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Tips for Amazon FBA Sourcing at Clearance Sales

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For extremely low priced items to sell on Amazon and make a handsome profit, clearance Amazon FBA sourcing is always ideal. Retail stores always have these opportunities. Make sure you are on the lookout for them. Clearance sourcing as much fun as it is profitable. You will always find great deals. Great deals mean great profits, so what’s not to like!

Here are a few tips to help you with getting these prized clearance items for resale on Amazon.

Double Check the Price

Sometimes the price on the computer can be a mismatch to the one on the items sticker. You want to keep a keen eye on this for obvious reasons.

Don’t hesitate to stop the cashier and confirm this difference in pricing. Remember the goal here is to find underpriced items for resale, so the price is very very important. The staff at the store will be glad to confirm the price for you.

Keep your eye on the screen at the cashier because paying a higher price will lower your ROI, reducing your overall profits.

Check the Stock in Other Stores

Say a store has ten branches and you walk into one of them. They have a clearance sale. You find only five of a certain item, say a telephone accessory. You have seen it’s pricing on Amazon at 45$. They have it here in the clearance aisle for 5$! But there are only five pieces.

That’s where going to other branches helps. See, other branches of the same store may have this item too. Thing is, they might not have the clearance aisle up yet or they might not have the sale stickers on these items yet. They will have the price updated in the computer system though, so you need to ask. You might just find more of what you found in the previous store.

My advice, visit their branches and if the shelves are not indicative of the clearance sale pricing, carry them to the cashier and have them check. That way, you get more of what you are looking for at a highly discounted price.

Always Check the Items’ Condition

When you get to a clearance aisle, don’t let the excitement get to you. Be careful to check that the items you are loading onto your cart are in pristine condition especially when you are buying multiples of the same item. Remember clearance items have been in the store probably for months. They’ve also been moved from corner to shelf in the store. Be careful and thoroughly check each item. You don’t want to get home and find that half of what you purchased doesn’t meet Amazon condition guidelines. This would be a loss.

Before loading your cart, check to see that the items are able to sell on Amazon in new condition.

Search From Top To Bottom

When on a clearance aisle, don’t be shy to thoroughly comb through. Do this all the way from the top shelf to the bottom. You will find dusty items that have been untouched for a while. Go through them. You might just find priceless, good condition items here that everyone else overlooked.

Don’t be shy. Dig in there. All the way to the back of the shelf. Ask for help with the top shelves if necessary. You don’t want to miss out on inventory just because you weren’t thorough.

Get Inside Information

If you have been retail sourcing, you must have some store managers or other employees who give you a heads-up on clearance sales. That’s a perfect way to get good deals.

Here’s another way. After you are done going through the clearance aisle, ask if there’s more inventory on clearance. More often than not, there will be more in the back. Attendants will always help guide you back there to check it out. So ask, ask, ask!

Know Where to Look For Clearance Sale Items

Almost every store you think of will have a clearance sale. Thing is, you need to know where in the store to look. Prominent, high traffic aisles are never where these items are placed. That means you have to carefully scout the place to find the clearance shelf or spot.

In some stores, clearance items might be on regular shelves. These will normally have differently coloured stickers. If you aren’t kin, you could miss them. Search diligently so that you don’t miss a thing.


These tips are sure to help you increase your inventory with greatly priced items. Try them and you won’t regret it. There are many more tips out there for you to follow as well. Pick what works for you and above all, enjoy the process.

Happy hunting everyone!