Top 30 Best Price Monitoring Software in the Market

Customers always buy goods with competitive prices. If your prices are way above the market prices, you may end up losing sales. Price-monitoring has become common in businesses today. Therefore, every business owner should monitor the prices of their competitors so as to adjust the prices when necessary.

E-commerce is the latest trend in the21st century, and business owners must know the most recent prices in the market. With the help price monitoring tools, they can know the exact prices of goods in the market.
Below are top 31 tools that are used for price monitoring today.


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Price2spy overview

E-commerce professionals use Price2spy for competitor price watch. The tool is designed to serve both small and large companies. It offers acquisition of pricing data and also reporting mechanisms that are used to analyze the data.

Price2spy Alternatives

The Watchlist

The tool allows shoppers to set alerts for price drops on the products they would like to buy. The tool tracks the prices daily, and it notifies the users when the price drops.


Fetchee is a price monitoring tool that notifies the users on price drops of the items on their wishlist. It works with any online store and supports any language or currency worldwide.

Price2spy Pricing

Price2spy has two payment plans, the basic and premium plan. In case you are a new user, there is a free trial period, and no credit card is required.

When the number of monitored products increase, you can feel free to upgrade to the premium features.

Here is the breakdown of Price2spy pricing;

Price2spy Basic Plan

Small $ 19.95/ month
Medium $49.95/ Month
Large $99.95/Month
Xl $249/Month
50K $499/Month

Price2spy premium plan

Small $ 39.95/ month
Medium $99.95/month
Large $24.95/ month
 XL $499.95/ month
 50K $999.95/month

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Competitormonitor Overview

Competitormonitor the best competitor tracking software. It can track online reviews, the rating of a range of products and also the prices of competitor products. It gives you real-time results and helps you fix your products and also adjust the price of products appropriately.

Competitormonitor Alternatives

Profitero is a competitor price monitoring software that keeps track of what shoppers see and buy online. It can actively track over 280 million products in 50 different countries for both retailer and consumer goods. It gives real-time information and helps merchants to make appropriate decisions.


Price2spy is a competitor monitoring software for small and large online sellers all around the world. The tool helps e-commerce business people to track and analyze competitor’s pricing.

Pricetrakker is one of the best competitor price tracking software compares competitors information about their products and gives information in real-time. This includes prices of their commodities, promotions, the level of stocks and also reviews. This tool allows sellers to remain competitive and make decisions according to market situations.

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Pricetrakker Overview

Price Trakker is a competitor price monitor which automatically extracts price and stock information for comparison, from your competitor’s website. It provides you with a competitor price intelligence service for easy competitive analysis and pricing strategy.

Price Trakker Alternatives

Camelcamelcamel is one of the best free competitor price monitoring software you can trust on Amazon products, to know about price fluctuation. It is used on Amazon products and will alert you when prices go up or down.


Slikdeals A web-based price Tracker for watching prices on any item on Amazon and other popular shopping sites such as IKEA, GameStop,, Newegg, and others.


Price Zombie is a price monitoring tool that not only monitors the competitor’s prices but also tracks price history. It enables you to do comparison shopping.

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Pricing Overview

Pricing Assistant is a competitor price monitoring tool used by online retailers and brands for price optimization. You can use it to track all your competitor’s prices on the web, where your brands and products are sold online, and to optimize your Google Adwords shopping campaigns. Alternatives


DataCrops is the Best Competitor Price Monitoring Software used to extract, automates, and deliver information from web sources.

Promptcloud is a price monitoring website that is web-based, used in competitive intelligence to monitor competitor’s price activities closely. Pricing

Pricingassistant pricing depends on the matching method you chose, the number of products in your catalog, and re-sellers you want to watch. The charges are not fixed.

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5. Overview

Upstream is a product analysis tool that works on a cloud base system. It analyses the products and prices of competitors.It provides you with a comprehensive suite of intelligence tools such as price monitoring and tracking, product assortment, and pricing optimization which help retailers to monitor their competitor’s price behavior. Alternatives

Channel IQ

Channel IQ is a competitor price monitoring software that provides a retail management platform. You can produce reports, schedule data collection and analyses; create databases of dealers and authorized sellers hence, staying competitive in your niche.

