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Magento SEO extensions in the Market

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E-commerce shops operate online. For you to do business, your website must rank well in the search engines for you to get more customers. Imagine you opened an E-commerce shop only to realize that you realize that you do not have any customers! This can be a frustrating experience that can make you close your online store.If you have a Magento store, here are some of the Magento SEO extensions that will help you run it smoothly.

Custom URL

Choosing to work with Url with exact keywords will increase the chances of your business to be found on search engines. The extension works best for customers living in countries using non-Latin alphabets such as China, Japan, Korea, Russia.

One-third of the world’s population does not use Latin characters when they search on the search engines. Therefore, Magento 2 does not allow non_Latin characters to be used as URL keys. Using this extension will allow you to place non_latin characters for CMS Url or category Url.

How the Extension is Used

Custom URL is easy to use.  Just install the extension using a special URL key without configuring anything. You do not need any developer or programming knowledge to do this.

Social Integrator

Apptrian Social Integrator is an extension that is used on Magento adds Open Graph, Google, Google Rich Snippets (, Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, Social Buttons and Icons on Products, Category, Home, and CMS pages. It is primarily used to improve visual and social media intergrations.It also a good tool for SEO.

The extension supports bookmarking service. Using the Social Integrator will provide your Magento with social improvement image and also great SEO value.

If you are unable to install an extension or you would like professional to do it for you, you can look for a professional to do it for you.

Atwix Rich Snippets

Users using Rich snippets have seen a great deal because it gives better results, good display, actual information. The results are detailed whether they are a person, a product or business.

Rich is friendly when using page markup and can help deal with competition. The extension is known for increasing the click rate of Magento sites.

  Benefits of utilizing Rich Snippets:    

  • It lowers the bounce rate in Google, Bing and Yahoo search and increases the click-through rate.
  • It improves traffic by having well-organized search results
  • The extension can help you display website breadcrumbs in search engines.
  • Friendly when socializing and using the site’s web pages
  • Rich snippets can help you get product rating when sharing pages on social networks
  • The extension helps increase traffic to a site by offering eye-catching results.

Rich Snippets makes any implementation as easy in a couple of mouse clicks. Once it is installed from the Magento Marketplace, you can use it immediately. You do not need any developer or programming skills to do it.

HTML Sitemap


HTML Sitemap is an extension with all of your categories in cascading style. It has a list of customers Point Of View.

The extension will help you have correctly indexed categories and also make your website user-friendly.

Designing theme and customizing the page is very easy, there is a separate file created CSS file, you can get the file by checking


Benefits of HTML SiteMap

  • HTML sitemap helps shoppers to get things easily through your store.
  • Installing HTML sitemap will create a good comprehensive overview of your site’s layout.
  • It displays the list of products alphabetically.
  • HTML sitemap has listed in categories, product, CMS pages and custom links to this site.

It is easy to setup HTML sitemap and takes approximately 5 minutes: Install the extension from Magento Marketplace111 and you are ready to go.

Google Rich Snippets


Rich snippets Magento extension is vital to users who what to find want organic traffic for their site. The extension displays the data of organic search results making the user know in advance and draw a conclusion on what is relevant for his online store.

Using Google Rich Snippets for your Magento store will help you know your organic-rich for your site.

Rich snippets can help improve the rating of the product and it can be easy to know the price and also improves site clicks.

Adding more information about your product will boost and increase the outreach of your brand to your audience. Therefore, links with rich snippets will help increase organic reach by 40%.

Rich Snippet Suites

There is a data provider called Rich snippets Magento structured which vital to users who what to find wants in organic search as they see in mind. Showing the data displaying the organic search results makes the user know in advance and draw a conclusion on what is relevant and less traffic to your site.

Upgrading Rich Snippets will motivate potential customers and adding more information about your product will boost and increase the outreach of your brand to your audience. Henceforth Links with rich snippets will increase percentage up to 40%.

With  Rich Snippets Suite, you can have your product and store information which can show in the SERP (Search engine results page). With this, you can stand out competitors as you will be more visible.

Social Suite

Today, we have so many social networks and can bring an impact on your Magento Store. They can help you increase your store’s visibility. All you need to do is place the social media buttons and wait for traffic.The extension is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Pinterest social media.
Social Suite module will help you to:

  •  Find Facebook Like, Send, Google+, Tweet and Pinterest button on the product, category, and CMS pages.
  • Customers will be able to share their wishlist, orders, and reviews via a social network.
  • Makes it easy for customers to like products and categories and post comments on your store product pages.
  •  Increase your store visibility in social media.•

SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Image is an extension that renames the image of a product to the full name making it more descriptive. It also converts images automatically which gives Google clues about the subject matter of the image and improves SEO.

The extension also increases the probability of the Magento store getting indexed by search engines which in turns results in more traffic. It helps to attract more customers to your site.