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Top 5 Product Management Modules for Magento

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For the efficient running of your Magento store, there are product management modules that come into play. These modules save you time and ensure that you are organized and operating at an optimal level. Here are top 5 product management modules for Magento.

  1. Mass Product Actions by Amasty

This module significantly optimizes the product management process for your e-store. With this extension, multiple products can be assigned to specific categories, product prices edited and updated in bulk and product information edited all in one go.

Features and Functionality

  • You can assign, replace or remove categories.
  • You can copy custom options, attributes, and images and replace text.
  • It is possible to change products visibility and attributes set
  • Delete numerous products and remove product relations and images
  • Add information to any product attribute
  • Separate backend permissions for each action.
  1. Bulk Product Update by Bridge Global

With this extension, a bulk product update feature appears in the admin panel. It allows much more effective product management than before. With this Bulk Product Update extension, a separate grid is provided for updating products in bulk.

Features and Functionality

  • The admin can update the following product features in bulk
  • The admin can handle product management more easily in less time
  • There is a category filter option for products
  • The module has a separate admin grid for managing bulk product update
  • It has a multi-select option to update category
  • The module can offer great support to simple products
  • You can add, remove and replace categories
  • You can update quantity, stock status, and weight.


  1. Affiliate Product Links by MageComp


Affiliate programs are renowned for the amazing benefits they bring to e-commerce stores. They forge long-lasting relationships between e-stores and customers, creating a sales army in form of a network of people interested in growing your business for a mutual benefit.

With Affiliate Product Link extension, you can manage affiliate products in your store with ease. It also saves you time by redirecting customers. This makes the purchase process smoother and easier.

Features and Functionality

  • From the store backend, the admin can create an affiliate product by simply selecting product type to affiliate.
  • There’s an easy option to enable or disable extension by making a drop-down selection.
  • The store admin can set custom affiliate link titles and links as needed from the backend.
  • The extension will automatically display affiliate product in both product page as well as on category page.
  • The admin can choose to open an affiliate link either in the same window or as a new tab.


  1. Product Grid Thumbnail by Neklo

Product management for Magento store consumes a lot of time. The Product Grid Thumbnail extension saves you time because in admin view you can see your product thumbnails on every page with a product grid. With this extension, editing products become fast and efficient, giving you tie to tend to other duties.

 Features and Functionality

  • It generates thumbnails Related, Up-sells and Cross-sells Product Tabs.
  • It is a very handy extension to have.
  • There are thumbnails in the product grid, the product edit page, and the edit category page


  1. Visual Product Manager by MagDev

This extension makes it possible for you to choose the product image your customers view first or last in a certain category. The Visual Product Manager extension makes the process of choosing, uploading and editing images easy and fast.

Features and Functionality

  • Quick Product Editing. Now you can change attributes such as the product name, SKU, Price, Special Price, and short description.
  • It is possible to update the status of a product
  • You can update a product’s position in a category
  • You can add a new product to the category
  • From the category page, you can delete products from the Category with just one click
  • It allows for emulating the Frontend Grid interface
  • It is very quick and time-saving
  • Navigate to the editing page of the product right from the category page.

There are many different functionalities that fall under Product Management of Magento. It is advisable to select the modules that best compliment your e-commerce Magento store and help you run it efficiently.