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The 5 Top Magento Import Modules

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With inventory management for Magento 1 software, you can automate the process of updating product stock quantity. This process saves you time that you would lose when the updating process is done manually. This Inventory management extension ensures quick and easy Magento stock update.

  1. Amasty Inventory Management for Magento 1


  • Effective management of stock for Magento It provides you with one button for mass stock updates. All you need to do is run the Inventory Management Extension in Magento.Once this is done, a Smart Stock Update” button appears on the manage products page.With the use of this button, product stock information can be updated with only one click.
  • Stock Quantity Updates Using CSV File

The Magento inventory control tool will automatically place the current inventory in CSV files on a table with two columns. In the first column, the items’ ID or SKU are displayed. Defined products will appear in the second column.

  • CSV file Importation

With this Import extension, you can upload CSV files right from the backend. After you run the inventory management extension, apart from the Smart Stock Update” button, you will also find an Upload button on the manage product page. This button allows for the fast import of CSV files even without the actual stock information. You can also upload item quantity through the CSV file.

Change products stock information in bulk

You can import stock information in bulk stressfree.

  • + or – items to the current amount

You can use either relative or absolute values to manage your stock in Magento in a much easier and effective way

  • Direct Database Import

For large product data amoints, direct database import function is enabled.

  • Automatic Data Re-indexing

Keep database tables up-to-date using the automatic re-indexing option. It will maintain a healthy database without consuming much of your time.

Added Features

  • 100% open source making it easy to customize.
  • Simple installation via composer
  • Separate HTML/CSS/JS
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  1. Stock Inventory Manager

Stock inventory manager gives you a better experience, amazing power and flexibility that allows you to effectively run your store.


Helps you effectively run your store by giving you power and flexibility

Saves upto 95% of time spent managing your Magento stores stock inventory

Converts the standard Magento Product Manager into a product grid that’s partially editable. This allows you to view and add stock status and level information about products on the same page.

You can perform bulk updated just a few clicks, saving you time.

  1. Firebear Import Extension for Magento2


Because it already provides the desired functionalities, this extension gives added features once it is updated.

Import Features

  • Direct SQL Magento 2 product import;
  • CLI and curl/wget support;
  • Web UI for configuration and one shot runs;
  • Flexible CSV format support;
  • Support for multiple stores;
  • Magento 2 configurable, simple, and grouped products import;
  • Remote and local images import;
  • Customizable options import;
  • Magento 2 tier prices import;
  • Categories on the fly;
  • Select/multi select option values on the basis of imported data;
  • Custom PHP scripts integration;
  • Bundle and downloadable products support.
  1. Store Manager for Magento

It allows you to import anywhere between 1 and 1 million products. You can update the old inventory and merge your data with information from suppliers. You can also update data from several different file types.


  • sets, custom options or customers from CSV / XML / XLS / XLSX file
  • All product types are supported – simple, bundle, grouped, downloadable, configurable, virtual
  • No requirements to file. Changes or missing data can be applied on a fly
  • Accurate data transfer with Wizard tips
  • Administer single customers and groups
  • Filter customers by ordered products and export their e-mails for marketing purpose (offer cross-sell products with discount)
  • Manage all customer data in one place: orders, wishlists, reviews, etc.

What Can You Import?

  • All product types
  • Product images
  • Prices of the products
  • Product attributes and attribute sets
  • Custom options for your customers
  • Magento categories and sub-categories
  • Customer contact information
  1. Extento Stock Import

Extento Stock Import extension allows the fully automated import of stock information even from third-party systems into Magento.


  • Seamlessly integrated into Magento and into the Magento backend
  • CSV/TXT/Tab/Fixed-Length/XML formats can be imported. The import format is completely flexible.
  • Any field names can be used. Set up using mapping function in the backend.
  • Supports an unlimited amount of import profiles. Import as many different import formats with different settings as required.
  • Import from an unlimited amount of different local/remote destinations. Supports local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP Servers, Webservices/APIs
  • Very easy configuration – check out our demo installation
  • Very quick way to import your stock levels – 1000 stock updates/sec (0.001s per product) and more possible
  • Intelligent Import: Only modified stock items get imported – speeding up the import dramatically
  • Supports relative (+X or -X) and absolute (set stock level to X) stock level imports
  • Does not use slow Magento dataflow nor product model functions to update stock items
  • Ability to import files automatically from any local directory or from a remote (S)FTP server
  • Ability to upload files to import directly from the backend
  • Files can be deleted or archived after being processed
  • The built-in cronjob that runs the automatic import can be configured in the Magento backend
  • Compatible with almost all Magento versions (see compatibility chart below)
  • Supports download of import files from remote SFTPv3 servers (Secure FTP, uses SSH)