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How to Successfully Sell on Amazon

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Whether you are getting into it to pay your mortgage, a student loan or as a side hustle for some extra income, knowing how to go about not just selling, but how you Sell on Amazon SUCCESSFULLY  is important.

It could even be that you are fatigued by the monotony of routine in your 9-5 and would like to be your own boss.

As a seller on Amazon, there are some things you must get right from the get-go to start raking in those dollars. Some of these things are;

  • How to prepare for the Holiday Retail Rush
  • What type of account to establish
  • How to create a good listing with bullet points and descriptions that sell
  • What types of product variations to create
  • How to market correctly
  • How to run great promotions (ads & sales)
  • What type of fulfilment to use
  • How to take great pictures
  • How to follow Amazon’s guidelines
  • How to create new items
  • How to encourage reviews

Choose Your Products Wisely

A bad amazon product is something you definitely want to avoid. This could be a product that has extremely low or slow sales. It could also lack a competitive number of reviews yet to be among the best sellers. Reviews carry a lot of weight. People are more comfortable buying products with many reviews. The more reviews the better for your business.

You also want a product with high search terms. This will increase your chances of selling more. If people have no clue what your latest products are or worse still, how to purchase them, then you are not on the right track.

Small profit margins are another thing to be careful to avoid. You would need to move very large volumes to realize any profit.

Set Up Your Listing to Rank and Convert

So now you have a great product. What you now need is an awesome review because if your products aren’t visible then you’ll have no sales.

For both click and on-page conversions, you need professional photos. They should clear with all features accentuated. The photos should also bring out emotion in the shopper. Shoppers are more inclined to buy if the pictures get their attention. Professional, clear and quality photos are mandatory.

Pricing your items too high will make it less likely for shoppers to check on your listing. This is bad for your click conversions. Keep your prices within a competitive range.

A higher number of reviews doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is of better quality. However, it does a give a shopper more confidence knowing that a product had been bought and tested by others. That’s why you must work towards getting those reviews right from the start. A few ways you can achieve this are

  1. By sending out short and precise emails asking for reviews and feedback.
  2. Ran sponsored ads.
  3. Set your prices as low as you possibly can
  4. Drive external traffic

Optimize your copy. This is important for keyword ranking and indexing. A clear description of the use, features and quality of your products should be explained here in detail. In short, what can’t be explained by the photos is explained here.

Make Your Product Visible

Get your product in front of the shopper. Become visible! This shouldn’t be so hard because there are already shoppers on the site. They may even be looking for that same exact thing you are selling. But how do they find you?

A ranking on the first page of a search is a great way to make sales and get visible. Rarely do shoppers go past the third page of search results to buy anything. They already find what they are looking for in the first pages normally. So how do you get to be one of those whose products come up in the initial pages? Sales. Sales are the biggest factor in ranking on Amazon, You must drive sales in order to get a high-volume keyword ranking for your products.

For some products, you can run a discounted giveaway as a way of increasing that particular product’s ranking. This will make it easier for shoppers searching for this product to find you. Sales from your promotion will give you a ranking boost, giving you an added advantage.

Once you follow these three steps, you are well on the way to being a success on Amazon. Every one of us has heard those stories of somebody who makes an obscene amount of money selling on Amazon and it somehow sounds like a fairytale. One thing is for sure, if you follow these steps carefully, you might just end up turning that fairy tale into a reality!