Aqute Intelligence

Mostly used by enterprises for price monitoring. You can also analyze competitor’s internal structure, their finances, overall revenue, product plans, strengths and weaknesses among others. A 360 view of your competitor activities. Pricing

There are no monthly subscription fees for Upstream Commerce. The pricing plans depend on the number of competitors you want to monitor, and the number of SKUs you wish to track.

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6. Overview

Prisync is a tool used to track and monitor competitors price and can be used on any e-commerce service. With this tool, you can comfortably track prices and stock availability of your competitor’s products. Alternatives

Invisible hand

Invisible hand is a price monitoring tools that alerts you when a product you are shopping is available at a lower price from another retailer.The competing website link of the relevant page is provided on the notification.


Savelist is a monitoring tool that helps you to know when the price of a commodity drops and when the product is back in the market. You will never miss on anything with this tool. Pricing

Prisync gives all it new users 14-day free trial then afterward the packages are as follows;


Premium Up to 1,000 products – $ 119 /month
Platinum Up to 5,000 products – $ 209 /Month

API access is charged for an extra 20% on top of your monthly subscription fee.

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7. Overview

Pricemanager is an integrated reporting tool and a competitor price monitoring software by cutting edge technology. Pricemanager is an integrated reporting tool and a competitor price monitoring software by cutting edge technology. With this tool, you can monitor thousands of your competitors’ product pricing and compare with your pricing. Alternatives

Digimind Intelligence

This tool allows tracking your competitor’s current activities and incorporating industry events. It conveys competitive information from patents, products, and publications as well.


Zoominfo is a web price tracking tool that has a search engine and gathers a wide range of information on product prices, trends, variety.

8. Overview

Mindrest is a web-based company providing price and assortment intelligence to online retailers and manufacturers. ou can monitor the stock of your competitor in online or offline channels. It helps you to track and monitor price, promotion, and stock. Through repricing algorithm, it automatically fixes prices in your e-commerce. Alternatives

Profitero is a tool in the E-commerce platform used by retailers to collect competitor’s price data for branded and labeled products. With this tool, you can compare daily prices and promotions of your competitor with your product activities.This will help you get rid of product price gaps and trends and thus remaining competitive

A retail pricing optimization and intelligence solution to help retailers grow sales and margin using competitive intelligence, pricing optimization, and predictive analytics.

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9. Overview

Manufacturers and retailers use Profitero as a pricing intelligence service. The tool helps retailers increase on sales and profits by providing high quality of competitive information gathered online. Alternatives

A retail pricing optimization and intelligence solution to help retailers grow sales and margin using competitive intelligence, pricing optimization, and predictive analytics.

A competitor price monitor which automatically extract price and stock information for comparison, from your competitor’s website and provides you with a competitor price intelligence service for easy competitive analysis and pricing strategy. Pricing

You will find a bundle package for a single price across retailers, SKUs, and across the countries. The standard retailer package includes and not limited to users in the web portal; daily price updates customer success services and professional services.

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10. Overview

Competera is a competitive price monitoring solution focusing on developing and analyzing pricing strategies. It is a powerful, proven Saas-based competitors pricing, stock, and promotion solution, actionable insights solution for online retailers to make pricing and assortment decisions. Alternatives


Incompetitor is a competitor price monitoring tool that monitors prices and promotions in real time. It helps sellers to remain competitive throughout.

Price grid is a Price Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence tool used in e-commerce for competitive price analysis and monitoring.

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Price Squid is best known to monitor competitor prices and give them results in real-time.You can gather information about your competitors’ prices and adjust them automatically on your dashboard to match the current market prices.

Pricessquid Alternatives

The Competitor Monitor is used to track and monitor the competitor prices, promotions, products, and market perception round the clock instantly.


Prix is a price Optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to help revenue managers review strategies and implement price changes.

Prices Squid Pricing Plan

Pricesscuid charges a fixed rate price for USD 38 per competitor/month to its users.

Daily Scans are sold as subscriptions with monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans. You can adjust your plan at any time, upgrade/downgrade the payment plan, and add or cancel scans.

