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Prestashop Remarketing Modules

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.Many customers abandon their carts before paying out for what they wanted to purchase. If this has ever happened to you, there is no need to worry. You can still catch your potential customers by using automatic abandon cart reminders Also, you can remarket the banners where the customers can view them on other sites. Below are some modules that can help you in Prestashop Remarketing.

Ve- Increase Website Conversion

Ve will always be your online shop assistant. It provides suggestions that help your customers through until the end of the check out process and helps you increase sales. In case your customers are determined to leave, the module will send the customers emails encouraging them to return to the store and complete the transaction. Even better, the module is easy to setup and manage. Users can customize it to match their brand.

MailChimp Ecommerce Automation

This is the only module that is completely compatible with MailChimp services. MailChimp is the market leader of mailing solutions. With this module, you can fully automate your customer relations and increase your conversion rates.

Once the module is configured, you can;
• Export your customer database
• Have the ability to export your customer’s birthday
• Export your catalog and synchronize it in real time
• Synchronize new subscribers in real time
• Real-time synchronization of carts

Cart Reminder- Display a Popup that contains cart contents

This module reminds your customers that you left a pending cart. The customers receive a popup message on the screen with the contents of the forgotten or pending cart. It helps the seller increase the conversion rates and decrease the number of abandoned carts. The module is easy to use and it is responsive to any design of the website. Also, you can use it on multi stores and is compatible to any browser.

Purchase Product Reminder

This module emails customers about their forgotten or abandoned cart. It helps the sellers to increase on their store’s sales. It reminds buyers that the products use is limited and needs to be bought.With this module, you can anticipate your customers’ needs.

When using the module, you need to create a new reminder of every product. It is advisable to send one reminder for every purchase forgotten.


This module helps improve your conversion rate by reminding customers about their abandoned carts with just a click of a button. Moosend Prestashop plug-in helps you connect to a number of e-commerce features like;

  • You can track the actions of your visitors in your website
  • Group your customers according to the revenue
  • Send personalized reminder emails about abandoned carts
  • List build from your customers and visitors

Save cart for later

Follower modules enable the customers to follow products they might be interested in and be getting reminders on the prices, availability, reviews, discounts and any special offers. Buyers can remove the products from the wish list if they want. The sole purpose of this module is to increase the conversion rate of the store.


Reminder for Abandoned Cart Module

This module helps to follow up with customers regarding abandoned carts. It sends customers reminder emails, coupons and discounts to encourage customers to go back and complete the purchase. The main purpose of the module is to increase the conversion rate and decrease the number of carts abandoned.

With this module, you can send up to ten reminders of a forgotten cart. Every reminder is customized with its own text and design and the cart’s content joined to each email. Even better, a voucher is attached to every reminder.