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Magento eBay Extensions

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With the current technology, you can comfortably integrate your Magento store with eBay. Magento eBay extensions help connect buyers and sellers around the globe. Below are Magento eBay extensions you can use for your store.

M2E Pro

M2e stands for Magento to eBay and is a solution that integrates Magento backend with eBay and Amazon marketplaces.  Amazon later joined the family. If one has an existing live eBay or Amazon listings, M2e can link these to your Magento product catalog thus making it convenient for you. M2e has won many awards and is a community-driven project whose merchants retail full ownership of their data.

The high level of customization and automation gives M2e its unmatched value. M2e also has myriad benefits including the ability to manage orders, keeping inventory across multiple channels in full sync, and maintaining various pricing strategies. The reprising service can be used in two ways: together with the M2E pro extension through a connector, or as a separates SaaS service. What sets M2E from other extensions is the manner in which it listens to its merchants and integrates with Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten.

Codisto Linq

Codisto link is an Amazon and eBay integration extension for Magento which allows for the creation of eBay and Amazon listings with products from the Magento product catalog. Calisto Linq is an excellent option in place of M2e.

Listings are usually created and remain on Amazon/eBay for any eBay and Amazon products enabled products within the extension. Inventory on Magento and Amazon/eBay remains in synchronization after sales from either channels or Amazon/eBay sales orders are sent automatically to Magento.

eBay connector


eBay is a multinational e-commerce company and the largest online marketplaces in the world. It is also among the most popular ways to buy and sell goods on the internet with eBay connector extensions, the admin is capable of integrating Magento store and eBay store since it consumes a lot of time to manage the two separately.

By establishing and establishing the presence of the products in the largest online store, the admin can exponentially expand the business potential and achieve a competitive advantage. It is also possible for the admin to import information related to categories, orders, and products from eBay store to Magento store. Similarly, the admin can export products from Magento store to eBay store. eBay connector comes with a whole list of benefits including new customers and more sales as well as centralized goods management.

Multi-eBay account connector

Multi-eBay account connector is used when synchronizing orders, categories, and products to your Magento 2 web store.  Moreover, I can synchronize products from magento2 web store to eBay. With this extension, it is possible for the admin to synchronize the products from many different eBay accounts.

Again, the admin can get the orders and categories related to these products. If a purchase is made on magento2 web store for the products synchronized from eBay to magento2 then the inventory is also updated on the eBay web store. The most important advantage of this extension is that there is no need for the store owner to manage stock on many channels. eBay is considered a sales channel for the merchant shop.

eBay connector marketplace add-on

This connector plays the critical role of connecting the eBay platform with the marketplace to ease workflow.  With this connector, the seller can synchronize and map their eBay products directly to their marketplace from the eBay store.

When importing, the products come with images, quantity, and price. This connector is critical for the seller to achieve management of their products on both platforms. One must have an eBay account to use this product and to get the developer’s key.  It is free to join the eBay membership.

eBay marketplace integrator

eBay marketplace integrator integrates the eBay API with your Magento store.  It allows the admin to sync the products, product description, related images, product attributes, pricing information, and inventory automatically.

This extension also allows the admin to synchronize the product, product description, inventory, pricing attributes, and pricing information automatically. It is also possible for the admin to manage she shipping options for eBay marketplace with the help of this extension. eBay marketplace synchronization module works with a multishop environment. The only thing required is the admin to select the eBay website so as to synchronize the store with the desired eBay marketplace.