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News Scrapers. Strange situation on the Market

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It is strange situation about News Scraping. I wanted to find software for News Scraping and understood that this task is not so trivial.
All my friends told me that you can take any RSS or Atom reader. Ok, I tried several TOP solutions like feedly (saas) & RSSOwl for Windows Desktop.
And what I discovered:

– cool interface
– web based
– does not allow you to add not popular source
– I cannot add @my important source

– allows you to add any source
– each source has to have RSS or Atom link
– I cannot add sources without RSS or Atom link

Why? Why there is no such software as RSSOwl or Feedly or any Rss reader with adding new datasource with configuration by XPATH ?
it is so simple to add such function for them! hoh, strange situation.

So in real life I cannot use Feedly or RSSOwl as News Scraper for me.
In such case I have to develop such software myself.