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12. Channel IQ| 

Channel IQ Overview

Competera is a competitor price monitoring software used by the sellers to monitor the competitor promotion activities and pricing and uses the results found to their advantage.

Channel IQ Alternatives

Competera is a price monitoring software used by the manufacturers and retailers to monitor the competitor automatically and optimizes the costs.

Pricesider is the best price monitoring tool that informs you about products prices, reviews, ratings, and information on sales, With this tool, you are well informed about the market changes and use the to your advantage.

Channel IQ Pricing. 

The pricing of Channel IQ is not fixed and depends on the industry, nature of the market, number and type of SKUs. The website provides a free price online price assessment so as to know the exact price in reference to your needs.

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13. Pentagon

Pentagon Overview

Pentagon is one of the best competitor price monitoring solution for online retailers. It identifies the best pricing opportunity for your products on the market giving you the benefits from reduced costs to greater market share hence leading in the competition.

Pentagon Alternatives 

Prisync is also a better competitor price tracking and monitoring software for all sizes of e-commerce companies that you can use to track the prices and stock availability of the competitor’s products.

Price2spy is a competitor price watch which gives you detailed comparison report, instant email alerts, price history and stock information of the competitor.

Pentagon Pricing plan

Basic plan

You pay for a monthly subscription of $199. The is a setup fee hat you are required to pay once for $399 for 1000 products and competitors of your choice.

Most popular plan

In this plan, you pay a subscription fee of $299 and $ 599 for set-up fee for up to 1000 products and three competitors of your choice.

Enterprise plan is customized and offers unlimited competitors and products

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Wiser Overview

Wiser is a tool that is well known for its intelligence and it is used by retailers for their competitor insights and also monitoring the competitors’ prices at real time. It can update price at real time and thus prove to be very effective.

Wiser Alternatives

Aqute Intelligence

Aqute is a competitive Intelligence tool used by enterprises for price monitoring. You can also analyze competitor’s internal structure, their finances, overall revenue, product plans, strengths and weaknesses among others.

PriceComp is a tool that has business intelligence with the ability to provide real-time data of your competitor.It offers price information, assortments, MAP security among other services.

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15. Prompt Cloud

Prompt Cloud Overview

PromptCloud is a website developed for a large-scale customed data crawl and extraction solutions. Its software enables you to extract meaningful data from the web in your desired format. You can use it to source competitors data from their websites for your pricing strategy.

Prompt Cloud Alternatives

Parsehub is a price monitoring website that is used to extract competitor data from their web. The data includes that of pricing, promotions, reviews and rating. The data is after that used to plan and get ready for the market with the insights found.

Prompt cloud Pricing

Subscription fees of $69 exclusive of $5 for every 10,000 records per month are charged for a small business.

For companies that search for more than five sites, the subscription fee is $59/month exclusive of $5 per 10 record

Enterprises with unlimited sites pay a subscription of $3999 per month.

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Orisintel Overview

ORIS Intelligence is an online price monitoring and enforcement tool that delivers actionable information on pricing integrity for manufacturers to help in brand protection. It assists you in solving multifaceted selling challenges through enforcing price policies in all the online platforms where you sell your products. 

ORIS Intel Alternatives

Market Track|

This is a market intelligence platform which avails data and insights on brand protection solutions, counterfeits, competitive promotions, MAP monitoring among much more to manufacturers and retailers.

This is an online software platform which monitors prices, sellers, and competitors in Amazon to create a competitive business environment which allows you to win in Amazon. 

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Feed-Dynamix overview

Feed-Dynamix is a price monitoring tool you can use to benchmark competition and pricing across all sales channels, monitor the intensity of the competition and use the information for your price and assortment strategy. It gives you a clear overview of your performance data with a competitor. 

Feed-Dynamix Alternatives

GoDataFeed is a product feed performance platform that enables you to manage your data, optimize your listings and automates the feeds on your performance to boost your profits.


DataFeedWatch is a data feed management and optimization software. You get to the performance of your product in the marketplace based on the promotions, and many others.

