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Prestashop eBay Add-ons

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Do you want to import or export products from your eBay to Prestashop or vice-versa? Thanks to technology, this is possible. Below are some of the Prestashop eBay modules that will help you achieve this.

Shippy Pro

With Shippy Pro, you can print shipping packages, track packages and also manage shipments. This addon helps sellers to save time and shipping money. It is the best for customer management. Here are things that the add-on can help you achieve

  • It can help you save time by helping you manage orders in just a click
  • Helps save money y comparison
  • The add-on is perfect when shipping many packages
  • You can do everything on a single platform


  • Has an API to support customer needs
  • The user can receive notification for new orders, feedback on their computer or phone
  • The module has cash on delivery manager. You can know how much the seller owes you.
  • The add-on connects with your CRM to help you increase sales.
  • The add-on can create and manage invoices
  • It can connect to multiple platforms-Amazon, eBay, Magneto, Prestashop and many more.
  • Supports multicurrency.

Mega Menu Builder

You can easily build a mega menu your Prestashop thanks to the mega menu bulled module. With this module, you can build a complex menu like that of Amazon, AliExpess or eBay. You can quickly create all kinds of menus you want including vertical and horizontal menus, perfect submenu and also a perfect mobile menu within minutes.


Auctions modules enable sellers to sell their products at auction using the easiest way possible. It has great feature and stands as the best auction modules for Prestashop.

An auction is the best way to know that you are giving your customers products at the right price. Also, you do not have to negotiate for prices with your customers. With this module, managing auctions is fully integrated with your shop.

eBay Xpress Importer

Ebay Xpress Importer will help you import products from eBay to your selling platform. When importing, you can get the all the necessary information like prices, product title, images stocks, stock data and product descriptions.

With just a click, you have the product you want to sell. This is one of the best eBay Prestashop add-ons for importing products.

eBay Connector

eBay connector is one of an eBay Prestashop module that provides an in-depth integration of Prestashop and eBay. It provides real-time synchronization of eBay and Prestashop orders and inventory at both ends. This module is important to people who have e-commerce shops both on eBay and Prestashop. They can easily manage orders at both ends and in real time.

Users can only import products from eBay to Prestashop, and vice versa is not possible. Also, sellers can only import products that have fixed prices.

eBay Comments

eBay Comments module allows sellers to display their eBay feedback and scores on their Prestashop stores. This module can help you increase your conversion rate, enable you to realize the satisfaction of your buyers and show your overall account rating. This add-on only displays the positive feedback.

PrestaBay eBay Import

PrestaBay eBay Import module simplifies the process of filling your Prestashop store with products from eBay. If you want to create a Prestashop to sell products independently from eBay, this is the module to purchase. The module will help you acquire new customers.

With this module, you can;

  • Import products into your Prestashop
  • Import categories of products from eBay
  • Use for multiple eBay accounts
  • Download images from eBay and use them in your Prestashop store.

Import eBay Feedback on Prestashop

Do you want to increase your store’s reliability? This is the module to purchase. The module can help you import your eBay feedback and display them s product comments within a second. You can show a summary box of your seller activity of at least 30 days. This module will help you acquire trust from your visitors as you spice up your product page with useful and attractive contents. Even better, you can choose the feedback you want to import into your Prestashop. (Amazon, eBay, Google, Mirakl integration)

Do you want to save on the expensive feeder aggregator subscription? This module connects your Prestashop with marketplaces. It is a cloud that gives you solutions on how to manage your marketplace feeds.  is automated and controls and manages feed from and to marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Mirakl, and others.  With this module, you can control your feeds.

PrestaBay- eBay Marketplace Integration module

If you want to acquire new customers, this is the module to invest on. It provides a native integration for your Prestashop store. The module can help you;

  • Control your inventory
  • Manage your orders
  • Access 22 eBay marketplaces
  • Flexible map eBay categories
  • Synchronize your store fast and in real time
  • Support all your eBay requirements

Import eBay – Creates products from eBay Listing

Import eBay module helps you to import Prestashop catalog professionally from eBay.  This module increases the visibility of your products in the marketplace. It makes product import fast and reliable. This module will help you increase your product visibility in a marketplace.

With this module, you can import both standard products and products that have variations.

eBay2 Marketplace module

This module allows you to export items from Prestashop to eBay easily. The module facilitates international sales. It is a professional solution when you want to synchronize your Prestashop with your eBay listings. Version 2 modules are fast, reliable, efficient. With this module, you can synchronize your Prestashop category with an eBay category. Even better, you can choose your order synchronization method.

FastBay –eBay Market Place Sync Module

FastBay module gives a professional solution for you to synchronize your Prestashop with your eBay account within seconds. It helps increase your store’s visibility in the marketplace. The module is easy to install, thanks to the configuration wizard that helps you synchronize your Prestashop with the eBay account with no problems. This module guarantees you full control of the synchronization process.