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Kinds of web scraping tools

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Web scraping tools divide into two general segments:

  • Partial tools
  • Complete tools

Partial tools. Partial tools are software for third-party plug-ins. This tool does not provide an API and usually focus on a specific scraping technique, like HTML tables.
A partial tool software may open PDF files, extract eight part or all of its content, and converts pdf to word, excel, and power point.
An example of a partial tool is the Google spreadsheets.
Complete tools. A complete tools are a web scraping services that has the following features for it to be considered as a good alternative:

  • A friendly and powerful graphical user interface
  • An API which is easy to use and can link and integrate data
  • Visual access to websites for data extraction
  • Has data caching and storage
  • Rational organization and query management for data extraction

A complete tool or a web scraping software provides the following advantages for users:

  • Data extraction automation saving time and cost
  • Retrieves static and dynamic web pages
  • Transforms page contents of various websites
  • Formulates vertical aggregation platforms that allows extraction of complicated data from different websites
  • Programs that can recognize semantic annotations
  • Retrieves all required data
  • Accurate and reliable extraction capacity