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Prestashop SEO

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SEO is an important aspect in all businesses that operate online. For your business to get noticed, it is important for you to use the right SEO techniques. Below are some Prestashop SEO modules that you can use to improve your SEO practices.

SEO Expert Module

SEO expert module increases on your Prestashop site traffic by optimizing your website on search results. This module automatically fills Meta tags and social media Meta tags. This, in turn, optimizes your store for better visibility on search engines and social media platforms.

The module can increase your productivity and also increase your site’s traffic. With this module, you will appear on the first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex with no time.

Pretty URLs

This module helps you to remove all auto-generated IDS and numbers from your URLs. By doing this, it makes your stores SEO friendly. It helps you avoid 301 redirects and 404 errors. It works in a way that it can remove numbers, tags and session ids. This makes your site SEO friendly. You can use this module to support multi-stores.

SEO Images (Alternative tag)Module

The way you describe your products on the product page translates on the traffic to the page. Your product description should be SEO friendly. When you do this, it will increase your e-commerce visibility on the search engines.

SEO module automates the creation of alternative tags on your images. This improves your site’s ranking and increases traffic to your site.

SEO performance (URL cleaner) Module

With SEO performance module, you can optimize your site with only 5 minutes. You can easily delete numbers in your URL and optimize your site at the same time. This module does not override. Therefore it guarantees you stability and compatibility If you are using other modules without any modification of your Prestashop.

Even better, the module creates backups of your old URLs before it can change and permanently modify your stores URL. It also helps you stay ahead of the game by automatically informing you of any duplicate creation when adding a new product, pages, and category pages. The module is compatible with multi-sites.

SEO internal Linking Module

SEO internal Linking Module helps in enhancing SEO of your Prestashop through internal linking strategy. Internal linking helps improve SEO by enabling search engines to browse through your site in an easy way. It also improves the navigation of your Prestashop store.

SEO internal Linking module can;

  • Restore the catalog to its initial state
  • Add title attribute to your links
  • The module can create links in the descriptions
  • It can create links in the content page
  • Create links in manufactures page
  • Add attributes to your links
  • Create links in content page

Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate content

This module helps to optimize natural SEO in all search engines- Yahoo, Bing, Google. It tags your home pages, manufactures page, order page to prevent duplication and also improve SEO. You should not use this module if you have similar content that is accessible through different URLs. This will make search engines to penalize you since they will see it as duplicate content.

However, if you use this module, all pages that used to be duplicate with different URLs will be seen as one by the search engines- they become linked to the canonical URL.

Easy SEO- Optimization module

Do you want to appear on the first pages of Google?  Easy SEO is the module to invest on. It simplifies your life by filling Meta tags for your site that is important for SEO purposes. With this module, you can quickly fill tags Meta tag description of every page of the site. Even better, it also fills the alt tags of products images.

When Meta tags are filled out correctly it improves the SEO and encourages high site clicks. The module can work for you and update the tags manually or automatically.