy to configure and corresponds to almost all inventory management issues.

Feature Functionality

  • You can import product data from CSV files
  • It automatically changes the product availability based on the stock amount
  • You can enable the stock movement journal
  • The module manages stock for each POS or warehouse
  • It automatically synchronizes the POS inventory in your Magento 2 inventory
  • This extension will display the stock levels of each POS on your Magento 2 product pages
  • It displays all your POS on the Google map
  • You can generate an overview of your stocks for each POS or warehouse in a tree view
  • It allows you to manually dispatch your orders
  • You can get low stock products notifications for each POS
  • It will automatically notify POS or warehouse managers when orders are placed
  • It will use the API to remotely manage your different stocks from a third party software/web app
  • Automatically your orders  are dispersed using country codes and/or zip codes
  • It gives each store owner permissions to manage POS or warehouse inventory and orders

Inventory Management by Amnasty

This extension enables instant update of stock data in bulk for a much faster catalog management process. With this module, you can re-index your database automatically, manage products inventory using either ID or SKU or import the database directly.


  • Use of  “+/-” symbols for absolute and relative values
  • Allows direct database import
  • The use of one button for mass stock update
  • You can update products quantity using a CSV file
  • It supports automatic data re-index
  • You can upload the CSV file right from the backend 

Inventory Reservation by BrainActs

In the event that you need to reserve inventory for your customer, Inventory Reservation extension will ensure availability of those items during order capture. This extension will hold the inventory specified and it will be available for the customer to buy at a later date.

Features and Functionality

  • The ability to manage reservation time.
  • All reserved products are shown in a new tab under My Account”.
  • The ability to create new reservation from any place in Magento admin.
  • Quick reservation process. Quick customer search quick product search.
  • The email template can be customized.
  • When items are reserved, only the user for whom they are reserved can purchase them
  • It works with simple, bundle, grouped or configurable products.
  • It sends out an email notification.

Stock Inventory Manager by Iksanika


Stock inventory manager gives you a better experience, amazing power, and flexibility that allows you to effectively run your store.


  • Helps you effectively run your store by giving you power and flexibility
  • Saves up to 95% of time spent managing your Magento stores stock inventory
  • Converts the standard Magento Product Manager into a product grid that’s partially editable. This allows you to view and add stock status and level information about products on the same page.
  • You can perform bulk updated just a few clicks, saving you time.

These extensions will save you time and help you to run your store more efficiently than before. Find what works for your particular e-commerce business and try them.