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Stock Management Modules

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Inventory management for Magento is very essential for the success of your web store. Keeping up-to-date information of the quantity of your entire stock is very important. It has a great impact on customer loyalty and retention.

Neklo Low Stock Indicator

This module keeps you in total control of your Magento store. From the Magento admin panel, you can manage your stock levels easily. Once you set a low stock threshold, the low stock indicator sends you automated email notifications when a product’s stock goes below this set threshold.


  • Low stock email notifications
  • Daily low stock email reports
  • 2 new default email templates included
  • Customizable settings
  •  Easy installation

Webkul Purchase Management

This module allows you to manage quotations, supplies, incoming shipments and purchase orders. You may ad suppliers to a certain product and specify their order quantity and price.


  • Select default procurement method as – auto or manual.
  • Send quotation and purchase order emails to suppliers.
  • Add any comments in purchase orders and incoming shipments for notifying the suppliers.
  • Mention cost price and minimal quantity for every product.
  • Manage incoming shipments and products from store backend.
  • Update received the quantity of partial shipments.
  • An auto-draft purchase order is created for out of stock products.
  • Merge two or more purchase orders.

Amnasty Multi Warehouse Inventory

Owing to the multi warehouse extension, you can split inventory across multiple warehouses and manage each warehouses specific stock.

It Allows You To

  • Assign warehouses to store views and customer groups
  • Control and update stock
  • Separate orders for products from different warehouses
  • Shows physical quantity, quantity to ship and available quantity.
  • Customize Smart algorithm of warehouse selection
  • Set Low stock reports for multiple warehouses
  • Manage returned items by automatically add them to the stock of the corresponding warehouse.
  • Import stock data
  • Export stock data
  • Log all stock adjustments;
  • Decrease available stock when an order is placed
  • Decrease physical stock during invoice, order shipment or order creation
  • Update & retrieve stock data using Magento SOAP API v1, v2 and Magento REST API
  • Set the warehouse priority
  • Order email notifications configured to be sent per warehouse
  • Use Google address autosuggest support

Boostmyshop Inventory Management


Inventory Management for Magento has specific functions that assist in managing your warehouse(s) and your stock. This is done very simply from the magneto back-end.


  • Stock control &omnichannel Support.
  • Multiple Stocks, Multiple Warehouses.
  • Track inventory with Stock Movements.
  • Manage Optimum Inventory with Preferred stock levels
  • Sell both Physical Stock (Warehouse) or Supplier Stock

eMagicOne Store Manager Connector


With this inventory management software ,you can connect the store manager desktop to the Magento database.

Store manager Connector allows quick bulk changes, powerful reporting and flexible import/export. You can also perform tasks offline on your Magento catalog, update inventory automatically, place orders, send customer and other data to multiple suppliers and sales channels.

 Feature Functionality

  • Add, edit, remove, copy, clone Magento products, categories, and attributes individually and massively
  • Export products to .csv or Excel file and import all product types from .csv, .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .ods formats – no strict requirements to import file!
  • Manage Magento attributes, attribute sets, attribute groups from one page (no reload is required)
  • Import multiple remote and local images, attributes and attribute sets, categories, customers, orders, custom options, group prices, cross- and up-sells, related products, and super attributes with price markups
  • Control inventory and manage stock levels
  • Generate simple products associated to configurable in 3 clicks
  • Bulk modify product details using Multi-Editors
  • Create orders via POS with barcode scanner support and bulk import orders with customers’ accounts
  • Troubleshoot Magento for issues and fix them with Store Diagnostics
  • Manage multiple Magento installations (one at a time)
  • Work offline – all changes will be applied when you reconnect


Choose a stock management module that suits your needs and feels like it’s customized to suit your needs. It will save you time and ensure customer retention because your customers will never lack an item they require to purchase.