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Dealavo overview

This is also among the best accurate Business Intelligence tool for monitoring of competition, and price analysis for store owners and manufacturers online and. You get the competitors information on the offered prices and use the same to make your effective solution

Dealavo Alternatives

ORIS Intelligence

This is a price monitor and an enforcement tool which the manufacturer uses to protect their brand and solve technical issues. 

Aqute Intelligence

Aqute Intelligence which is another Competitive Intelligence tool employed by enterprises for price monitoring and analysis of the competitor’s overall behavior. 

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Innoware Overview

This is a pricing and quoting program that you use for pricing, quotation and analysis in a single integrated platform. It can be customized according to the client’s taste. With this software, you can collect competitors data both online and offline and get insights on the most relevant data. 

Innoware Alternative

Competitoor is a fully automated system for price intelligence and competitor monitor. With Competitor, based on the broad data, Brands and Retailers get deep understandings into their performance condition and the results they can act on effectively. 

Price Intelligence

This is a competitor price monitor that automatically tracks prices matched to your own and provide you with a clear overview of the market overview. 


Zoomos software performs the following functions: automates price and availability in online stores, monitor competitor prices, filling stores with products information and photos and automates products pricing in check with the competitor price.

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20. Price Spy

Price Spy Overview

PriceSpy is a price monitoring and comparing tool that enables you to monitor and follow price changes on products you have interests. You can decide either to track the stock or the prices or both at the same time. 

Price Spy Alternatives


Savelist Savelist is a price monitor that notifies you when a price of a product that you want drops in the market so you can buy when it’s cheap. It helps you discover products that are only relevant to you


Fetchee Fetchee is also a free price monitoring tool that notifies you when specific price drops of the items on their wishlist. It operates in any online store and supports any language or currency worldwide. 

[su_tab title=”Brand Monitor”]

21. Brand Monitor

Brand Monitor Overview

Brand Monitor is a brand monitoring and customized site that informs you of the product information on other competitors and retailer websites. It detects for you whether you meet the pricing policies as compared to the competitor while helping you to maintain the value of your brand.

Brand Monitor Alternatives

Sysomos is a tool used to collect information from the social media on your brand and gain insights on the level of activities surrounding your company or brand.

Brandwatch gives you insights on what consumers are thinking about your brand. It enables to know how many mentions of your brand name has crossed through the internet including the comments on the same.

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22. Competitor Price Watch

Competitor Price Watch Overview

Competitor Price Watch is the best and original price monitor with a reliable, accurate, and meaningful data for online retailers and suppliers. It gives you insights on the most relevant information on the competitor behavior for analysis and adjustments on your prices.

Competitor Price Watch Alternatives

Competitor Monitor

The Competitor Monitor is used to track and monitor the competitor prices, promotions, products, and market perception round the clock instantly.

Price Squid

PriceSquid is a designed and developed competitor monitoring tool. The only software on the market that provides sophisticated, real-time competitor monitoring and price optimization. You gather information about all your competitors in the user-friendly Dashboard and adjust your prices automatically to any changes in the market.

[su_tab title=”Zoomos”]

23. Zoomos

Zoomos Overview

Zoomos is a competitor price monitoring and analysis tool created three years ago to perform the following tasks: automate product pricing and availability while updating in online stores, fill the store with product description and photos among others.

Zoomos Alternatives

Competitor Experts

Competitor Expert is a company that specializes in analysis of your competitors and intelligence gathering and provides you with data of your competitor across the industry with possible recommendations to implement a strategy. 

[su_tab title=”360Pi”]

24. 360Pi Overview 

360Pi is a product designed for competitive price intelligence analysis, evaluate the product match with proven accurate data and demonstrate a commitment to providing an accurate view of the pricing landscape of the exact and like products. 

360Pi Alternatives

BlackLocus is the leader in the automated and optimized pricing tool for large and mid-market online retailers. It provides you with implementation strategy on competitive pricing and assortment.


Insite Track is an automated tool on the website that you can use to track and monitor your competitors. It automates the process of capturing, analyzing and responding retailer price changes. You can configure the website to make price recommendations based on your rules.  It analyses your market and give feedback instantly and can be used to make informed decisions.

[su_tab title=”Price Intelligence”]

25. Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence Overview

Price Intelligence is a competitor price monitor that automatically track prices of products matched to your products. Its robust ability to track your competitor price, analyze and automatically deliver precise information can make you stay ahead of your competitors.

Price Intelligence Alternatives


Pentagon is one of the best competitor price monitoring solution for online retailers. It identifies the best pricing opportunity for your products on the market giving you the benefits from reduced costs to greater market share hence leading in the competition.

Price Lab price monitor is a pricing intelligence tool which provides you with up to date reports on e-commerce market. Brand and retailers monitor their sales channel and set a practically favorable pricing policy. 

[su_tab title=”Net Veile System”]

26. Net Veile System

Net Veille Overview

Net-Veille is a compelling price monitoring tool developed to monitor the online market activities such as prices and assortments. It provides services to both international and national accounts with real-time automated pricing tool. It capable of crawling huge amount of data, automatically match them and analyze for relevant information. 

Net Veille Alternatives

Price Observatory is a competitive intelligence with a free subscription package that enables you to watch your competitors, adjust your prices, optimize your margins, and save time while earning money.


Paarly is a pricing intelligent and competitor monitoring website that enables you to follow and compare your competitor product prices, and it is fully automated for real-time services. It gives you a clear visual and analysis of the market and the software seamlessly integrates with your EPR.

[su_tab title=”Price Pinx”]

27. Price Pinx

Price Pinx Overview

Price pinx is a free product tracking site that enables you to request email alerts on the price drop off an item on almost all retailers websites. Once you sign up and drag the bookmarklet to your chosen browser toolbar, you just click while online shopping, and it gives you the price. When the price of that item drops, it notifies you through mail.

Price Pinx Alternatives


ZingSale is also a free service that tells you what you want and notifies you when the product is sold. It helps you save money on all the items you would like to buy. 

Invisible Hand

The invisible hand will show you when the prices of product, hotels, car hire or flights are lower in the top bar and if it is the best deal.

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28. Price Intelligently

Price Intelligently Overview

Price Intelligently is one of the expertise SaaS business uses in price optimization. The software adopts algorithms to determine your taste and preferences in features and their product price sensitivity. The software collects data from market panelists, customers, and prospects.

Price Intelligently Alternatives


ProfitWell is a priceless software with inbuilt actionable SaaS platform with the capabilities to convert your data to graphs and outputs. It connects the right product to the right customer and at the right price.

Sixteen Ventures

Sixteen Ventures operates as consultants but provide services such as revenue modeling. They work with vendors, not customers and no IT organization.

Price Intelligently Pricing

Building your pricing page starts with $ 45k then embedded pricing team starts with $15k

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29. Paarly

price tool

Paarly Overview

Paarly is a pricing intelligent and competitor monitoring website that enables you to follow and compare your competitor product prices, and it is fully automated for real-time services. It gives you a clear visual and analysis of the market and the software seamlessly integrates with your EPR. It was designed for product manufacturers and e-commerce retailers.

Paarly Alternatives

Pricing Assistant

Online retailers and brands use Pricing Assistant to optimize their pricing strategy. You use it for price monitoring, MSRP Watchdog, and AdWords optimization


E-merchants and Brands use Prixan as a competitor monitoring tool to watch the competitor prices on the market and analyze their behavior.

Paarly Pricing

For small business, a monthly subscription of $360 USD/Month and popular plan, standard edition $660 USD/Month while Performance plan, premium edition goes for $ 1560USD/Month

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30. Feedvisor

Feedvisor Overview

Feedvisor is a cloud-based revenue intelligence solution and Algorithmic Repricing which drives a high amount of decisions on a daily basis, giving retailers insights to grow their business and maximize the profits. 

Feedvisor Alternatives


Appeagle is also a good competitive repricer that helps online retailers gain significant exposure and increase their sales across eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten marketplaces. 


Repricelt allows you to reprice your stock with minimum challenges and maximum flexibility. The cloud-based price management system allows you to compete with the largest and well-equipped retailers at an affordable price.


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